Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ok, as you guys may know, I am forensics major. I love it. But every time I tell someone I hear "OMG JUST LIKE CSI?! SO COOL! OMGZ!" and I promise, if I had a dollar for everytime I heard that I'd be able to pay for my BS, MS and a DR.

So I decided to actually sit (well lay) and watch an episode of CSI and critique it for accuracy. Horrible lameness is just a bonus.

By no means am I a pro, I'm merely a student.

And here is my response (mind you, this is all live, as I am watching).
Oh and I tried to watch the Justin Bieber episode but it said it expired....just like his career.

  • Uhm no one notices a 15 foot shark? Wait, HOLLY MADISON, just did....
  • As an avid shark week watcher, that could not have killed her
  • OH YEAH LETS GO TO A CRIME SCENE WITH OUR HAIR DOWN. Nah, it won't naturally fall out and contaminate the scene
  • I did not see anyone take photos of the crime scene nor sketch it
  • Again, no one wears their hair up, and I don't see gloves, Missy.
  • Cop is not the same as CSI
  • FINALLY, someone wearing gloves and with hair up
  • How can anyone get work done in such a dimly lit lab? LIKE SERIOUSLY?!
  • No dead body looks that good and glowy THEN AGAIN THIS PLACE HAS FREAKING AMBIANCE LIGHTING
  • Ok, they really are not paying their electricity bill...interrogation room with crap lighting too....
  • Detectives usually do the interview
  • Yes, I was wondering why there was not so much blood
  • OHEMGEE "MAYBE THE REST OF HER JEWLERY IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL" Well idiots, if you did your job ANALYZING A CRIME SCENE, YOU WOULD HAVE SEARCHED THE SCENE AND LOOKED FOR ANY AND ALL EVIDENCE. And then make sure to store in water so it doesn't get corroded! GOSH!
  • Could this place be anymore dimly lit?!
  • Why are they JUST NOW processing the crime scene?! I mean by waiting this long, so much could happen. Evidence could be stolen, added, etc. AND COULD NOT BE ADMISSIBLE IN COURT.
  • What, no chain of custody?
Ok, I can only take 30 minutes of this crap.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigator, go to a crime scene and process. This includes a ton of steps. Taking photos, sketches of the area, lifting any prints, picking up any evidence, etc. Forensic scientists, the ones doing the actual lab work, RARELY go into the field. From what I know, they're of a higher ranking than CSI. They do the work in the lab, they stand trial (when need be) but they do not go investigating people in the field that is the detective's job.

All CSI do is process Crime Scenes. Again, this is just from everything I have learned. This show depicts them as cops. Cops are much different. Cops do not usually analyze the crime scene. Again, thats what CSI is for. Cops are the ones who do the investigations, arrests, etc. CSI do not carry weapons. They cannot arrest people.

Are we starting to see the difference?!
AND BTW, DNA tests take at least 10 weeks.

Do you watch CSI? If you do, do you promise me to accept that this stuff is super, super inaccurate?!

This was such a rant. But I'm tired of people comparing what I want to do to CSI.

♥ Chelsea

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  1. Thanks for the mini lesson, i enjoyed it!:D

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