Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Motivation

I think I finally realized something. I NEED to get back on track with my weight loss. I did well the first half of the month and then once I got back to school, everything fell apart.

My mom is pretty sick now and it irks me that I'm hundreds of miles away and can't help or take care of her. While her sickness is not weight related, it has made me realize that my family suffers from many weight related diseases. I've had 2 of my Uncles suffer heart attacks and undergo heart surgery. Healthy men. Now they're doing well but the fear is still there. I lost someone I always wanted to meet from a heart attack, my mom's Dad. Heart disease runs in the family.

I need to take care of myself. I'm healthy as a horse now, despite having an under-active thyroid. The time is now. God has blessed me with this life and I have got to take care of myself. I need to get back on track. I need to get back to the gym and do cardio and eat healthily.

This was a much needed wake up call. And I love you all for your support. It means a lot. I love getting tweets reassuring me that some one else is on Team Chelsea.

But I think we all need to take a little better care of ourselves.

♥ Chelsea

January 2010 FAVORITOS

Everybody does favorite posts/videos. OMG THIS MONTH I LOVED THESE PRODUCTS MUCH MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH! Haha I kid! But anyways, these are in no particular order!

Woodwinked & Shroom Eyeshadows
LOVE Woodwinked. Its like All That Glitter's darker bronzey cousin. Woodwinked + Rubenesque Paint Pot is like BAM! My MA was right when she said this color is GREAT for baby blues! And Shroom is a great highlight color, a little shimmer but nothing overpowering!


(Woodwinked to the left, to the left and Shroom on the right)

Viva Glam Lipstick and Lipgloss in Viva Glam VI SE
VI = 6 for those of us who have a little blonde! I actually don't know how much longer this is going to be out since they're SE (Special Edition). One rumor is they'll be out till the newest Viva Glams come out which will feature Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga (Viva Gaga looks AWESOME!) which is March! But these are great on their own and amazing together. They're mid-pinks with nice kind of plummy tones? I'll let the swatches do the talking! Expect full post!


Urban Decay Primer Potion
See full review! But def. a staple in any makeup lover's collection!!


Pink Sugar Pefume
It smells so girly and sweet and if I were to swatch it then it would look like this. Emphasis on the puppy, cotton candy and pretend there is some vanilla!

Picnik collage22

Having Michael Kors back!
That is my, Michael Kors, my laptop. Haha! Got it back today! Geek Squad took good care of him!





And my 3 drawer storage solution! Best $4 ever! And displayed with most of the month's favorites!


♥ Chelsea

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

I thought today I'd share my Workout Playlist! That is songs that I love to play while working out or even cleaning my room! Being that my playlist is like 50 songs, I'll do the top 10! You'll see how spread out my taste in music is! These are in no particular order!

1) Don't Speak - No Doubt: Ok so you're thinking "THAT'S A BREAKUP SONG!", well don't breakup and heart break songs make you want to work out? Like really is their any better motivation than having someone break your heart? You wanna be like "BAM, SEE WHAT YOU LEFT!" I also love No Doubt, another song on my playlist by them is "Platinum Blonde Life".

2) JUMPDAFCKUP - Soulfly: Just like breakup songs, angry songs are also great for working out to! Gets you pissed and worked up! Honestly, I love listening "angry" songs to get myself going, they're usually the first ones I play. Also suggested is "7 Words" by Deftones. Yeah, my taste in music is all over the place...

3) "Last Name" "Cowboy Casanova" "Before He Cheats" "Undo It" "Songs Like This" - Carrie Underwood: I really can't choose. Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite artists. I love her and all her music! But these just come to mind!

4) "Check Yes, Juliet" - We The Kings: Such an upbeat song! Well upbeat beat! Well perhaps upbeat in general...but anyways! I love this song! Its just a great song to work out to!

5) "That's Not My Name" - The Ting Tings: Again, great beat, I love a good positive/up beat because then I tend to work out a bit harder! "Great DJ" by the Ting Tings is also good!

6) "Tearin' Up My Heart" - *//\\//SYNC: I'm such a *NSYNC girl, I never even contemplated anything but *NSYNC, SCREW BSB AND 98*! Anyways. This is a good breakup song and its upbeat! ITS TEARIN UP MY HEART WHEN I'M WITH YOOOOUUU, BUT WHEN I AM APART I FEEL IN TWOOO AND NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO OR SAY....I think I have memorized every *NSYNC song. Still prayin they get back together so I can go to a concert.

7) "Spice Up Your Life" - Spice Girls: Ok really this song needs no explanation just an awesome song you just want to dance to. I always loved Ginger Spice most because well, she's a fellow ginger!! Never went to a concert but had the shirts, dolls, action figures, every cassette...!

8) "Here Comes Goodbye" - Rascall Flatts: Another good breakup song but also pumps you, or at least me with the great vocals. This and "Don't Speak" are like my cool down songs.

9) "Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga: Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra...need I say more?

10) "Snakes On a Plane" - Cobra Starship (& a whole bunch of other awesome artists): With lyrics like "OH I'M READY FOR IT, COME ON BRING IT..." plus I always laugh at the end when they have a sound bite from the movie (never saw)! "I'M TIRED OF THIS MF SNAKES ON THIS MF PLANE!" Hahaha, I won't spell out the bad words for ya ;) But it makes me giggle for some reason.

11) "Answer The Phone" - Sugar Ray: I'm going old school again! Well old school for anyone 15 and under. ANYWHO. Upbeat melody!

12) "Lala" - Ashlee Simpson: Ok so I remember when my sister was pregnant with her daughter and I suggested the name "Ashley" to her. At the time I was like 11 and obsessed with Mary Kate & Ashley (+10 points if you remember this: 'P-I-Z-Z-A") and suggested the name Ashley but she didn't care for it and liked the name Zoe. GUESS WHAT MY NIECE'S NAME IS NOW? ASHLEY! Boo ya! I know Sam (my sister, who is an avid reader and my stalker) is gonna deny this but I SO REMEMBER. ITS FOREVER A MEMORY! But yeah Ashlee Simpson...yeah. What happened to her? Isn't she doing some Broadway? Nonetheless, this song is great to workout to!

13) "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" - MUSE: First of all, I want this song played at my wedding. Secondly, I just love it and love working out to it. It makes me all cheery and happy!

14) "Blitzkrieg Bop" - the Ramones: I told you my taste in music is all over the place! Like two years ago, ESPN did a mini-series called "The Bronx is Burning", one of my favorite books. It was about NYC in the 1970s. It was mainly the Yankees and the drama, politics in the city and Son of Sam. But anyways, when I was reading and watching it, I started to get into 70's punk. I have quite a bit now!

15) "Best of Me" - MorningWood: You may also know this as like the anthem of Project Runway for this season!

So that's all! And that was longer than expected! What are your must haves on your iPod or Zune (I MISS MINE, NO REALLY WHY'D I GO BACK TO APPLE?!)

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fact or Crap: Forensicz For Realz

**HUGE DISCLAIMER: I have yet to obtain any degree in Forensics, I'm only a student but I love learning about the subject and know a good amount**

Do you ever watch a show like CSI and think "are they for realz?" Yeah, well I hate to break it to you but I'm gonna have to say ITS HOLLYWOOD.

1. CSI investigates the cases: MAJOR CRAPOLA. CSI or Crime Scene Investigation is to collect the evidence and then bring it to the lab. They don't interrogate people! They just bag and tag everything!! CSI doesn't come knocking on your door with a search warrant, the cops do! (Well they do but its the cops who issue it...but you get it! A forensics tech isn't going to be wielding a weapon!)

2. AFIS? If your an avid NCIS fan like I am (by the way, that is the must accurate show, the actress who plays Abby does hold a MS in Forensics) you hear "AFIS" thrown around. AFIS stands for Automated Fingerprint Identification System which is a legitimate system created by the FBI which has fingerprints on record from criminals, government personnel, those in the armed forces, etc. The average person (who doesn't have a record) will probably not be in AFIS!

3. Labs are a one person operation: FALSE! Forensics labs contain many individuals who all have their own specialty, for the most part. Its not a one person job! It takes A LOT of time and patience to get results. Like lets say you find a glass chip on the scene, you don't just simply look for it in a database, you need to get all the specs. Everything is a long and delicate process.

4. Forensics degrees are available on the Interwebz so it must be easy to get! NO WAY! You're basically Pre-Med when you're a forensics major (I'm a minor). You need multiple chemistry, biology, organic chemistry and physics requirements. And calculus courses.

5. There are super awesome machines called Gas Chromatographs and Mass Spectrometers. TRUE! GC or gas chromatographs are frequently used in the lab and are an important piece. They are used to seperate chemicals which as one can assume, is very helpful when given an unknown substance. (I'm sparing ya the specs! Cause its damn confusing!)

6. As soon as CSI arrives on the scene, its time to collect all evidence! Collecting the actual evidence is actually one of the last steps. First you must secure the area. After which you must draw and sketch out the area and then take pictures of the area from EVERY SINGLE ANGLE. And before you touch the evidence? Gotta take a pic! Photos are crucial to referencing where the evidence came from and in what physical state. Once all this is done then you can bag the evidence and properly label everything. Also the initial sketches are redone to be more precise and to scale.

7. Labs love PCs: TRUE! Sorry Macs don't make the cut for forensics labs. PCs are the computer of choice!

That is all I can think of! Any questions? Let me know!!

♥ Chelsea

Dear Geek Squad, Take care of Lappy, I'm a CRJ Major. H&Ks, Chelsea

Hey lovelies!

I know I haven't updated in a couple days. But I actually had photos and posts ready! An updated dorm room tour, some product reviews...everything ready so I could do some quick posts for ya!

But then...Lappy crapped the bed. Lappy my laptop that is. For a while now the screen was freaking out a bit (fading in and out on one side, then going black and just not being its pretty HD self) and I thought I'd work through that.

That was until it crashed for the first time. And overheated and felt like it was on fire. Mind you, it was on a wood desk when it overheated and shut down. So now Best Buy's Geek Squad is working on Lappy.

And its only going to take 2-4 WEEKS. So what does that mean? I'm working on my netbook (my University issued them to Honors students this year) but anyone who has worked on a netbook knows they do not replace a full notebook.

I was going to reupload all my photos but my memory stick isn't compatible and won't fit in (that's what she said).

So, tell me, any tags or anything you want me to post will I'm sans a real computer? Nothing that involved photos. I'm open to anything and everything!

I'll tell ya all when Lappy is back but he's only been gone a few days now.

♥ Chelsea

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You stay classy, class & FOTD

Its back to my old studious ways. Yup, class resumed today. So I'm gonna warn you, my blog will be slacking but alas I'm a college student and paying good money to get me an edumaicashun!

This semester should actually be fun because I'm taking a lot of classes for my major (that is criminal justice aka CRJ) and my minor, which is Forensics. I'll be taking 2 CRJ courses, Forensics 2, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Sign Langauge 2 (I have taken level 1, to fufill my language requirement) and English 2.

That's 18 credits. Must people take 12 or maybe 15. And I'm an Honors student. So that means I need to figure out which class I want to choose to have a special thesis paper. Phew.

But I'm armed with highlighters, a color coded system and I'm more organized than Martha Stewart. So I'm ready to take it on!

But honestly, thats all that is going on! I mean I wish I could do more personal posts but my life is so boring and if you're really curious, you can just follow me on Twitter (@xxChelseeea).

The food still tastes like something someone ate and then threw up and then deep fried and then thrown into the garbage and then garnished with an obscene amount of calories and then served on cardboard plate. And costs as much as tuition.

Dorming? I love my room. But I think I'll be getting a single next year. I can either really quiet and OCD or blasting "Honky Tonk Stomp" (+10 points if you know that song) and OCD and crazy. Believe me, the studious version of me is the polar opposite of regular me. I might post some updated room pics? Anyone curious of what a dorm looks like?

I've also realized 80% of the guys at my school are walking STDs. So lets not go there. If someone could find me someone who isn't like "I DO EVERYTHING I SEE AND DRINK AND SMOKE TILL I PASS THE FREAK OUT", that'd be great. They're like an endangered species here.

Ok. Rant over. Time for a FACE OF THE DAY! I was proud of myself this morning and thought "HEY! I'LL POST THIS!" Today I actually had time to do something nice!


SO CREEPS! (That is the actual photo, but its with my webcam because my Cybershot likes to wash it out!) All from MAC:
Lid: Modellette
Crease: Cork
Highlight: Vanilla
& my everyday liner and mascara which is Blacktrack Fluidline & CG's original Lash Blast (which they're now calling Lash Blast Volume?!)


And on the lips I kept it simple and peachy nude without looking like a porn star. So I paired "Hue" l/s with "Underage" l/g.

So what do you think of FOTDs?! More? Less?

Anyone else out there bloggerworld, back in school?

H&Ks ;)
♥ Chelsea

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quickie: Pretty Pink Lips!

Hi lovelies!

I thought I'd start to do some little quick posts! Like a quick look or something I tried and loved and wanted to share!

So today I'll share my new favorite lip combination! Perfectly soft pink lips!

Only 2 products and you can get both for under $20!


Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in "Pink Whisper" & MAC lipstick in "Angel"


One thing I love about these two products: they look great together and by themselves!


Bam! I feel like I am channeling Temptalia!

I hope ya are having a great week!

♥ Chelsea

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Face It!

Hello lovelies!

First, can I just say THANK YOU! I noticed my subscriber count rose a wee bit! So thank you all for reading!!

Today's topic is my everyday face routine!!

It is quick, easy, flawless (that's what she said!) and does a great job covering my acne scars and current zits!

What I use:


MAC's Fix +, Eco Tools' Baby Kabuki brush and blush brush and the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge

** Note the Eco Tools brushes came in a 5 piece brush set, THEY'RE AMAZING! I highly suggest them! I'll do a post on brushes soon!!

Picnik collage

MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation in NW15, MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC15 and MAC blush in Pinch O' Peach

1. Apply the concealer with my fingers and then blend in with the Sonia Kashuk sponge. This significantly reduces the appearance of my blemishes and redness.

2. Apply Studio Fix with the baby kabuki. I love to use the baby kabuki brush because the bristles are more densely packed and thus providing a fuller coverage. The Studio Fix really helps cover my redness and even out my skintone.

3. Add any blush. I just chose this one because its a nice natural pink for my skin and is super buildable meaning that I can go light or darker!

4. Spray Fix + on the baby kabuki and then just quickly buff it around my face to set the makeup. Then I just do 2 more spritzs of Fix + to set my makeup!

Picnik collage

Hopefully ya can see the difference! I pointed out areas that were the biggest problems!

How do you do your everyday face? Do you use any of these products?

♥ Chelsea

Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick Tip: Hairz

Here is how I get my curls. It couldn't be freaking easier.

Nor cheaper.

For both styles I use the following:
1) Any drugstore shampoo and conditioner for either curly hair or super moisturizing.
2) LA Looks Curl Hair gel (Available at any drugstore, Target, Walmart, etc.) (BTW THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! ITS LESS THAN $4 AND IS MY HOLY GRAIL FOR HAIR GEL. I LOVE IT!)

How to.

1) Wash yo hair
2) Condition yo hair: pretend to make a ponytail, and cover the whole "ponytail" with conditioner and leave it in for like 3 min
3) Flip hair over. Towel dry BY SCRUNCHING. Yes, scrunch with your towel. Then scrunch some gel in. If you feel fancy, add leave in conditioner.

For me this routine gives me tighter curls like so (5 Min)...


(Sorry older photo! Pre MAC lol)

BUT FOR LOOSER CURLS, do this before bed and sleep with your hair down! Don't forget to hairspray that crap out of it! And for me I get this! (6-1o hours depending on how long you sleep...)


BAM! So easy.

That's what she said.

♥ Chelsea

Saturday, January 9, 2010

In a Couple Years 2ish Years I'll Have a Degree That Says I can Kick Your Ass & Take Your Name

I am stumped. I'm more stumped than Stumped Stumpidty StumpedvonStumped.

In HS I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with my life. Become a sports journalist. I did everything under the sun to help prepare me for it. But since I graduated?

Yeah...that is another story. I spent 4+ years knowing I was going to be a beat reporter for the Yankees. I envisioned myself in the locker-room after the World Series win, celebrating and interviewing the players. Trying to not ask the stupid "How do you feel?" question. I and everyone who knew or knows me knows that was plan of action.

But at graduation, during the Key Note that featured some whack job talking about turtles having sex and trains (yes that is all I remember) I thought 2 things:

1) What the hell did she smoke before she came here and why is she special?
2) Why do I want to go into such a selfish occupation?

Because really, who is benefiting from my writing about a baseball game. Not to mention I feared baseball games would feel like work not fun.

So I took some Criminal Justice courses in college, they looked like fun.

And I fell in love. I love my major. I love learning new things. I love hearing war stories and learning things that make me have a mental OHEMGEE moments. I love it.

And that is great and all but now what do I do?

After a forensics class, I asked my professor what the occupation of forensics is like. She talked. I listened and then she asked me, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

Besides the obvious, "in debt from student loans". I told her with a job I loved and a man I loved. Yes, she wanted to know both personally and career.

She then asked "Well do you want a family?"


She told me a field in forensics is demanding. You have to live close to a lab. Nevermind, first find a lab that will hire you. And its not just me who I'd have to think about.

Its not as though its impossible to be married and have a family (and if you know me, you know I love kids and want at least 4!) and be a forensics scientist but would be hard.

So I put that idea on the back burner. Now what can I do and work to with my degree?

That is where I'm at now. A sophmore in college and don't know what the hell to do with my degree. I've been thinking lately of federal agencies (they visit our school!) and doing inside work there. But honestly I don't know.

And I hate not having a plan. One day I want to become an attorney. The next, a detective. The next, working within a federal agency.

And then do I want to go to law school? Become an ADA (Assistant District Attorney, a prosecutor)?

Just too many ideas and questions. Perhaps I should see the rumored occupational counselor that my school has.

Do I want to go to grad school and major in forensics?! I do enjoy forensics! But I do hate math and I do hate how forensics major's workload is equal to that of a pre-med student...


♥ Chelsea

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lather Your Lids with Magic!

Hello lovelies!

Today I'll be doing a post on a Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion! While for some reading this, its no news but for the newly obsessed? This stuff is AMAZING.

What is it? Its an eyeshadow base. Whats an eyeshadow base? Think of it as a bonding agent, or glue, for your eyeshadow. It will help your eyeshadow adhere better to your eyelid, prevent it from creasing and even enhance the color. PHEW! It does a lot!

But why Urban Decay? While there are some drugstore dupes (L'Oreal Decrease) they don't quite match up to the big daddy, that being Urban Decay! Another option for an eyeshadow base is concealer. Yet, I personally like having an actual base. Because while concealer is multi-purpose, bases aren't! Catch my drift?

So anyways back to the UDPP and what I love about it!
  • Makes my eyeshadow last all day and not crease
  • Enhances the eyeshadow's color like its no one's business
  • Moisturizing for my dry lids (at least for me!)
The only thing I don't like? The price! One bottle will set you back $17 but from what I hear, they last forever!


Love the cute signature genie bottle packaging!


New and improved wand! Old one was straight and unable to grab all product!


Sorry the font is small!! But I think your can make it out! The shadows I used (names are the super small text. Oops!) are All That Glitters on top and Cork! And UDPP = Urban Decay Primer Potion!

UDPP can be found at Sephora stores, and and retails for $17. Jumbo versions are available! (I sound like an infomercial!)

I give it 4.7 stars out of 5! I take away .3 for price! Haha! After using I see why this is a cult classic for makeup artists and makeup junkies!!

Are you fan of lathering your lids with magic? Prefer something else? Do tell!

PS: Any ideas for a personal post? I'm on break and pretty boring right now ;)

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sneak Preview!

Hi lovelies! I thought today I'd do my first beauty post of 2010! And show a few products that I have picked up recently, like a haul but I like to think of it is a sneak preview of products that I'll also be reviewing soon!

Believe me, when I say that I ONLY buy this much makeup around Christmas and my birthday (in May), this is not typical! I'm a broke college student with no job right now!

One of the things that I asked my mom for was the MAC Naughty Noir eye bag. I love Blacktrack Fluidline and being that I'm a black liner junkie, I wanted a back up! And I wanted to try a pigment and I love the LE (limited edition) pigment it came with, in Shimmertime. It also came with a 209 SE which is great so I don't need to bring my full size brush! And an adorable bag (which I keep in my purse!) and a mini-zoom lash.


I also wanted to get some good E/S (eyeshadows!) for everyday wear! I'm all into the neutrals!


From L to R: Shimmertime pigment, Vanilla, Cork, Woodwinked and Modelette (LE)

Being that for the past few months I have had no blush, foundation or concealer, they were top on my list! AND OMG. WHEN THE MAC LADY SHOWED ME THE CONCEALER I LEGIT THOUGHT IT WAS A TUB OF WHITE OUT!


Studio Sculpt Concealer (NC15), Studio Fix Powder + Foundation (NW15) and Pinch O' Peach blush.

And my lip collection (haha that doesn't sound gross, bahaha lip collection...) wasn't that much bigger than my face collection! So I picked up 2 lipsticks in Hue and Angel and Underage lipglass


L to R: Angel, Hue and Underage

PHEW! Swatch time! I know my eyeshadow swatches suck so if you need a better swatch click HERE for Temptalia's MAC permanent eyeshadow swatches!


L to R: Woodwinked, Cork, Modelette and Vanilla


From top to bottom: Underage, Hue and Angel and Pinch O' Peach blush

Finally, I wanted to organize my makeup so I picked up this cute little drawer system from Target for $4.99 and I have one drawer for eye products, face and lips!


So tell me below (or tweet!) what you'd like to see a review of! I know I will be doing a review on Urban Decay's Primer Potion soon!

♥ Chelsea

Friday, January 1, 2010


I thought I'd do an EXTREMELY personal post. What I am about to say, well many people don't know about me. But I'm hoping spilling myself out onto this post will motivate me for my first resolution: lose weight.

I'm 19 and over weight. By no means morbidly obese or obese. I have just always had a little extra to love. Its something I have struggled with.

But I need motivation. And here it is. Though I'll never see my 6th grade class again, my goal is to be able to wish to see them again and make them eat their words.

When I was 11 and 12, I was in the 6th grade at a new school. My parents were divorced, we had to move in with my grandma because we couldn't afford to live in our childhood house, I switched schools and left my friends. And much more.

But what do I remember most? My weight.

Mind you in 6th grade I was ACTIVE. I still had some little baby fat. 20 lbs over weight, if anything. I played soccer, basketball, track, swam. But to cope with family drama I also binged.

So there I was. New girl at school. As if that wasn't bad enough, my life was about to be a living hell.

EVERY DAY that school year I was made fun of. Every single fat joke and comment you can think of, was said to me. Here are some examples:


I EVEN HAD A SIGN PUT ON MY BACK that said "I'M FAT". And no one told me about it until the day was almost over. This wasn't friendly teasing, it was flat out harassment. I ignored it and talked to the principal but I was told "BOYS WOULD BE BOYS". I was already emotionally unstable but this?!

I kid you not when EVERY DAY this happened. I was treated like AN ANIMAL not a girl. For just having some baby fat.

Do you know what thats like?! I doubt my mom or family knows the extent of it. Its damn embarrassing!

Every thing I did was somehow related back to my weight.

Believe me, its no accident that for 7th grade I was at a new school in a new state.

Now I'm 19, still struggling with weight, partially to blame to my college lifestyle and thyroid. But thank God, since 6th grade I haven't heard things like that.

Now its "GOD, YOU'D BE SUCH A KNOCKOUT...if you lost weight!"
"Too bad you don't have a pretty body to match your pretty face!"

So, here it goes.

My goal this year is to lose weight and be in the best shape ever. So much so that if I were to go back to the 6th grade I could kick their asses and make them eat shit and make them feel like asses. I'd like to mentally "WOW" those sons of bitches.

♥ Chelsea



I hope that this year treats you kindly and brings happiness to you and your loved ones!

I thought to start of the year I'd do some resolutions!

1) LOSE WEIGHT! I'm tired of people saying to me I need a better body to match my "pretty face". I know I need to! I have my thyroid regulated and I'm planning on losing 60ish lbs. I know its A LOT! But God has graced me with a 6 foot frame to spread the extra weight and it would put me in a healthy area! I actually don't like giving an actual number of pounds to lose but honestly? I don't own a scale, I'm gonna go by how happy I am with myself! WORK OUT AGAIN!!!

2) SLEEP! This semester I probably slept a good 4 hours (if that!) every night! And that hurt my grades! I was not retaining everything while I was a zombie! I'm going to aim for 7-8 hours a night! This should also help me lose weight! Sleep is key to weight loss and happiness!

3) GO BACK TO STRAIGHT A'S! I did it all last year but because of my horrible sleep patterns, my grades dropped! Not horrendously but they weren't all A's which is something I take a lot of pride in!

That is all I can think of right now! Oh and maybe find myself a guy! Its so hard being surrounding by friends who already are in long term relationships and completely in love!

Again, HAPPY 2010!

Thank you and ♥ you!

♥ Chelsea