Sunday, October 24, 2010

You Guys Are Amazing

Before, anything else, I have to say something.

Thank you! Yes, YOU!! I hit the 50 followers mark! WOW! I love that so many people actually read what I write!! THANK YOU!! <3

It means so so much to me to know you are reading!! I can't stop telling you how much I appreciate it and you!! Thank you!! You make this blog fun!!! <3 <3

So where have I been? Oh school of course. This year has been my hardest yet. I'm doing a super heavy course load and its taking a toll on me but I'm trying to get through it. Even if I have to stay up til 5 am.

Most of it is chemistry which is the foundation of my major and also a major class that I need to do well in! And of course, the one class with 20 hours of homework each week. Funny how that works ;)

That and midterms has had me stressed and busy. But besides that, nothing new!

And when I could blog my computer did not want to, it finally crashed. So on Tuesday, I got a Sony Vaio and love it! It kicks my HP's ass all the way into last week!

This post is just gonna be an everything post. I'm gonna include some current favorites and other things!

But again, I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!! <3

The new homework-lab reporting-tweeting-facebooking-BLOGGING machine featuring my puppy hehe


The keyboard is a pink keyboard skin from Sony which helps keep dust, hair, crumbs, makeup out and looks cute! Haha!


Current Favorite Eyeshadows: Gleam and Vex! I use flat shader brush all over the lid and then use a fluffy brush to bring it up to the brow bone! Easy!


Forgot how much I loved CG's lashblast! IMO it beats most higher end mascaras! Also rediscovered my L'Oreal Felt Tip Liquid Liner Carbon Black for days when I have a quick wash of eyeshadow and a little thicker liner. And on days I want a thinner line? MAC Penultimate, but it can go both ways :)


Left to Right: Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in "Eric", Korres lip butter in Rose something?, Nivea Kiss of Flavor: Cherry (on the lips, they look identical!!), Bottom: Hue lipstick (great base for lip glosses to tone down a heavy pigmented lip), Viva Glam 6 Special Edition lipglass and lipstick (no longer available! Sad!)


And the ChemiCal app :) Must have for chem students! No really!!


Again, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys are amazing!! Any questions, or anything, let me know!!! I'm also a Tweetaholic and always on Twitter, @LegallyChelsea (no really, I don't stop tweeting)

Ps: Anyone doing anything for Halloween?!

♥ Chelsea

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