Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Palette

Why, Hello there Lovelies!!

I know its been quite sometime since we've last been here! But I've missed blogging so much!! So I've decided to come back to the beauty blogging world! Yay! I've realized that between studying to become a nurse and working full-time, that I need to get down to blogging and once again sharing my love of all things beauty!

With that said, can you believe holiday collections are already coming out?! I know, right?! Its October! But you know what? I love it! I love holiday collections because that's when I voyage out and try new products and brands because they're usually packaged into a phenomenal value! One brand that I've just recently dove into is Too Faced! I recently picked up and fell in love with their Le Creme lipsticks and the gorgeous Candlelight Glow highlighter. So I thought I'd check out their eye shadows and this new holiday palette is having me craving bon bons and more Too Faced!

The Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons palette features 12 eye shadows, a mini Shadow Insurance in "Candlelight" and a full sized Lashgasm mascara for the sweet price of $42.

What drew me to this palette is all the warmer, more golden tones of the palette, yet some wearable purples that could make a sick smokey eye! In the first row we have Vanilla, Cut the Cake, Framboise and Coffee Bean. Vanilla is your classic matte off-white, Cut the Cake is a pretty pale lilac with a subtle silver sparkle, Framboise appears to be a deep shimmery periwinkle and Coffee Bean is a deep matte brown. The second row has Peach Fuzz, Hot Cocoa, Candy Rose and Lovey Dovey. Peach Fuzz  is a sheer peach with golden shimmer, Hot Cocoa is a pretty medium brown with gold sheen, Candy Rose is a pale pink with silver shimmer and Lovey Dovey is a gorgeous deep mocha brown with bronze sheen. The last row has to be my favorite of the palette with Nude Beach, Cinnamon Sugar, Marzipan and Licorice Latte. Nude Beach is a beautiful sandy champagne with gold glitter, Cinnamon Sugar is a very pretty bronzed gold, Marzipan is a light matte brown and Licorice Latte is an amazing black with gold shimmer! 

I found the formula to be rich and velvety for the majority of the shadows. I noticed when blending Framboise out that it can look a little muddy if blended too much. Cut the Cake, Candy Rose and Peach Fuzz seemed to be the least pigmented, however I think that was the intent; especially with the sheerness of Peach Fuzz which is very appropriately named. I did experience a bit of glitter fallout with Nude Beach but that is expected with glitter shadows!

I have always been an UDPP girl when it comes to eye bases, so this was my first experience with Too Faced's famous Shadow Insurance. I will say I love the color of "Candlelight" its a gorgeous golden sheen! Its such a pretty glow and luminosity to the lids! I didn't experience any creasing but noticed a little fading. I don't think I'd use this doing a full eye look, just because it might ruin the effect of the matte colors but its great for giving a glow to lighter shadows! As far as the Lashgasm mascara, I'm on the fence. With one coat, I get beautifully separated and lengthened lashes but with a second coat, I get spider lashes! No me gusta gloopy-clumpy-lashes! However, if you were to layer a different mascara over it, you could get a kick ass affect! 

Overall, I really like this palette! I think the colors are perfect for the winter, you can do a warm golden eye or a look inspired by the sugarplum fairies! Or, if you're feeling lazy, get a simple glowy look with "Candlelight" primer and Peach Fuzz (totally did that today!).

The Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons palette is limited edition for the holiday season and is currently available at your favorite Too Faced retailers for $42. 

I will say that I'm afraid this packaging will get dirty due to its pale color and velvety goodness!



1st Row Shadows!

2nd Row Shadows!

3rd Row Shadows!

Framboise in the crease, Cut the Cake on the lid, Vanilla under the brow bone and Coffee Bean as the liner! Also, one coat of Lashgasm mascara.

"Candlelight" Shadow Insurance with Peach Fuzz over it and 2 coats of Lashgasm mascara. Hello spider lashes!

"Candlelight" Shadow Insurance, all by itself!

Anyone a Too Faced fan or planning on picking up this palette?! Let me know! Also, any Real Housewives of New Jersey fans who are craving gold glitter eyeshadow after part one of the reunion?! I know I am! 

♥ Chelsea