Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Be Whack, Make Sure Yo Track is Black!

I swear I won't just be reviewing freaking black eyeliner. But you see, my L'oreal liquid liner with the super long name was getting clumpy and dying a slow and painful death. Not to mention I kept messing it up as I rushed!

So I decided to go back to gel liner. But not to L'oreal HIP. I mean HIP is good but not great. It doesn't give me all day stay and fades to gray (dude, that totally rhymes, I'm gonna bust a beat haha) and is more flakey than Frosted Flakes. Its really only good for a one night stand. And was only a few bucks less than MAC.

And the Coastal Scents? Uhm yeah $6 sounds good but near $8 for shipping? What the pineapple?! Plus my eyes are sensative and freak out and they aren't exactly very well known in the outside world (sorry and their site is kinda sketch, it reminds me of a bad Asian restraunt).

That leaves MAC's fluidline. Blacktrack fluidline to be exact. My MAC cherry was gonna be popped for $15 (I need to rate this blog like freaking PG-13).

So I applied it the next morning at 7 AM. And kept checking on it during the day. Gray? Nope. Flakes? Nope. Smudge? Negative. Then at 3 AM, like 15 hours later when I removed my makeup it looked the same. Just like when I applied it.

SAY WHAT?! Then I started hitting the gym and my face would melt off. But fluidline? It stayed there. Even with puddles of sweat and a shower, didn't fade or flake.

I couldn't believe it! I then decided to get the matching brush, a 209 because my Sephora angled brush lived a good 4 or so years and was frayed and picking up too much product and destroying the fluidline. Plus I liked the look of the 209, looked precise. And its a freaking match made in makeup heaven.

So out of a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give Blacktrack Fluidline a 10! I'm loving it! And I hope I continue to *knock on wood!*!


Its a gel liner!


How much I pick up with my brush. Not that much! But it puts out....


....that much!!

Have you tried any fluidlines? Thoughts?

♥ Chelsea

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  1. I've been really hoping to try it out! But i have always said "I'll get it next time, its not really important.." but now it will be the first thing i pick up at mac! thanks