Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Santa,

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I've been enjoying my little break but DREADING getting back to school! Because December means one thing to college students: END OF THE SEMESTER! Professors start to really cram in everything into the few classes that are left. Like really cram. If they say the syllabus covers the material up to chapter 16 and its taken you since September to read the first 8, well then the remaining 8 chapters will be crammed into the remaining 2 or 3 classes. Then of course FINALS. And projects and papers!

So before that madness starts, I thought I'd do a fun tag that I saw was done last year on Youtube. A "Whats on Your Wishlist" tag. And for fun, and since I'm home, I thought I'd include some old photos!

So what is on my wishlist this year? (Ahem, my realistic wishlist!)

1. A 19 inch Flat Screen HDTV! I have a relic in my dorm room now that is not only smaller than my 17 in laptop screen (I think the TV is like 11 in) but takes up sooooo much space with its tube ass! Not to mention its about 10 years old and showing its age!

2. Makeup! Shocker! But I feel less guilty when it comes as a gift haha ;)
  • MAC E/S: Cork, Vanilla (A basic crease and highlight) and more all over lid colors! Any suggestions? I'm fair with cool undertones and red hair, so basically any suggestions for Gingahs?
  • MAC Dazzleglasses: Underage. Right now my lip collection consists of one balm and 1 Revlon Colorstay lip gloss. Not even kidding. Also, any suggestions?!
  • MAC Lipsticks: Angel. Don't own a freaking lipstick. I had Rimmel's "Airy Fairy" or whatever the hell and guess what? I was allergic to it! My freaking throat felt like it was closing up!
  • Pink Sugar Perfume: I've been wanting this for a while.
  • NARS' Orgasam Blush: Wanting for YEARS! I think I will finally splurge, the $25 price tag is what has held me back! But its a staple!
  • Nail Polishes
(Yes I'm now loving MAC, the old me would be like "Giiiiirl, you could buy 3 CoverGirl eyeshadows for the price of one MAC shadow! But come on, the quality and colors and pigmentation is amazing!!)

3. Maybe Law & Order: SVU Season 1? I'm getting hooked and want to start from the beginning but they're pricey! Maybe if I can get a good coupon or else I'll have to take advantage of my mom's DVR!

Thats it! And of course for all my family, friends and loved ones to be healthy and happy! What is on your wishlist?


Proof my hair is au naturale! I must be like 5 0r 6!


I think age 6?! I got everything on my list :)


WTF is a magic stroller baby?! I must google...a baby that turns into a stroller?! (Update: Googled and OMG! I remember! And I'm glad I clarified on #3 that I wanted to drive it! Must have been 7ish? Got nothing on that list haha!

Anywhos! I tag you to share whats your holiday wishlist!

♥ Chelsea

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to wish you a happy, and safe, Thanksgiving!

I truly have a lot to be thankful for and been blessed with.

There is so much to be thankful for, from having an amazing and irreplaceable and crazy family and friends (who feel like family), being able to get an education and have good health to a place to call home and knowing I always have someone to rely on!

There is so much to be grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!

♥ God Bless,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lets hit the Books!

So it was requested by the lovely, xXAllieCosmeticsxX, to share my study tips!

I am by no means a professional study skiller? I just have a ton of experience and have found out that this system helps me be the most successful! Mind you, this is what I do at a college level!

Before Class
In High School/College, most teachers/professors will give you a syllabus. This is magic. On it teachers will usually say what they are doing that day. So what do I do? Read the chapter(s) before hand! This will give you a good grasp on what will be taught and make it less confusing.

Next, if you're super hardcore, take notes on said chapter. Obviously you can't highlight the crap out of school issued books but just take down some notes. This way you don't need to be scribbling like crazy during class! You'll already have the notes! Because I bought all my books, I do highlight and then just type up what I highlighted.

During Class
  • Organize! I can't stress how important it is to take notes in an organized manor!
  • Keep common ideas together. I like to leave one line in between seperate ideas. Your notes will look less intimidating rather than line after line after line of notes, divide everything!
  • Write in shorthand! Pretend your tweeting! Instead saying "without" write "w/o" or "gov" instead of "government", etc. Sometimes I'll right down a key for commonly used phrases in that page of notes. Sometimes I'll do single letter abbreviations. Less to write!

After Class
  • I'd say don't wait until the last minute but I'd be lying. Haha!
  • Make note cards your new BFF. On one side I'll write a word and the other side of the note card, I'll write the definition. Or I'll phrase my notes into a question and put the answer on the back. Or do a fill in the blank!

Example from my notes:
Small depts. don't differ. between patrol + investigations b/c P are considered generalists.

  1. First, see how I abbreviate an shortened everything? Depts. instead of departments, differ. instead of differentiate, etc. and I say "P" instead of police (its a criminal justice policing course so of course I'll be using writing police a lot!)
  2. Second, on a note card I would write on the front: "Why don't small depts. differ. between patrol + investigations?" and on the back I'd write "Because P are considered generalists"

Its kinda almost not really like a game.

And thats all I do for tests! I usually only go over my notecards 1 or 2 and I'll get it! By doing everything I mentioned, it becomes almost set in stone. Now, I get a little notecard happy and can easily make 200-500 for one midterm or final! Do what you think you should!

Finally, don't be afraid to talk to your teacher/professor. It shows them a lot when you show them that you're concerned and care about your grades! Sometimes they'll bump up your score a little ;)

Good luck!

♥ Chelsea

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Persbeaonaluty Post!

Persbeaonaluty is obviously the love child of two words, "personal" and "beauty". So this entry will have a little of both, since they're interrelated.

Yes, I know I haven't been updating much. In fact I should be studying mass spectrometry but I'm going to be up late anyways!

As you can probably assume, I've been busy with school! I had midterms a couple weeks ago and now I have midterms again?! Because one wasn't obviously enough. So my time and energy has been spent studying!

I have also been pretty sure on my major lately! I just don't know what I want to do with my degree in Criminal Justice. Law school? FBI? Forensics? But I love studying criminal justice. In fact next semester, which I register for tonight at 12:01 AM, I'll be taking a good amount of major courses and minor courses (my minor being Forensics).

Nothing fun to post about. When I'm not studying I'm usually half awake and watching Law & Order or NCIS or sleeping.

Now onto the beauty. I'm slowly becoming a big MAC fan. I much rather spend a few more dollars and get a good, high quality and pigmented product. So I saved some of money and got a few things. And have been using them daily. 2 being the Fluidline and 209, which I reviewed in the previous post. And the other 2 being "All that Glitters" eyeshadow and "Rubensque" paint pot. Let me tell y'all right now, that combo brings out my blue eyes!

And lately its all I have been wearing! Its takes less than 5 minutes (that's with liner and mascara). Use my ring finger to apply some Rubensque to the lid and then pat some All That Glitters on.

Rubenesque is a gorgeous goldy-peachy-shimmery base. And All That Glitters is a gorgeous peachy-pinky-browny shadoe.



Ignore my manly hand and blonde arm hair! Hahaha

♥ Chelsea

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Be Whack, Make Sure Yo Track is Black!

I swear I won't just be reviewing freaking black eyeliner. But you see, my L'oreal liquid liner with the super long name was getting clumpy and dying a slow and painful death. Not to mention I kept messing it up as I rushed!

So I decided to go back to gel liner. But not to L'oreal HIP. I mean HIP is good but not great. It doesn't give me all day stay and fades to gray (dude, that totally rhymes, I'm gonna bust a beat haha) and is more flakey than Frosted Flakes. Its really only good for a one night stand. And was only a few bucks less than MAC.

And the Coastal Scents? Uhm yeah $6 sounds good but near $8 for shipping? What the pineapple?! Plus my eyes are sensative and freak out and they aren't exactly very well known in the outside world (sorry and their site is kinda sketch, it reminds me of a bad Asian restraunt).

That leaves MAC's fluidline. Blacktrack fluidline to be exact. My MAC cherry was gonna be popped for $15 (I need to rate this blog like freaking PG-13).

So I applied it the next morning at 7 AM. And kept checking on it during the day. Gray? Nope. Flakes? Nope. Smudge? Negative. Then at 3 AM, like 15 hours later when I removed my makeup it looked the same. Just like when I applied it.

SAY WHAT?! Then I started hitting the gym and my face would melt off. But fluidline? It stayed there. Even with puddles of sweat and a shower, didn't fade or flake.

I couldn't believe it! I then decided to get the matching brush, a 209 because my Sephora angled brush lived a good 4 or so years and was frayed and picking up too much product and destroying the fluidline. Plus I liked the look of the 209, looked precise. And its a freaking match made in makeup heaven.

So out of a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give Blacktrack Fluidline a 10! I'm loving it! And I hope I continue to *knock on wood!*!


Its a gel liner!


How much I pick up with my brush. Not that much! But it puts out....


....that much!!

Have you tried any fluidlines? Thoughts?

♥ Chelsea