Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Classic Cult Favorite

Why hello, hello, again!

I am way too on top of my blogging game! Probably since I don't have any dry labs for Chem. Dry labs are just another form of torture. Naming chemical equations 200 times, anyone?! Not difficult but tedious!

So I finally snagged up a cult classic. Something a few of my favorite YouTubers rock it and have had me lusting over it and unable to find it...until now!

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Cherries in the Snow".

Every CVS I went to, I looked. Every Target, looked. 2 weeks ago my Target had one but some ate it. Like seriously, munchies much? And then I saw it in CVS but had gone broke from my Target trip. So this week, it was a mission. And I completed it. Not only that but since Revlon was BOGO 50% I got its twin nail polish.

Why is it a cult classic? Its a stunning color. Its a red. Its a pink. Its bold but not too bold. Its the most pigmented lip switch I have EVER done. One swipe, ladies and gents. ONE.

And I love a darker, bolder lip in the colder weather. I thought it'd look gorgeous against pale skin and a simple eye. A thin liquid line and Shroom all over perhaps?

Its a classic because women have been buying and loving it since the 1950's. It was made to make the housewife feel a bit more flirty and dare I say, promiscuous? I'll let their ads and my photos do the rest of the talking for you.



For everyday, more toned down, I applied with my fingers because straight out of the tube....

Its the most pigmented color, I have ever dealt with!

Picnik collage
Left to right: No color, applied with fingers, applied straight out of the tube

Its a bit more red than this photo, damn flash! And without flash its a blurry mess, oh well, you can see how close they are!

So lovelies, have any of you ever bought this fabulous lip color? Heard about it?

And finally, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


♥ Chelsea

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Korres vs. Nivea

Hello lovelies!

Woo, look at this! Another post?! I love how nights where I am up all night doing homework, I can fall asleep right away but nights when I don't? Yeah, I'm up :)

A couple posts back I mentioned how I picked up a Korres Lip Butter in "Wildrose" mostly because I like a darker lip in the colder months and gotta stay hydrated.

But then a couple days later I saw at the pharmacy (yes, pharmacy not a CVS or other chain, my school's town lacks that!) a Nivea Kiss of Moisture lip conditioner in "Cherry" and I thought that it could dupe my recently purchased Korres.


Price and Availability: Korres: $10 and available at Sephora and some department stores, and their website. Nivea: $$ Varies but I bought mine for $2.50 which is about average and can be found almost everywhere, drugstores, Target, Walmart, supermarket....!

Packaging: Korres: A 0.21 oz pot while the Nivea is classic-twist container with 0.17 oz. This is Korres' BIGGEST problem with me, the fact I need to stick my finger in and then rub it on my lips...eek! Not convenient!

Color Payoff: Both are lip conditioners not lipsticks so of course not super pigmented but both are the same redish-purple-plumish hue. Korres is slightly more pigmented and a bit more plum while the Nivea is more pink. And the Korres has a very glossy finish, which is nice!

Flavor: I never ate a flower but Korres, this tastes like a rose. And Nivea? I'm a sucker for cherry!

Hydration: I felt that the Korres did not stay on as long as the Nivea! I felt after an hour, I had to reapply. While my lips from the Nivea felt like they were rubbed with butter, that slippery and nicely hydrated.

Winner? Nivea! Yeah, I WENT THERE AND BUILT A HOUSE THERE. I know all the beauty gurus swear by Korres but for 1/8 of the price you can get a near perfect dupe! And in my opinion it tastes better, hydrates better and is more convenient. Then again, I have yet to try other Korres flavor and I am kinda bias because the original Nivea "Kiss of Moisture" is like beyond amazing. But still for $10, you bet I'm gonna finish that baby up!


Top is Korres and bottom is Nivea

Left side is Nivea and right is Korres

So, thoughts? Tried either and/or both? And can you tell a difference?! :)

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You Guys Are Amazing

Before, anything else, I have to say something.

Thank you! Yes, YOU!! I hit the 50 followers mark! WOW! I love that so many people actually read what I write!! THANK YOU!! <3

It means so so much to me to know you are reading!! I can't stop telling you how much I appreciate it and you!! Thank you!! You make this blog fun!!! <3 <3

So where have I been? Oh school of course. This year has been my hardest yet. I'm doing a super heavy course load and its taking a toll on me but I'm trying to get through it. Even if I have to stay up til 5 am.

Most of it is chemistry which is the foundation of my major and also a major class that I need to do well in! And of course, the one class with 20 hours of homework each week. Funny how that works ;)

That and midterms has had me stressed and busy. But besides that, nothing new!

And when I could blog my computer did not want to, it finally crashed. So on Tuesday, I got a Sony Vaio and love it! It kicks my HP's ass all the way into last week!

This post is just gonna be an everything post. I'm gonna include some current favorites and other things!

But again, I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!! <3

The new homework-lab reporting-tweeting-facebooking-BLOGGING machine featuring my puppy hehe


The keyboard is a pink keyboard skin from Sony which helps keep dust, hair, crumbs, makeup out and looks cute! Haha!


Current Favorite Eyeshadows: Gleam and Vex! I use flat shader brush all over the lid and then use a fluffy brush to bring it up to the brow bone! Easy!


Forgot how much I loved CG's lashblast! IMO it beats most higher end mascaras! Also rediscovered my L'Oreal Felt Tip Liquid Liner Carbon Black for days when I have a quick wash of eyeshadow and a little thicker liner. And on days I want a thinner line? MAC Penultimate, but it can go both ways :)


Left to Right: Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in "Eric", Korres lip butter in Rose something?, Nivea Kiss of Flavor: Cherry (on the lips, they look identical!!), Bottom: Hue lipstick (great base for lip glosses to tone down a heavy pigmented lip), Viva Glam 6 Special Edition lipglass and lipstick (no longer available! Sad!)


And the ChemiCal app :) Must have for chem students! No really!!


Again, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys are amazing!! Any questions, or anything, let me know!!! I'm also a Tweetaholic and always on Twitter, @LegallyChelsea (no really, I don't stop tweeting)

Ps: Anyone doing anything for Halloween?!

♥ Chelsea

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ok, as you guys may know, I am forensics major. I love it. But every time I tell someone I hear "OMG JUST LIKE CSI?! SO COOL! OMGZ!" and I promise, if I had a dollar for everytime I heard that I'd be able to pay for my BS, MS and a DR.

So I decided to actually sit (well lay) and watch an episode of CSI and critique it for accuracy. Horrible lameness is just a bonus.

By no means am I a pro, I'm merely a student.

And here is my response (mind you, this is all live, as I am watching).
Oh and I tried to watch the Justin Bieber episode but it said it expired....just like his career.

  • Uhm no one notices a 15 foot shark? Wait, HOLLY MADISON, just did....
  • As an avid shark week watcher, that could not have killed her
  • OH YEAH LETS GO TO A CRIME SCENE WITH OUR HAIR DOWN. Nah, it won't naturally fall out and contaminate the scene
  • I did not see anyone take photos of the crime scene nor sketch it
  • Again, no one wears their hair up, and I don't see gloves, Missy.
  • Cop is not the same as CSI
  • FINALLY, someone wearing gloves and with hair up
  • How can anyone get work done in such a dimly lit lab? LIKE SERIOUSLY?!
  • No dead body looks that good and glowy THEN AGAIN THIS PLACE HAS FREAKING AMBIANCE LIGHTING
  • Ok, they really are not paying their electricity bill...interrogation room with crap lighting too....
  • Detectives usually do the interview
  • Yes, I was wondering why there was not so much blood
  • OHEMGEE "MAYBE THE REST OF HER JEWLERY IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL" Well idiots, if you did your job ANALYZING A CRIME SCENE, YOU WOULD HAVE SEARCHED THE SCENE AND LOOKED FOR ANY AND ALL EVIDENCE. And then make sure to store in water so it doesn't get corroded! GOSH!
  • Could this place be anymore dimly lit?!
  • Why are they JUST NOW processing the crime scene?! I mean by waiting this long, so much could happen. Evidence could be stolen, added, etc. AND COULD NOT BE ADMISSIBLE IN COURT.
  • What, no chain of custody?
Ok, I can only take 30 minutes of this crap.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigator, go to a crime scene and process. This includes a ton of steps. Taking photos, sketches of the area, lifting any prints, picking up any evidence, etc. Forensic scientists, the ones doing the actual lab work, RARELY go into the field. From what I know, they're of a higher ranking than CSI. They do the work in the lab, they stand trial (when need be) but they do not go investigating people in the field that is the detective's job.

All CSI do is process Crime Scenes. Again, this is just from everything I have learned. This show depicts them as cops. Cops are much different. Cops do not usually analyze the crime scene. Again, thats what CSI is for. Cops are the ones who do the investigations, arrests, etc. CSI do not carry weapons. They cannot arrest people.

Are we starting to see the difference?!
AND BTW, DNA tests take at least 10 weeks.

Do you watch CSI? If you do, do you promise me to accept that this stuff is super, super inaccurate?!

This was such a rant. But I'm tired of people comparing what I want to do to CSI.

♥ Chelsea