Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bacteria is So Not the New Black

Beauty and Bacteria.

Would you ever rub your face with a toilet bowl? Ok that is a bit of an exaggeration but really you should think about the amount of dirt and bacteria you may unknowingly be putting on your face.

1. Apply makeup to a clean face! Do not put makeup on a face that has yesterday's makeup on it! EW! If you are too tired to at least wash your face, use a makeup removing wipe or even a baby wipe.

2. Clean brushes regularly! Brushes house tons of bacteria and dirt, even if your face is squeky clean! Think about it this way, a pimple is basically bacteria. So if you were to apply concealer to a pimple, the said brush you are using will get bacteria on it. (I'll talk more about why concealer brushes should be a must for blemishes!) So try to clean both face and eye brushes weekly! Here is how I clean mine:
1) For brushes that hold the most product or the most discoloring products (eyeshadow brushes, concealer brushes, etc.) I gently rub the bristles in Extra Virgin Olive Oil which will basically melt the makeup away!
2) Next I'll wet the brushes and clean them with baby shampoo or a cleansing shampoo. I actually found a great cleansing shampoo from Pantene in my closet and it works very well for cleaning brushes!
3) Rinse them out and let them air dry!
This will also make your brushes last longer!

3. Mascara has a short lifespan! 3-6 months to be exact. Any longer and it can give you an eye infection and pink eye sucks! That's why I usually only get drugstore mascara, it works just as well and cheaper. I typically keep mine 6 months, unless at 3 months I have no product left! Another way to lengthen the life of your mascara is to not pump it, this adds air and bacteria! So gently remove the wand from the container!

4. Use a concealer brush! If you use the little wand that comes with your concealer (if it has one) you are just putting bacteria in the concealer! So instead of directly putting the wand on my blemish, I'll rub it off on the back of my (clean) hand and then use my EcoTools concealer brush (which is great and cheap!).

5. Check experiation dates on prodcuts! It should say on the back of a product. Otherwise this is a general rule of thumb that many beauty experts agree on.
1. Eyeshadow: 2 Years
2. Eyeliner: 3 Months (eh, I guess if you use it on your waterline but if you constantly sharpen and are applying liquid liner on your upper lash line then I say get rid of it when you run out!)
3. Foundation, Concealer: 1 Year
4. Powders (face, blush, bronzer, etc.): 2 Years
5. Lip Products: 1 Year
6. Makeup wedges should only be around for a week! However fancier sponges, like the Beauty Blender have their own cleaning solution. But those sponges you can get 50 for like $2 have a week long span.

As long as you clean your face before you apply makeup, clean your brushes and make sure your makeup is all up to date then you should be good! Its also a great idea to keep hand sanitizer on your vanity and sanatize your hands quickly before you start doing makeup and touching your face!

♥ Chelsea

Monday, August 24, 2009

10 Things I wish I Knew Before My Freshman Year

Its hard to believe that a year ago, I was freaking out and making lists for college.

No really freaking out. I was like freaking Santa, checking my lists twice. DO I HAVE BACK-UP SHEETS?!

Here is what I have learned and will apply for this upcoming year.

1. You and your roommate do not have to have matching bedding. You don't need to be like "OMFG MY ROOMIE HAS ZEBRA BEDDING! FETCH! Like do I get zebra now to match or cheetah to go with the animal theme?! OMG!" I have been in many dorm rooms and no one has matching bedding/rooms. No one also overly coordinates. "I have a pink quilt with green pillow and pink rug so now you must have a green quilt with a pink pillow and green rug!" Be yourself!

2. There is no point in bringing food because as shitty as the cafeteria is, you and your friends will be too lazy to search for a microwave to make Easy Mac and then have to clean the bowl (and spoon should you not use plastic!). I'll just bring my Cinamon Toast Crunch and a water filter pitcher (note to self: get Brita pitcher thing, I think Target had a pink one...).

3. Luggage is overrated. I felt like a total tool when I showed up with my crap falling out of one of my many tote bags. Everyone else just used a damn black garbage bag. Space Bags are good but can get pricey, and mine deflated on the car ride to college. Garbage bag + label = better then using a huge suitcase that takes up half the backseat.

4. There is no use to get "an extra set of sheets". Wash sheets and then put on bed. No need to go out and buy another set.

5. Conventional plastic hampers suck. Mine last year was tiny and barely held anything which meant more trips to do laundry which meant more late night ups. And it also took up space on the car ride to college. I got myself a pink pop-up hamper which will hold 5x more.

6. No room for a nightstand. Don't even bother. At least now, I have a table for my TV. I picked up a bedside caddy (pink, duh) for this year! It will keep my crap by my bed organized.

7. YOU NEED A FRIDGE! Just don't rent one because it will cost like $250 when I bought mine, an awesome one haha, for $100. And they take away the rented ones a week prior to spring finals.

8. The bookstore will drain you of money. Total expenditures for books are as follows: had I bought my books via the bookstore, USED, $580.10. All new would cost, $773.50 through the bookstore. But a combo of both new (International Edition! Same book, different cover!) and used cost me $406. Its sooo worth it to shop around online.

9. Just buy freaking Twin XL. I am regretting that. Last year I was told I had a twin bed and this year, in a new dorm, I have a twin xl. Time to go bedding shopping again. And why is the cutest stuff only in Twin?!

10. Even if your bathrooms/showers are not co-ed (boys and girls) they are. Girls will have guys over and guys will be taking a dump in the stall next to you. And hopefully, they won't be dirtying up the showers..

♥ Chelsea

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

L'oreal Extra Volume Collogean Waterproof Mascara

I finally found a charger for my camera. FINALLY!

My mom and I gave up looking for the original charger, and finally today we found a replacement for it that cost half of what Sony wanted.

As soon as the battery finished charging I took photos. And now I can feel like I can do a real review with my camera, not my mom's.

So this is for the L'oreal Blah Blah Blah Blah Mascara.

I was intrigued. Voluminous is good and thought this would be BAM! It claims to enhance your lashes by 12x.

After a single coat, my lashes looked pfft. Nothing special, just black. 2 coats? Spider lashes! Clumpy, hot mess lashes had formed. 5 lashes.Volume? Well maybe if you considered volume to be gluing all your lashes together. But I? No.

Definition? Nope. I didn't even dare think about putting another coat on. It was so bad. Not to mention how hard my lashes felt.

I'd give it a 0/5. Did not do what it claimed it could and instead gave me the opposite effect. Its so appearant that L'oreal uses false lashes in their commercials and I am pretty sure that they didn't even use this crap to blend the false with the real. If you are looking for a good L'oreal mascara, Telescopic all the way!

Anyone else try this? Thoughts? Try the non-waterproof? Love it?


Sophisticated packaging but they fail to mention the name!


See those clumps? Yes, this is black. I love my camera! It shows every little clump on the brush!


Did this without flash, otherwise I'd blink! 2 coats.

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Neutral not Neutered!

(I like making crazy names haha)

Neutral doesn't need to be boring. In fact it can be awesome! I'm going to show you my go-to-look. I am only going to show you what products I use on my eyes and lips because different faces need different face products. Like I, have acne prone skin, and wear different makeup on my skin than that off a person with dry skin. Ya get my drift?

The best part about this look (well, and about all my looks) is that its drugstore! Meaning all these products should be easily obtained at places like CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Target, Walmart, etc. and are relatively inexpensive.

And I LOVE all of these products too! Love, love, love! Here's the list:
(Disclaimer: All prices are from, prices vary upon location!)

1. Physician's Formula Baked Eyeshadow Pallet in "Baked Oatmeal" $7.95
2. L'oreal Lineur Intense Carbon Black Felt Tip Eye Liner $8.50
3. Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof in Black or Blackest Black $7.65
OR when the weather gets cooler and I don't need waterproof, or maybe you don't sweat and need waterproof!, I adore L'oreal Telescopic in Blackest Black $9.49
4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "Pink Whisper" $6.99
5. Big Fluffy Eye Shader brush from the EcoTools 5 Piece Set $10.99 (for the whole set!)
6. Dome Eyeshadow Brush and Crease Brush from CVS Brand, Essence of Beauty[EOB] (I got mine in a set for like $5 or $6)

Ok here we go!

First, I apply a base to my eyelid. I find that just a simple concealer works well. A base will prevent your shadow from creasing and make it last longer and stay pigmented!

Next, I take the medium shade from the trio and apply it all over my lid with the EOB Dome Brush. After I'll take the darkest shade and using the EOB crease brush I apply it in my crease. The crease is that space between the edge of your lid and the bottom of your brow bone. I swirl the color in until I get my desired color and depth. Finally, I take my big fluffy Eco Tools eye shader brush and sweep the lightest color under my eyebrow as a highlighter. To help make my eyes look bigger and more awake, I'll also sneak some of this color in the corner of my eye.

After that I apply the liquid liner! I like to start in the middle of my eye and work my way out and then go back and work from the in to the middle again. Then apply mascara and gloss and you're good! Simple, easy, neutral and great for everyday at work, school, anywhere!

Why do I sound like an infomercial? Haha, pictures! Sorry I don't have one of the look, because my mom's camera totally washes me out and mine is still unusable!


Products. Note, sometimes the PF Eyeshadow doesn't have those colors in that order!


Brushes by their respected colors and numbered! (Sorry it came out small!) This pic reminds me of a bonfire haha :)


Again, sorry for the small numbers! A diagram and I actually have the look on! Photo does no justice!

Hope you enjoyed it!

♥ Chelsea

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

You're lyke 11?!

I was in one of my favorite stores, Victoria's Secret, and was in line and saw 3 girls in front of me who must have been like 10. VS had their promotion that if they bought something by Pink that they'd get the Pink Dog free.

Irony of ironies. Each girl bought a $1.50 lollipop and nothing else to get their dog and left the store giggling.

My next trip (did I say how much I love them and their Pink?!) I saw girls who must have been 11 or 12 picking out Pink sweats! AND PANTIES! You haven't even hit puberty and you want a pair of panties that say "Kiss this!" (hehe I got those, you gotta have cute underwear when doing laundry). GIRL, YOU GOT NOTHING TO KISS!

11! 12! 13?! I'm 19 and I wear them. They're DESIGNED for the high school/college crowd. In college you love nothing more but to slip into cute sweats (well at least me).


Whats even worst is that it struck my family! My 12 year old cousin has fallen captive. In the past year or two, her clothes are A&F (cause like abercrombie is lyke soo for toddlers! LOLZ), she has a Coach purse and an iPhone and is now loving the VS Pink. Luckily, she is still a sweet girl and can't help being spoiled, she is an only child, and her mom refuses to buy anything from the aforementioned for full price (minus the iPhone).

But really? It wasn't until I got my first steady job at 15 that I got my first Pink stuff. First Coach bag = my first real paycheck. (I REALLY suck at saving money. The rare few times that I do have it, I want to spend it! I admit it!)But girls these days just borrow daddy's plastic and expect their 16th birthday to rival that of a "My Super Sweet 16" even though their parents make enough to only support their families and think that they are obligated to a new car with a bow on it on their 16th.

And then make-up! 7th grade was when I started to wear it, Jr. High. But it was things like concealer, crappy shadow and mascara. And a Bonnebell.

I got my first cell when I was 13, my mom lectured me on no end that it was because our land line, at the time, was unreliable. And it was a free phone. Not a freaking iPhone. I didn't even get to pick out what cell I wanted until last year! Before then it was whatever my mom had. I didn't get my own computer until last year when I freakin graduated High School not Jr. High!

MAC? NO WAY! I'm 19 and can't even afford to get Mac! I look, I get tempted, but I tell myself that first I need a real job. Not just making money from odd jobs and saving it from birthdays.

So my lovely readers, have you witnessed this generation change? I'd love to hear you lash out! What do you think has caused this trend? Do kids just really wanna grow up that bad?!

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I thought I would start to do mini product reviews called "First Take!"

It would feature a review on a product I recently purchased yet have not had long enough to do a full review!

With that said..BUMP ITS!

I admit it, since I saw them on TV I wanted one. I may have thick course hair but I lack volume!!

So I bought a pack of 3 at my CVS for $9.99 in blonde (none for redheads, brunette would be too dark!)

The sizes are small, medium and large! And it comes with a rat tail comb for teasing.

The small one is good for bumping up your bangs, the medium and large both respectively bump up the rest of your hair.

Anyways, I am tired of the same old ponytail so I thought adding a Bump It would help make my hair less boring.

So how do I feel, what is my first take on these lame infomercial hair teasers?

For updos they work pretty well and stay in place. It takes a little bit of teasing a few sprays of hair spray but it provides some volume.

However, when I styled my hair down, well the Bump It came down! It kept falling out. I kept teasing, spraying, and working the Bump It into my scalp. So far, it hasn't worked too well.

Has it been worth the $9.99? I think with more practice and new techniques it should work well. Right now I'm just fighting with my curly hair!

They're available wherever infomercial land is, As Seen on TV Stores, Target, CVS, Staples (uhm yeah, I saw them while buying pens...), Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. Also Sally Hanson Beauty Supply!

♥ Chelsea