Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things That I am Loving!

Hello Lovelies!

I thought that I'd do a post about products I am loving and looks that I'm currently loving!

The look for me lately has been monotone lid (that is one color all over), black eyeliner (ok, when isn't that my look?! Black eyeliner works magic on my tired eyes!), awesome lashes and a bright pink lip! Super easy and cute and great for when I'm in a rush!


For the days that I feel like doing something in crease, I'll add Modelette because its a bit of a cooler medium brown that can be built up to be darker color. But it provides a great color to the crease that is subtle and not dramatic! For my monotone lid days, I whip on any light shimmery color. Favorites are also Naked Lunch, All That Glitters and Retrospeck.

Naked Lunch, Modelette and Vanilla.


Viva Glam Gaga has got me on this bubblegum pink, lip product love! It reminds me of spring! I'm not talking subtle pinks like Angel but true, true pinks! I'm really going to have to look at Bubblegum...hmmm! And I've been loving gloss. But I have to say, Dazzleglasses kind of dissapointed me! They're GORGEOUS but run out so fast! I'm amazed how much I have gone through even though I only used it around 7 times. And I hate that they're more than the lipglasses but you get less product!

Top is Cultureclash lipglass, left is Gaga Lipstick and right is Money, Honey dazzleglass.

****WAIT: I CHANGE MY MIND, I HATE L'OREAL TELESCOPIC! New favorite is VS' cotton bras! THEY'RE AMAZING!!!! Its like a t-shirt bra :)

Lastly, Forensics! Yup, I keep going back and thinking I'm going to continue to work on getting my BS in Criminal Justice but get a MS in Forensics. I'm really ready, to face the math music and do it! Its something I really have been loving and interested in! So anyone want to help me with Calc?!

So what all are you loving?! Love to hear! And another question for you, that I've been curious about, when you go to MAC do you ask the MA to get a product for you or do you get it yourself? Like eyeshadows and whatnot! And what is your favorite all over lid color from MAC?

♥ Chelsea

1990's FTW

Hello lovelies!

Ok. So I have photos and everything for a beauty favorites post and then I started to get wrapped up in the 1990's. For those of you who don't know, I'm 19 and will be 20 in May. But I randomly looked up a song on iTunes and it sparked me to go into a 90's craze.

I randomly iTuned Hoku to see what she was up to because I remember singing along with her on Nick and wanted to see where she was. Then iTunes recommended B*Witched and I about screamed and yelled "OH. EM. GEE."

So now I'm recalling all my favorite bands and shows from the 90's. AND I WANT TO HEAR YOUR'S!!!!

Favorite 90's bands? SPICE GIRLS AND NSYNC! I never strayed from my first love, Justin Timberlake. Never. To this day, EFF Hanson and the Backstreet Boys. And I was Britney girl, never a Christina fan. Though Mandy Moore was a close second.

Favorite 90's TV shows? Rugrats, uh duhhh before they grew up which was STUPID. I don't wanna ever see Tommy Pickles hit puberty. Boy Meets World and I think my favorite, and a show I would buy every episode to, is Are You Afraid of The Dark? or AYATD :) The Midnight Society right?!

My favorite episodes from AYATD would be the one with the pool monster thing, AND I KID YOU NOT WHEN I SAY THAT EPISODE HAS SCARRED ME FROM SWIMMING OVER POOL DRAINS CAUSE DEAD THINGS MIGHT COME OUT OR I'LL GET SUCKED IN. Not even kind of kidding. Watch me swim and you'll see. 2nd Favorite would be the one with the computer virus, oh how that was BA.

My favorite toy that makes me think of the 90's?! Gameboy Color. AGAIN BA. Pokemon Gold and Blue and Red. And that hop skotch thing!! What was it called?! You put it around your ankle and skipped...AH!

So, I now ask you!! What was your favorite band from the 90's, show and toy!!! I want to know! And if you're an AYAOTD fan, what was your favorite episode?!

♥ Chelsea

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sneak Preview! Feb 2010!

Hello Lovelies!

So I have a cumulative haul for ya! That is I accumulated all these products within a couple trips to MAC! I'm expanding my collection! Lately, my makeup style is a very light wash of color on the lids, usual Blacktrack and mascara and pink lips! I find I do this look on days I have my early classes and rather sleep in a bit than fuss to much with my makeup!

As always, please tell me if you want any reviews on these products or more swatches!

**Sorry some of my pictures aren't the best! Shimmer and sparkle are so hard to capture! Camera wants to focus on the shimmer and fuzz out everything else!!

217 Brush: My 2nd brush, first was the 209! Can honestly do a whole look with this brush, love it for the crease! It def. has made me look more into MAC brushes, uh-oh.

Naked Lunch E/S: Its a pretty, pale beige with shimmer. Great all over color, provides a light wash of color for those days you need to look more awake!

Retrospeck E/S: Not as pale as Naked Lunch, it is a bit more bronzey looking. Again, great all over color for a nice wash of color on the lids! Which is what I'm looking for!

Sable E/S: Super pretty medium-dark brown with plum undertones. With a gentle, light hand, provides a nice lid color but a little heavier and an amazing crease color!
(Sorry the photo is horrible!)

Cultureclash L/G: A nice baby hot pink gloss with silver shimmer! I got it to go with my Lady Gaga lipstick since I had no pure pink gloss! Its super pretty on its own too!

Money Honey D/G: My first dazzleglass! First time I ever even looked at D/G in MAC and they're so pretty!! I hate the swatch and description on MAC's site! Its a gorgeous medium pink with tons pink glitter! But totally wearable for everyday!!


And I thought I'd share what Money, Honey (L) and Cultureclash (R) looked like over VG Gaga! I know the photo is crappy, its the sparkle! But Money, Honey over VG Gaga looks like BARBIE PINK WITH GLITTER! Like ohemgizzle! So pretty!! Photo does no justice! And Cultureclash tones it down a little since its a bit paler! But still very pink and pretty!

♥ Chelsea

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ow ow, ow ow! Give it to me baaaaby! I apologize for that brief reference to an Offspring song. I apologize more than Tiger Woods.

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry for no posts during the week but alas school! I'm hitting the heart of the semester. I thought I would give up studying for Lent. This week I have a paper to BS, I mean do with all my heart and mind because it is of great importance. I cannot even blog how ridiculous the assignment is, its just plain pointless. And I have a sign language presentation this week.

So I thought I'd do a quick post featuring my "Go-To" products, I know the tag is going around YouTube and I tag EVERYONE to do it!!

These are products I use most often in their category, the products I grab and can rely on when I'm in a rush!! Not necessarily my favorites, rather things I grab for most often!

I'm aware I skipped a few categories like face primer, highlighter, contour powder, etc. because I do not use those products.

GO-TO: Foundation
MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW15. Great coverage and does amazing job of evening out my skin!

GO-TO: Concealer
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC15. Rich, creamy and heavy coverage to help camouflage my blemishes and acne.

GO-TO: Blush
MAC Powder Blush in "Pinch O' Peach", I'm not kidding when I say this is my only blush. I know, hahaha! Its a sheertone so the color is very buildable.

GO-TO: Eyeshadow Primer
Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Like I said in a post before, its like rubbing magic on your eye lids!

GO-TO: Eyeshadow
MAC Eyeshadow in "All That Glitters". First MAC shadow and I just love it. Amazing on anyone. Neutral, light brown with amazing shimmer but not shimmerball shimmer!
(It looks like cinnamon sugah in this photo!)

GO-TO: Mascara
Cover Girl's Lash Blast. I keep coming back to this! Nice full looking lashes!

GO-TO: Eyeliner
MAC Fluidline in "Blacktrack". AHFREAKINGMAZINGTASTICAL! HG! LOVE! Since I got it back in October (first ever MAC product), I have had no interest in other liners!

GO-TO: Lipgloss
MAC Lipglass in "Viva Glam IV SE". Beautiful pink with plum undertones! And gorgeous sparkle!

GO-TO: Lipstick
MAC Lipstick in "Viva Glam IV SE". Same as above, however more pink.

I tag you!! If you do the tag, please tell me! I'd LOVE to hear!! :)

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

Ok this will be a strictly beauty post featuring MAC's brand new lipstick, Viva Glam Gaga designed by the outrageous Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper (who used to live by me!) teamed with the MAC to create these two limited edition lipsticks that will only be on shelves for the next year. Cyndi's lipstick is a coral-red and equally stunning but Gaga's lipstick is a bright light blue-pink.

I know what you're thinking. How is anything that Gaga wears, actually wearable for the rest of us?! Well girls, and guys, it is so wearable!

After one coat, you have a beautiful pale bright pink. A couple more swipes and the color becomes more intense but still completely wearable.

I wanna say major snaps for MAC for launching this before the spring season because this is a PERFECT pastely pink for Spring! As soon as I saw it, I seriously thought "OMG SPRING IN A TUBE!"

All proceeds from MAC Viva Glam products goes the MAC AIDS fund which has raised over $160 million for the those effected by the killer disease. For more information, visit

This lipstick can be bought on (currently sold out), MAC counters and stores! Also some department's stores websites! The retail value is $14 but every cent goes to a great charity, this is my third Viva Glam product!


No gloss added. However good glosses to accompany it would be "Cultureclash" and if you really wanted to BAM! it up, "Pink Poodle".

Picnik collagef

Left is au naturale lips, right is with product


Top is one swipe, bottom is multiple


Lady Gaga's signature graces the inside of the tube as well as the box.


Super tired in this pic, but I am rocking it!!

Anyone else loving this lipstick?! I highly recommend it to Gaga fans and MAC addicts!

♥ Chelsea

Picnik collagegdaga


Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Letter to MAC

My Dearest MAC,

I have recently fallen in love with all your products. I went from a strictly Drugstore Diva to now a MACaholic, your products are superior and amazing and would make anyone into a makeup lover.

However, you have one flaw. That is, the swatches on your website. They quite possibly are the worst swatches I have ever seen and not nearly accurate to the true beauty and pigmentation of your products. I find myself having to consult outside parties (Youtube, blogs, etc.) to find better swatches before placing an order on

Today, I purchased "Sable" eyeshadow. I then went to the site because I wanted to see your description of this beautiful color. I noticed 2 things. 1 is that on the site you call it a "Velvet" while the container calls it a "Frost", just a tad confusing. 2 is that the color in the pan in front of me does not at all resemble the color I see online.

Please MAC, why is this so?

I'm willing to swatch up my arms and hands for the sake of beauty in order to get more accurate photos. Really. For free of charge (ok maybe 10 eyeshadows or lipsticks/lipglasses or both) I will volunteer my arms to be swatched up. I want the world to see true accurate representations of the beauty of MAC.

Paintpots, eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglasses, blush, bronzer, etc., bring it! I'm super pale (NW15) so my skin would make a great blank-flesh tone canvas.

Even if you do not want to make me your beauty guinea pig, I just ask you of one thing. Please, PLEASE post better swatches of your products on the site!

Please do not let this letter affect our relationship, instead see it as a building block.

♥ H&Ks,
Chelsea aka Legally Strawberry Blonde

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey lovelies!

I may just turn into grilled cheese.

That and Luna bars and salad are pretty much all I eat at school. Why you ask? Everything else is nasty, high in calories and fat and nasty. Believe me, if I could I'd drop my meal plan and do Nutri-System. Alas, after this semester, I can do that next year!


Today is gonna be tips about wearing makeup with glasses!

Yes, I have 4 eyes! I have since I was 7 years old! Considering I'm 19.75 (birthday is in May haha!), that means I've worn glasses for the past 12.75 yearsish!

You might be thinking, well don't I do my makeup the same with glasses? Well yes but you need to be aware of a few things!

1. Open and brighten your eyes as much as possible, for me this lining my upper lashline with eyeliner and wearing lighter shades on my eyes. Glasses make your eyes look a bit smaller than they are!
2. Avoid wearing black or dark color liner on your waterline, this will make your eyes appear small!
3. Avoid dark eyeshadows. A smokey eye and glasses don't really work. Not only will your glasses hide the work you put into the look but it will look a bit odd behind your glasses!
4. Keep your brows tidy and highlighted! Your brows frame your glasses so make sure they're nice and neat! Add a great highlight color to really show them off!
5. Let your mascara dry before putting on your glasses! Can I tell you how many times when I started wearing mascara in 7th grade that I didn't let it dry and as a result had black specks all over my lenses?!
6. Keep those lenses clean! So we can see your eyes better!
7. Keep dark colors in the crease!!

That's all I can think of! Remember, you need to factor in what your look will look like with glasses on!

Picnik collagedgdgda

Anyone else wear glasses? I wear mine most of the time except when I'm in the dorm, I only need them for distance!

♥ Chelsea

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello lovelies!

Ok, this is a record for number of blog posts! Anyone excited?! Yeah, these 4 day weekends have left me with some time to chill. Which is soooooo needed after spending the whole week studying and stressing. I actually spend my Fridays off in the library all day and then Saturdays are also spent studying. So my weekends are actually Sunday and Monday, but on Mondays I go back to the gym...

While I'm talking about the gym, can I just say God Bless Baseball!? And baseball season?! Girls, who needs more motivation then to go the gym and get to see baseball players training?! My gym is set up so half is equipment (ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, never-ending rock wall, etc.) and the other half is weights and weight equipment. So needless to say, I'm forced to see the baseball players work out! That sounds so creeps, but if you're a straight girl or not straight guy, you can appreciate where I'm coming from! BTW 9 days until the World Champion Yankees' pitchers and catchers report to Spring training! Oh how I'd LOVE to work out in that gym!!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Ok. Eyebrows.

Let me be honest. I don't really care about my brows. I don't fill them in...ever or comb them or whatever! I'll pluck every once in a while when things are looking hairy. But I finally realized that they NEEDED to be waxed. NEEDED. It would take forever to pluck every hair.

And then I thought, why not blog my eyebrow waxing experience? A lot of people are curious, I mean I was when I got it done for the first time. So I'll give you the basics!

How much? Depends on where you go. If you're like me, I go to the Asian nail salons because they are the best prices and quality. A waxing at these salons can cost $5-$8. If you go to higher end salons/spas, the price tag will increase and can go up to even $20.

Where do I find a place?! ASK! My best friend recommended the place I go to. Or just look online! A lot of places have some kind of review online!

What happens? No they don't do it in front of the whole salon or spa! Its in a private room, you lay down (ok this sounds kinky hahah!) and they'll apply the warm-hot wax and rip it off! It really doesn't hurt! Its quick and painless! If anything the area will feel a little sore but that lasts for a minute! After they finish waxing your eyebrows (which consists of under your brow, above and between) they'll quickly pluck anything to make it look good! If you have sensitive skin like me, there might some redness! But after 20 minutes, it'll calm down! However, if you are planning on getting a wax done for a big event, maybe do it 5 days before! In case you break out in that area!

Waxing your eyebrows and shaping them can make such a difference in your face! It balances everything out and makes you look more put together, and even more awake!

I've only gone twice, but I've realized that once its done, I can just tweeze any strays!

Once your brows are done, you'll wanna show them off! So use an eyeshadow to highlight them and highlight your eyes! Choose a color thats a little lighter than your skin tone! I recommend a matte highlighter (that is, no shimmer!) and a shimmery highlighter!

I love "Vanilla" and "Shroom" from MAC!
(I know Shroom looks kind of taupey but I promise, its great!)

One more tip! If your brows tend to move around and you want them to stay put, spray some hair spray on a cosmetic wedge and pat it on your brow! No brow kit necessary!!

(All that Glitters is all over haha!)

003 (2)
(Woodwinked over Rubensque!)

So tell me, have you ever gotten your brows done? What is your favorite machine to do at the gym?

♥ Chelsea

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Viva La Viva Glam VI SE

Hello lovelies!

Today was such a boring day. I spent it in front my computer typing up pages of notes for some of my CRJ and forensics classes. But now I'm done with that...for a week!

Not to mention I'm BEYOND sore. I've been trying to hit the gym every day and getting in an hour of cardio. Yeah, my ass has been kicked and owned by the elliptical which I use for 30 minutes on a Level 12 (outta 20) resistance. Phew. Fastest way to burn 300 calories though!

Then again this is me while I'm in the elliptical:
30 minutes in: "WHY DO I DO THIS?! Pretty sure my body that was 70% water pre-workout is now -70%"

I'm kicking my ass because well have you ever seen an out of shape federal agent? Yeah, no. No I don't want to be out in the field wielding a weapon, I rather work within an agency. At least that's my ideal career of the moment!

BY THE WAY. Can I just say that Criminal Justice courses make you so...uhm...more cautious of what is around you?! Damn! The things we learn and hear make you pick up some new traits. Like constantly looking over your shoulder and scanning rooms before entering them. Its becoming second nature to me! Ya gotta be familiar with your surroundings!!

ANYWHOZIE! I just wanted to blab a little bit about my personal life before my review. So that way I can make everyone happy! That is the people who read this for the reviews, those who read it to know me and the people that like both!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Today's review is for MAC's Viva Glam VI Special Edition lipstick and lipglass!

For those of us who are Roman-numerically challenged, VI is 6!

And these two products have been my favorites for a while now. The color is a gorgeous medium pink with plum undertones. I think the lipstick is a bit more pink while the lipglass appears a bit more plum with its gorgeous sparkle.

Absolutely loving these two products and I've never gotten so many compliments on a lipstick before!!

Picnik collage

Left is VG VI SE L/S & L/G and Right is Au Naturale!


In some angles I got this gorgeous gold reflect!


Top L is L/S and Top R is L/G while the bottom is both!

The lipstick and lipglass can be bought at MAC stores, MAC counters, and select department store's webistes. They retail for $14 each BUT since they're Viva Glam, 100% of the proceeds go the the MAC AIDS fund! So besides getting pretty pink lips, you're also donating $28 (if you get both!) to the MAC AIDS Fund!

Anyone ever try Viva Glam? Know of any colors similar to this? Ever work out so hard you need to motivate yourself every 5 minutes?!

♥ Chelsea

H&Ks to followers and comments :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


I thought today I'd show you my little tiny pink dorm room. That is, only my side! But trust me my roommate's side is just as pink! So you know where I do my blogging and tweeting from!


Love paisley designs! Sheets are made out of a T-Shirt material which was awesome and comfy at first but it gets so freaking hot! OH and I have about 3 layers of bed padding. Still not comfortable! (Bedding from Target! I think it was $24.99 for comforter set and $19.99 for sheets! Rug and footstool thing also from Target! $29.99 and $19.99)


I'm well aware that having a TV that close to my face is bad for my sight. So I lean back hahah. And who can forget Abby Appendage! (That is my badass teddy bear I made at Build a Bear that day after I had my appendix removed)


I. Love. This. Picture. I need my Hepburn movies here!! (From Target too! I think $19.99)


This is what's in my footstool, DVDs and my SNUGGIE! Oh, I went there and built a house there!


Where I blog and tweet from because my school, despite having a price tag over $40K does not have WiFi...I KNOW.


Yes I keep my makeup on my printer...does it look like I have space?! (Lamp is from JC Penny! Awesome Psych merch from NBC hahaha!)

And yes whenever comes into my room for the first time I hear how pink it is haha! In case you don't know what my favorite color is :)

I think my room is 12/10 from Target! Any of you ever dorm?! Love small spaces?!

♥ Chelsea

PS: H&Ks to those who follow and comment :)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hello lovelies!

Ok I wasn't even planning on doing any post today. I was planning on going to the library and studying and then hitting the gym. Well I get to the library and flip to the chapter I'm supposed to read and guess what?

It's already highlighted up! So then I think "Great, I just have to write up my notes!"

MY NOTES WERE ALREADY IN MY NOTEBOOK! Its like the Forensics Fairies decided to write up my notes on how freaking confusing and complex a damn breathalyzer is. But what actually had happened was that I did my studying a week ago, and class was canceled last week thus I totally forgot. Still Forensics Fairies is fun to say.

ANYWHOZIE! Today's Review is on CVS' Purifying Mint Masque! Comprable to Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask which is supposed to be a miracle worker for those of us with acne on our face! But alas I can't find the Queen Helene! I looked in CVSs, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, K-Mart...NO WHERE!

But then my friend told me about CVS' version and while I've never tried the QH, I've gotta say, this stuff is amazing!

What does it do? It shrinks your pores like no one's business!

Why shrink my pores?!

When you shrink your pores you're doing the following:
A) Pushing all the puss, bacteria and other fantastical lovely things laying under your skin and causing acne up the surface in the form of a white head. WHITE HEADS ARE GOOD! Its all the acne causing crap in your skin! Its detoxifying!
B) Smaller pores = less bacteria can get in and cause zits!

Get it? Got it? Good!

But let me say this, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER PUT TOOTH PASTE ON YOUR ZIT! I have heard so many times of people putting tooth paste on their zit to get the same drying effect as the mint masque. And it does BUT it is also going to make your skin worst!

Yes, your zit while dry but all those great cavity preventing and whitening ingredients in tooth paste, including fluoride are now IN YOUR FACE. Yeah, BAD! You don't want those chemicals in your delicate skin. They're amazing for your pearly whites but not your face! You wouldn't brush your teeth with a toner or cleanser so why put tooth paste on your face?

Instead dab some of the mint masque on for the night! So much better for your face!

I'll give this product an A! It is only available in CVS pharmacies and retails for $4.19!





Anyone else try this?! Or where the fetch can I find the Queen Helene masque?!

♥ Chelsea