Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Classic Cult Favorite

Why hello, hello, again!

I am way too on top of my blogging game! Probably since I don't have any dry labs for Chem. Dry labs are just another form of torture. Naming chemical equations 200 times, anyone?! Not difficult but tedious!

So I finally snagged up a cult classic. Something a few of my favorite YouTubers rock it and have had me lusting over it and unable to find it...until now!

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Cherries in the Snow".

Every CVS I went to, I looked. Every Target, looked. 2 weeks ago my Target had one but some ate it. Like seriously, munchies much? And then I saw it in CVS but had gone broke from my Target trip. So this week, it was a mission. And I completed it. Not only that but since Revlon was BOGO 50% I got its twin nail polish.

Why is it a cult classic? Its a stunning color. Its a red. Its a pink. Its bold but not too bold. Its the most pigmented lip switch I have EVER done. One swipe, ladies and gents. ONE.

And I love a darker, bolder lip in the colder weather. I thought it'd look gorgeous against pale skin and a simple eye. A thin liquid line and Shroom all over perhaps?

Its a classic because women have been buying and loving it since the 1950's. It was made to make the housewife feel a bit more flirty and dare I say, promiscuous? I'll let their ads and my photos do the rest of the talking for you.



For everyday, more toned down, I applied with my fingers because straight out of the tube....

Its the most pigmented color, I have ever dealt with!

Picnik collage
Left to right: No color, applied with fingers, applied straight out of the tube

Its a bit more red than this photo, damn flash! And without flash its a blurry mess, oh well, you can see how close they are!

So lovelies, have any of you ever bought this fabulous lip color? Heard about it?

And finally, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


♥ Chelsea

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  1. What a gorgeous shade.:D

    Happy Halloween!:D

    ***** Marie *****