Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Palette

Why, Hello there Lovelies!!

I know its been quite sometime since we've last been here! But I've missed blogging so much!! So I've decided to come back to the beauty blogging world! Yay! I've realized that between studying to become a nurse and working full-time, that I need to get down to blogging and once again sharing my love of all things beauty!

With that said, can you believe holiday collections are already coming out?! I know, right?! Its October! But you know what? I love it! I love holiday collections because that's when I voyage out and try new products and brands because they're usually packaged into a phenomenal value! One brand that I've just recently dove into is Too Faced! I recently picked up and fell in love with their Le Creme lipsticks and the gorgeous Candlelight Glow highlighter. So I thought I'd check out their eye shadows and this new holiday palette is having me craving bon bons and more Too Faced!

The Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons palette features 12 eye shadows, a mini Shadow Insurance in "Candlelight" and a full sized Lashgasm mascara for the sweet price of $42.

What drew me to this palette is all the warmer, more golden tones of the palette, yet some wearable purples that could make a sick smokey eye! In the first row we have Vanilla, Cut the Cake, Framboise and Coffee Bean. Vanilla is your classic matte off-white, Cut the Cake is a pretty pale lilac with a subtle silver sparkle, Framboise appears to be a deep shimmery periwinkle and Coffee Bean is a deep matte brown. The second row has Peach Fuzz, Hot Cocoa, Candy Rose and Lovey Dovey. Peach Fuzz  is a sheer peach with golden shimmer, Hot Cocoa is a pretty medium brown with gold sheen, Candy Rose is a pale pink with silver shimmer and Lovey Dovey is a gorgeous deep mocha brown with bronze sheen. The last row has to be my favorite of the palette with Nude Beach, Cinnamon Sugar, Marzipan and Licorice Latte. Nude Beach is a beautiful sandy champagne with gold glitter, Cinnamon Sugar is a very pretty bronzed gold, Marzipan is a light matte brown and Licorice Latte is an amazing black with gold shimmer! 

I found the formula to be rich and velvety for the majority of the shadows. I noticed when blending Framboise out that it can look a little muddy if blended too much. Cut the Cake, Candy Rose and Peach Fuzz seemed to be the least pigmented, however I think that was the intent; especially with the sheerness of Peach Fuzz which is very appropriately named. I did experience a bit of glitter fallout with Nude Beach but that is expected with glitter shadows!

I have always been an UDPP girl when it comes to eye bases, so this was my first experience with Too Faced's famous Shadow Insurance. I will say I love the color of "Candlelight" its a gorgeous golden sheen! Its such a pretty glow and luminosity to the lids! I didn't experience any creasing but noticed a little fading. I don't think I'd use this doing a full eye look, just because it might ruin the effect of the matte colors but its great for giving a glow to lighter shadows! As far as the Lashgasm mascara, I'm on the fence. With one coat, I get beautifully separated and lengthened lashes but with a second coat, I get spider lashes! No me gusta gloopy-clumpy-lashes! However, if you were to layer a different mascara over it, you could get a kick ass affect! 

Overall, I really like this palette! I think the colors are perfect for the winter, you can do a warm golden eye or a look inspired by the sugarplum fairies! Or, if you're feeling lazy, get a simple glowy look with "Candlelight" primer and Peach Fuzz (totally did that today!).

The Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons palette is limited edition for the holiday season and is currently available at your favorite Too Faced retailers for $42. 

I will say that I'm afraid this packaging will get dirty due to its pale color and velvety goodness!



1st Row Shadows!

2nd Row Shadows!

3rd Row Shadows!

Framboise in the crease, Cut the Cake on the lid, Vanilla under the brow bone and Coffee Bean as the liner! Also, one coat of Lashgasm mascara.

"Candlelight" Shadow Insurance with Peach Fuzz over it and 2 coats of Lashgasm mascara. Hello spider lashes!

"Candlelight" Shadow Insurance, all by itself!

Anyone a Too Faced fan or planning on picking up this palette?! Let me know! Also, any Real Housewives of New Jersey fans who are craving gold glitter eyeshadow after part one of the reunion?! I know I am! 

♥ Chelsea

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 2012 Birchbox! Gossip Girl!

Hello Lovelies!

For the past year, I've been thinking these monthly subscription services were a waste of money. This is because I can get samples from ordering online, or asking in store for free sooo I didn't see the allure of paying for samples that I could otherwise get for free!

But I caved in and decided to subscribe to Birchbox. I've seen videos on the boxes and I was the most impressed with their brands and selection! And that they had great full sized products in their boxes! Not to mention, they had the best reputation as far as customer service!

For those who don't know what Birchbox is, its a monthly beauty sample subscription! You get 4-5 deluxe samples and a full size product every month for $10! Its a great way to try out new brands and products!

Without further ado, I got my first Birchbox! The May box was Gossip Girl themed. Even though I don't watch the show, I can appreciate the hair, makeup and style of it all! I'm a New Yorker so I've got a soft side for my hometown!

There were a couple different themed boxes (I don't know if this is normal for Birchbox) and I got the "Downtown Book Party" theme! Which was the one I wanted (yup, I cheated and Googled the other boxes before mine came)!

It came with a nice sleeve that featured the beautiful City skyline!


And a cute little card about the theme of the box and about Gossip Girl.


On the other side of the card is a list of products, descriptions and prices of the full size products!


The rest of the inside, all wrapped. NOTE: This box did come with a cute little XOXO note card! Sorry, forgot to photograph!


First up is a BB Cream from Dr. Jart+ and a FULL SIZE Stila Sparkle liquid liner! I am a bit scared of BB creams since I have such sensitive skin but I'll give this a go! As far the Stila liner, I couldn't wash it off! Seriously is waterproof! The color is "Curacao" and its a pretty sparkly royal blue color with a little bit of a purple feel!


Then there were all the hair samples! From Kerastase's Cristalliste line there was a shampoo, conditioner and shine serum. OHEMGEE! Do you see the full-size prices of these?! I want to know what magic these can work on my hair! Though, I don't think I would ever buy the full-size! They are REALLY fragrant, not a big fan of that!


Last but not least was a little mini bottle of nail polish from Color Club in the color "Disco Nap". Ok. I had to Google what the eff a disco nap was. Word from the Goog is that its a nap one takes before hitting the clubs. A pregame nap, if you will. Haha! But its a pretty gold polish! Maybe I can get somewhat of a tan to rock this color!


Here is a breakdown of the prices of the full sizes and sample sizes!

Dr. Jart+ BB Waterfuse BB Cream: Full Size is $32 for 1.7 fl. oz
Sample Size is .06 = about $1.13

Color Club Nail Polish: Full size is $8 for about 0.5 fl. oz
Sample size is .25 = about $4
(Though I will say this polish is full size is actually $3, haha but for this we'll say its $8)

Stila Sparkle Liner: Full Size is $22 for .05 fl. oz
This is Full Size! Yay!

Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal (Shampoo): Full Size is $36 for about 8.45 fl. oz
Sample size is .34 = about $1.44

Kerastase Cristalliste Lait Cristal (Conditioner): Full size is $39 for about 6.76 fl. oz
Sample size is .34 = about $1.96

Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide (Shine Serum): Full size is $42 for about 1.69 fl. oz
Sample size is .10 = about $2.48

Total value is $33.01 for my $10 box!

Overall, I'm impressed! I am excited to see what else is going to come!

Anyone else subscribed to Birchbox? Or any other subscriptions? Let me know!

Interested in joining Birchbox? Sign up here!

♥ Chelsea

Sephora & Ulta Haul!

Hello Lovelies!

In the past 10 days I've gone to a Sephora grand opening and an Ulta grand opening! Whaaat?! Sephora opened up at my local mall, and like I mentioned before, I took the day off and it was fun! Then, this past weekend I went up to NY/NJ to visit my family and an Ulta was opening! And I've never been to an Ulta! It was quite exciting, for their opening they gave goodie bags and gift cards valued from $5 - $100 and I scored a $20 one! Yay!

As always, let me know in the comments if there is anything you want to see a review of!

First haul, Sephora! I went a little NARS crazy! Ha!


One product I have been really wanting to see in person was NARS' "Albatross" a gorgeous highlighter that looks like plain white powder online. But this is going to be one of my favorites! Gorgeous, gorgeous highlighter with an amazing gold sheen that gives you that candle-light glow!


I was on the hunt for a new summery blush and NARS' "Cactus Flower" was totally it! Its a smooth cream formula and beautiful deep rosey-coral color with gold sheen! Hopefully it will work with my oily skin.


I'm running low on my UDPP, and I have heard that NARS' primer is supposed to be like BAM! So we shall see!


Last NARS product is their velvet-matte lip pencil in "Roman Holiday", its a gorgeous vibrant pink! I haven't tried it so I hope matte doesn't equate to being dry!


Forgot to take an individual photo of this Buxom Cream Gloss (new formula!) in "White Russian". I love Buxom glosses so I'm eager to try this new formula in a pretty peach shade! Also photographed are Soap & Glory's "Hand Food", which is an amazeballz, non-greasy, hand lotion that smells great! And Jack Black lip balm in "Natural Mint", I actually got 2. One to keep by my bed and one for the purse; they're SOOO moisturizing and nice!


And now for the swatches! Left to Right: "Albatross", "Cactus Flower", "White Russian", NARS Primer and the little pink cloud is "Roman Holiday".


And now onto Ulta! It was super quiet at Ulta! Fun fact: the Ulta I went to couldn't sell anything mechanical on Sundays (the day I went) because of Jersey Blue Laws! So no one could buy blow dryers, straighteners, etc. Now you know!


I've been looking for a new powder, since I hit pan on all of mine! So I did a little research on Ulta's site and this powder got the best reviews. Its the Pur Minerals 4-1. Its not only a powder but foundation, concealer and SPF. Looks promising! I got the color "Porcelain".


Had to try some NYX products! Exciting! I picked up their HD Photogenic concealer in "Fair" and their Eyebrow Shaper which is a wax brow pencil. Hoping the concealer will help with my dark circles! And the wax pencil is nice and light!


Picked up a newly formulated Urban Decay shadow in "X" which is a beautiful peach with golden sheen! Note a theme and obsession with golden sheen? It just makes my skin look not so pasty but healthy! Anywhozie, excited to try this new formula!


Last thing from Ulta is an OPI polish in "Red Lights Ahead....Where?!" I have been looking for this polish since it came out! But there is no OPI retailer in my area! Totally love the names of the Holland Collection since I've been to the Netherlands and I'm a 25% Dutch! Gorgeous deep coral color!


And now the swatches! NYX concealer on left, then Pur powder and finally UD "X"!


This was my little goodie bag! I will say the Ulta gloss smells like cheap wine, haha.


Phew! Thanks for sticking around for this long post! Sorry some of these photos are out of focus! Didn't realize til I was editing! Hope you are having a great week! Ever been to a grand opening?!

♥ Chelsea

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sephora Shopping List!

Hello Lovelies!

FINALLY. MY MALL IS GETTING A SEPHORA! I think it is mainly because the UPS man is tired of dropping Sephora packages at my house and went to our mall and yelled "GIVE THIS GIRL A SEPHORA".

As soon as I found out, a couple months ago, I screamed and then the next day I had to work I put in for a personal day for when Sephora opens. Of course, my co-workers probably think I'm crazy but I also got two of my friends to take the day off too!

So I have put together a nice little wish shopping list! It was much longer, however, I bought a lot during their recent VIB sale.

1. Benefit Magic Ink: This stuff is serious! I used it a few months ago and I have been wanting to repurchase! My UD 24/7 Liquid Liner is nearing its last line!


2. A New Light Powder: I want to check out this one from Bare Minerals, but I've hit pan on all my powders...time for a new one!


3. LORAC Matte Baked Blushes: Oh, how I've heard such amazing things about these blushes! I want to see them all!!


4. Dior's New Coral Lip Glow: The exact name of this product has escaped my head for the moment, but considering how freaking much I love the original pink Lip Glow, this seems like it'll be hot for summer!


5. Anastasia Brow Pencil in "Strawburn": ARE WE SERIOUS? FINALLY A BROW PENCIL FOR THE STRAWBERRY-BLONDES?! Yes, pleaaaaaaaaaaase!


So that's it! I'm really hoping our store will do something fun! I hear that at some openings they give away products and gift cards! Ohh that'd be amazeballz. Have you ever been to a Sephora opening?

♥ Chelsea

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Island Michael Kors: Very Bali

Hello Lovelies!

When you think island, what comes to mind? A gorgeous sunset, swaying palm trees, clear blue water? I'd like to think of my favorite island, Manhattan. Which only has two of the aforementioned island stereotypes, a beautiful sunset. However, I don't think there is that large of a market to create perfumes that smell like the City.

But Michael Kors knows there is an ever growing market for light, sexy Summer scents that make you think you're on an exotic island. And I LOVE it!

Michael Kors has released a new scent for the season, Island Michael Kors Very Bali. Very Bali is a light fragrance that is sexy and beachy. Since I am horrible at scent descriptions, I'll share what MK says about the fragrance:

"Introducing Island Michael Kors Very Bali .A new destination in fragrance. Escape to the ultimate glamorous destination and lose yourself in rose petals, jasmine and hints of earthy pample wood. Radiant. Soft. Sexy."

Yes, yes and yes! While I don't know what pample wood is, or what it smells like, I will agree it does have a subtle warm woodsy note.

And I've noticed I'm not the only one who enjoys this scent! I've had quite a few people ask me what I was wearing! Which is always nice to know that you smell good.

Right now this perfume comes in one size, which 1.7 oz and retails for $65. It also appears to be the only item in the line, hopefully it will come in more sizes and variations (rollerball, shower gel and lotion would be a nice set!).

I would definitely recommend getting a little spritz of this scent, next time you're at the perfume counter!



What's your favorite summer scent?

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral

Hello Lovelies!

Like the new digs? Well same digs, just redone a little ;)

During the Sephora Chic Week sale, I picked up a few goodies including this lip balm from Fresh! I'm a HUGE fan of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments! I'm on my second original tube and have the color Passion!

So when I saw that Fresh released a lip balm in coral, which is very on trend for the season, I had to order!

The Fresh Lip Treatments are ultra moisturizing, lemon scented, SPF 15 lip conditioners. I use the original one, or the clear, every night before bed and my lips feel amazing and very moisturized. My lips feel very plump and full while wearing these. Which might be because of fatty acids in the balm, it doesn't tingle but just makes lips feel smooth and plump.

I'd say the coral color is very, very easy to wear. It's not bright, but is a soft orangey-peach-coral. I really love pairing this with a bronzey eye, it compliments the look without being POW CORAL!

Overall, I love this! But $22.50 price tag? Its pricey! However I'm constantly reaching for one of these balms, they protect from the sun, add a kiss of color and leave lips soft and plump! Love!

Available at Sephora stores,, and wherever else you can find Fresh products.





♥ Chelsea

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hello Lovelies!

I know, I could start this post with some excuses but fear not! I'm too tired to do that ;)

I do however want to share some super duper time sensative information with you beauty lovers!

Sephora is having a sale now! 15% off of everything! Hoooray!!!

For VIBs the code is: CHICWEEK

And for Beauty Insiders the code is: CHICBI

These codes are good until Friday April 6th!

I placed a sizable haul, so I'll try to post it once it arrives! But here are my recommendations to take advantage of the deal!

1. Tinted Moisturizer! With the warm weather coming, its time to make the switch from heavy foundation to something lighter and with SPF!! And tinted moisturizers are a bit pricey, so bonus if you can get it on sale!

2. Urban Decay Shadows! Have you heard? UD is revamping their formula to make it extra buttery and awesome; but the downside? They're getting rid of a few colors! I'd pick some up that have always caught your eye before they're gone!

3. Waterproof Makeup! Again, with the weather getting warmer, I'd recommend picking up some of your favorites in a waterproof formula! I'm still looking for a perfect waterproof mascara
but Urban Decay's 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner is AMAZEBALLZ.

4. Sephora + Pantone Collection! This collection just makes sense! The leading beauty store and the leading authority for color? Hello awesomeee! I love the Tangerine Tango lipstick and plan on checking out the rest of the collection in store. But the colors are perfect for Spring and Summer and are really on trend!

Will you be picking up anything? Happy shopping ;)

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow

Hello Lovelies!

Ok first, anyone else watching Kourtney & Kim Take New York? I've gotta admit, I've never been a big Kardashian fan but I wanted to see how all their current events unfolded on mindless shows are the best. With that said, I'm watching that in the background!

So today's review is on a Sephora brand product, its their new limited edition Prisma Chrome eyeshadows.

Here is Sephora's rundown on the product:
"The new wave in eye shadow, Prisma Chrome brings together the best features of baked, powder, and cream shadows. Its revolutionary effect captures light perfectly, delivering a prismatic effect with an unbelievably smooth and true color finish."

So what is it?! I honestly had to order to figure it out. Was it a cream? Powder? Tell me more!

Its a super pigmented eye shadow that can be worked with and applied both wet and dry. I've gotta admit, I've found some Sephora brand shadows to be a bit chalky but these are a far cry from those!

The shadow applied super velvety, with no fall out and didn't crease (I did use a primer!). I only have one color which is Moon Beam 05. Its a beautiful pink/beige with an amazing opalescent sheen!

On to the photos!

Simple, black packaging with the Sephora name.

The shadow itself looks almost like a sand-dune with the waves and a raised texture. Yes, it came with that dip! All part of the presentation!

Side profile, I just thought the product was so cool to photograph :)

Left is the shadow swatched dry and the right swatch is wet! It comes off a bit more pink off camera.

These shadows run $15 and are sold at Sephora and They're limited edition, so I'd suggest snatching some up before they go away!

Let me know if you have tried these! Any luck with any Sephora products? Maybe some hidden gems?! Do tell!

Back to the Kardashians! I wonder what lashes they use...

♥ Chelsea