Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Glitzy-Glam Haul/Review

I know that most of the readers of my blog are Youtube gurus and are familiar with Elle (allthatglitters21) & Blair (juicystar07) and probably know that with their mom that they have an online boutique that specializes in all things girlie, cute and personalized!

After watching some of their videos showcasing their products, I finally decided to splurge!

You will not be disappointed! All the products I have gotten are extremely high quality at affordable and reasonable prices. The customer service is also amazing! I had questions about one of the items I wanted to order (I was curious of what the dimensions were for their spa wrap) and they were able to quickly respond and answer my questions! Another great thing about their site is their turnaround time! I found that usually the day after I placed my order (my haul consists of three separate orders) that my products were shipped! Amazing! They were also shipped via USPS Priority Mail which means FAST!

So without further ado, here are the products I got and loved!

Build Your Own Spa Wrap!
I got mine in hot pink with a zebra ribbon on a black backing and my name in a black cursive font. How perfect for the dorm! The towel is made of a high quality heavy terry-cloth and is one size fits all. I was worried because I am a hair under 6 foot and worried that this would be too short and not big enough for my frame. But with a velcro closing and stretchy band it fits me perfectly and is long enough! $40


Waffle Weave Headband!
I matched this too my spa wrap, hot pink with a black monogram. This also has a velcro closing ans is great for holding your hair back while doing your makeup, washing your face, brushing your teeth, etc.! $10


Hot Pink Polka Dot w/ Black Monogram Keychain!
Their famous keychain! Its made of a high quality belt material and fits around your wrist! Mine is a pre-designed keychain but you can also build your own for a few more bucks. $10


Build Your Own Makeup Brush Holder!
For mine, I made mine pink as the accent color and hot pink as the main color and it is so cute and practical! It really has sped up my makeup routine. The actual container is glass with vinyl stickers as the decoration and comes with clear small beads to keep your brushes in place. I don't limit mine to just brushes, I also have eyeliner and lipglosses that I frequently use in mine! They also have a pre-designed holder with a lime green as the accent and hot pink as the main color! The build your own is $20 and the pre-designed holder is $15.


Pad and Double-Tampon Holder in Black Damask.
These cute inventions each house two pads and two tampons, respectively. The material for both are made out of a nice high quality canvas material. The tampon holder is $10 for a double, $8 for a single and $12 for the pad holder and come fully loaded!


My overall opinion, check them out! Very high quality, cute and well priced!

♥ Chelsea

(Sam, don't tell mom how much I spent! Haha she actually got me two things)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its like rubbing coffee all over your eyes minus the burning but plus the "AWAKE!"

Do you ever go on a bathroom break, mid-day, and realize your makeup no longer looks fresh? Your once flawless look is now "eeeh"?

Here is how I freshen up my face in less than a couple of minutes!

1. Using a Q-Tip dab at any smudges! Dab, dab, dab, dab, daaaab!

2. Re-apply concealer (if needed!) To avoid having too much product on, I blend the concealer in with a damp finger.

3. Using the Covergirl Eye Enhancers Single Shadow in "Champagne" I do the following.
  • Use the large end of the provided sponge tip and apply color under the brow bone
  • Use the small end of said applicator and apply the color in the inner corner of your eye (ya know the little inlet by your nose) This will really open your eyes!
  • Use the edge of either side of the applicator and lightly apply the color under your lash line.
  • Finally, using your finger, gently swipe a little bit of product and blend it above your cheek-bone, a highlight color.
I love this shadow because its a great multitasker! It also looks good all over the lid! It really brightens up your eyes with is shimmery finish! If you are really tired, use a white eyeliner on your waterline!

♥ Chelsea

Monday, July 20, 2009

This is gonna be the weirdest review....EVER.

Deodorant. Don't deny it, we all use it. But I have found my new favorite. That has had fantastical results.

Degree's Fine Fragrance Collection.

NEVER have I applied a deodorant in the morning and at night still smell the fragrance and stay dry. I have always been a Secret gal but I wanted something new.

This stuff is amazing. I also learned a new trick to get the most of your deodorant. Apply it right before bed. The antiperspirant will block the pores, and thus causing no unsightly sweat.

I know its embarrassing to talk about but hey, its summer! And as my friend would always say "I need some deo for my b.o.".

They come in a bunch of fragrances with matching body sprays and can be found in drugstores and other places you would, uhm, buy deodrant!

Sorry this post was kinda silly and stupid but maybe someone will unadmitingly get something out of this!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog: Legally Strawberry Blonde (my actual blogspot url name is legallystrawberryblonde2 since some one had LSB first!)!!

I have been wanting to make a new blog for some time now. A blog that I won't neglect and a blog that has a username that I actually like! My old username "Bronx Bombette" was basically my way of saying a "female Yankees fan" but it seemed silly to have a username that would elude to a baseball blog but when in reality, it was just ramblings on my life and beauty.

If you know me, then you'll know I'm a natural strawberry blonde and have aspirations of becoming an attorney (attorneys base their states's bar exam, lawyers just get their Juris Doctrote) and practice in family law. I'm right now in college studying criminal justice.

ANYWAYS. I'll also have a bunch of beauty posts! Reviews, hauls, rants, tags! I'm hoping in the next day or two that I'll get started on that!

Please try to ignore my sloppy layout and html! I'm slowing cleaning things up as best as I can!

Thanks for stopping by!

♥ Chelsea