Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

I was writing up a whole legit post on the comparison of these two eyeliner brushes but then I realized that pictures would be much easier to show the comparison!

My post was getting too wordy too!

I've been using 209 for a long time but as of late I've been wanting a thinner line! So here we go a pictorial comparison of the 208 and 209.

209 above the 208. The 208 def. feels lighter!

208 is the angled brush and 209 is like thin-tapered pencil brush

I'd say the 208 is about one-third the size of the 209

The thicker line came from the 209 and thats about how thick it usually is thus why I got a 208! And I know the payoff isn't good, my blacktrack is pretty much out and kinda dry! AH!

Verdict? Need a good brush for your fluidlines or gel liners? Get the 208, its a great precise angled brush that will give you a nice thinner line. The 209 produces a much thicker line and is a bit harder to control.

Tip! (Because I'm a Blacktrack Junkie): Wipe your brush with the same makeup remover wipe you use for your face (YOU BETTER BE WASHING YOUR MAKEUP OFF EACH NIGHT!!). Excess product on the brush is going to really mess with the results and give you a thicker line and is so unsanitary! Trust me!

♥ Chelsea

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Favorites and Unfavorites!

Hello Lovelies!

First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love you guys for taking the time out to follow and be awesome and sooo sweet!!! <3


"David", "My Favourite Pink" and "Stars N' Rockets"

1. THAT AMP DRINK!! Its in cherry!! I just started drinking it a few days ago because I was so freakin tired and had to study!! The taste is nasty at first. But it has grown on me. It tastes like Cherry Cough Syrup + Mountain Dew (well AMP is made from the Dew!)

2. MY DORM FINALLY HAS WIRELESS INTERWEBZ!! I know!! They've only been promising it since I was a senior in HS and now I'm a sophomore!! But I'm loving it!! I'm blogging from my bed right now!!

3. UD's "David" Pocket Rocket, Review HERE!

4. Covergirl's LashBlastFusion! Forgot to include pic but review is HERE!!

5. MAC Dazzleglass Cream in "My Favourite Pink": this is from some winter collection but my MAC still had one! Looks AWESOME over Viva Glam Gaga!

6. MAC Eyeshadow in "Stars 'N Rockets": A gorgeous purple/pink/blue/fuchsia color. If you're brunette/brown eyed then you should try this! It'd look gorgeous :)

7. Sephora by OPI in "Mermaid to Order": A super gorgeous blue/green/oceany color! Great for summer!

And now time for APRIL UNFAVORITES

1. Finals. Need I say more?!

2. Not sleeping because of the aforementioned finals!

So tell me! What are your favorites and unfavorites for the month?!

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Top 5 MAC Musts!

Hello Lovelies!

So I spent all day studying and my friend had told me she was going to MAC next week and wanted to know somethings I liked!

Which has inspired this post! My Top 5 MAC Must Haves!

1. Blacktrack Fluidline: Basic black gel liner, doesn't smudge/budge/fade. Its AMAZING! I also find it waterproof! $15


2. "All That Glitters" Eyeshadow: Basic staple for any makeup lover's collection! Universal light brown with an almost peachy-golden shimmer. $14.50


3. "Angel" Lipstick: A great basic pink, can usually go with almost any look! Simple but necessary! $14


4. Studio Sculpt Concealer: I love it because its ultra-creamy, a little goes a long way, and can hide my blemishes like no one's business! $16.50


5. 217 Brush: I probably use this every day for applying color into the crease and then blending. You could also use this all over the lid! $22.50


Of course there are a thousand other things I'd suggest! Including a good matte crease color, a nice highlight color, a lipglass that looks good on its own, a paintpot....but these are good basics!


Angel, Blacktrack, All That Glitters

What are your Top 5?! Or must have?! :)
♥ Chelsea

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

I just finished my final paper for a class so I thought "QUICK UPDATE TIME!".

Still in Finals mode and not a fan of it.

So today, something MAGICAL happened in my little makeup drawer! I hit pan! I know all the YT Beauty gurus practically have a party when they hit pan on something. And today I hit pan on 2! Actually the first thing I hit pan on was my Blacktrack and that was a month or so ago.

I mean should I be excited about hitting pan (or jar)? It just means I'll have to repurchase it sooner and that isn't exactly fun! I hit it on All That Glitters and my StudioSculpt Concealer!

What have you hit pan on? Do you get the hype?


♥ Chelsea

Thursday, April 15, 2010

E & L & N OTD!

Hello lovelies!

Yes, I'm pumping out the post before finals! Woo! I love my makeup and nails today so I thought I'd share with you :)

EOTD (Eye of the Day)
- Applied MAC's All That Glitters all over the lid with a flat concealer brush (Ecotools)
- Applied MAC's Sable in the crease with the 217 and blended it out using a fluffy brush (Ecotools)
- Applied MAC's Vanilla as a highlight with a CVS Essence of Beauty dome, fluffy brush and with a small fluffyish crease brush (also CVS) in the inner corner of the eye (I wanted a matte highlight since crease and lid were shimmery!)
- With a light hand I put on some Blacktrack Fluidline (lightly so it wouldn't be too harsh and black!)
- One coat of Covergirl's LashblastFusion mascara
Review here for mascara (

I love it for everyday, going to class, its neutral but add definition and makes me look wide-eyed!



- My new favorite gloss! Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in David!
Review here (




♥ Chelsea

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The College Student's Prayer

Lord, help me.
Help me get through the next few weeks of finals, final projects and papers.
Help me ignore the gorgeous weather when I'm confined to the library.
Help my tired eyes not be so tired.
Help me make reading chapters upon chapters painless.

Let my highlighters and pens not dry up,
And my pencils not break.
Protect my printer from paper-jams and let the ink cartridges be full.
Because now is not the time to print papers in blue ink.

Protect my clothes from the outside elements because I only have time to Febreeze,
And they probably won't be washed until the semester is over.

May the grocery store have sales on the basics.
Soda, coffee, protein bars and spaghettios.

Save my acne prone face from breaking out from the stress.
And make my shampoo, conditioner and soap last.

Help me get the classes I'd like and find a suitable dorm.
And help me not regret changing my major and possibly doubling up.

And keep reminding me that I'm half way through of Undergrad.


Hahaha, like my little prayer? Seriously, if you're a college student, GOD BLESS! We need it now! Oh, the stress is getting to me!!

♥ Chelsea

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love At First Swipe

Hello lovelies!

Uhm, two blog posts in a row?! And 2 reviews?! What, whaaaat?!

Ok, we have all probably heard of the CoverGirl Lashblast, you know the mascara that looks like a traffic cone! Well after that sold off the shelves after its debut, CG decided to try their luck with Lashblast Luxe, which was similar to Lashblast but with shimmer, and then Lashblast Lengthening, which was supposed to blast your lashes with length.

And now they have yet another spin-off, CG Lashblast Fusion (actually on the tube its one word which is extremely fun to say "Lashblastfusion")

Sequals are never as good as the original. Thirds? Jaws 3, need I say more? Think of any movie that ventured into the 3rd installment. But a 4th? Halloween ventured in the 4th installment. Why do horror movies feel the need to keep messing with the original?

Anyway! That was my initial thought to Lash Blast Fusion. It would be like a crappy 4th installment to a once great movie.

Oh, was I wrong.

What it claims to do: "The fiberstretch formula and oversized brush make every little lash bigger, fuller, longer -looking and more dramatic", from the Covergirl website.

What it actually does: Makes every little lash bigger, fuller, longer-looking and more dramatic AND curl and volumize way more than the original LashBlast!!

Reaction: OMG. AMAZAZING! Thicker, longer, curled (without an eye lash curler!) and almost fan like and completely fun and flirty! The brush appears to be a bit thinner than the original LashBlast and longer to really help lengthen but still make my lashes look full! No more 2 coats of lengthening mascara then 2 of volumizing!

Conclusion: Try it! I swear, this may be my HG! I adored the regular LashBlast and bought tubes and tubes and tubes of it since it was launched but this?! This is amazing. Go try out this purple traffic cone looking mascara!

Purple torpedo!

The more narrow wand, it appears more tapered towards the top.

2 Coats! Amaaazzingg!

Yes I know I have blonde roots!

So will your try it out?! And why do horror movies constantly do remakes?!

♥ Chelsea

Monday, April 12, 2010

Is That A Rocket in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

I know most inappropriate title ever!

But its for one of my favorite things! Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Lipgloss!

In the Summer, Spring, I love lip gloss. A nice lip gloss that makes my lips look juicy!

The Packaging: The packaging is probably the BIGGEST selling point to the lipgloss! The cap of the lip gloss has a hologram of the man of your choice in their everyday attire but with the flick of the wrist, they're down to their undies! Oooh la-la!

The Formula: Ok this stuff tastes/smells like somewhere between Cheerios and burnt sugar, I don't really care, it doesn't bother me! Its just not my traditional vanilla aroma that MAC lip glasses have! The gloss contains Hyaluronic Spheres which improves circulation, keep lips moisturized, fills in lines and softly plumps! Just a very slight tingly feeling! Nonetheless, this stuff makes my lips PLUMP and JUICY looking! I LOVE it! They look healthy, moisturized and just love them!

The Guy: The guy I choose was "David" who is a mauvey pink and rather opaque for a lip gloss! Of course, Urban Decay encloses a story about David on the box and online: "David is a hard-working man: at work, in the gym, and most importantly, in bed. After a grueling 60-hour week, he still has the energy to come over and put his 110% into you. Undress him to inspect your benefits package". I know sick but funny!

The Price: UD Pocket Rocket Lipgloss can be found at Sephora,, or wherever Urban Decay is sold for $19. While $19 may seem steep its actually reasonable when you know that a MAC lipglass is $14 for 0.17 OZ and this is $19 for 0.27 OZ!

Conclusion! I'm totally going to get more eventually! (My birthday is in May!) I love the way my lips look and I think UD is genius for the idea! On my wishlist are Doug, Eric, James, Julio and Max! For their stories/colors and to order go HERE!

Picnik collage24242
Before and After

This is too entertaining and funny!

Oh hi there!

It plumped my hand! Nah, I'm just kidding!

Its got a small brush applicator!

So lovelies, thoughts? Do you have an UDPR? Or think its pervy? Do you like big butts and you cannot lie, you other brothaas can't deny...haha :)

And sorry for lack of posts, I've been sick for the past week! I have a nasty bout of bronchitis and an ear infection :(

♥ Chelsea

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lets get Organized!

Hello Lovelies!

I know, ANOTHER POST?! Well I'm sick and rather not unpack all my clothes and what not from break so I'll do a post about how I organize my makeup!

If you know me, you know I'm a touch OCD and VERY particular about where everything goes. My makeup is, of course, no exception! So I thought I'd show you my setup at the dorm! Its small but organized!

An overview of my perfumes, body sprays and brush and basics holders!

Brush holders are great for staying organized and for keeping your brushes safe! And can even be a margarita glass!

Brushes are all easily visible and safe! The legit brush holder is from Glitzy-Glam. I did a build your own! I figured by the time I bought all the supplies it'd be the same as a pre-made one! Link here to the brush holders:

This obviously isn't made for brushes! I actually just got it as a gift but its a plastic margarita glass! Which can be found at party stores! But anyways I like this to keep my basics in so I'm not searching everywhere! Basics like tweezers, lip conditioner, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow primer and sponge! Basically the stuff I use every day! And its cute!

I got this little storage container from Target for under $5, I think it was $3! But I LOVE it! Mirror is also from Target, it lights up! Gosh, I love Target!

I organize my eyeshadows from lightest to darkest! Except Stars N Rockets (the purple one!) is new and not sure how it would be placed within the neutrals! And since I have only 1 pigment and 1 paintpot they're in here too! I think I may need to get another storage thing since my collection is expanding! Or at least a bigger one! Or make this just eyes, then one lips, and one face...

Face drawer! I'm always losing my oil blotting sheets! Yes, that is ALL my face products! I know sad!

Lip drawer! Lipglasses are organized lightest-darkest, same as lipsticks and dazzleglasses!

I hope this helped you get organized and gave you some ideas! How do you organize your makeup?!

♥ Chelsea

Saturday, April 3, 2010

March 2010 Favorites

Why, hello there Lovelies!

So you're probably like "GIRL YOUR BLOG HAS BEEN SLACKING" well I've been on break! And enjoying my time off :) But back to school soon!

Ok, I don't have ANY new products for March. Because I gave up buying makeup for Lent! I didn't plan on it but then I realized I was doing it and decided to keep on at it! Mainly because I was short on the money and wanted to show will power! YEAH! And I did it!


Lipgloss. I've been a lipglass/dazzleglass/lipgloss junkie this month. A good moisturizing lip conditioner and a lipgloss and BAM! And yes that is my whole lipgloss collection...oh it needs to be worked on...


Ya know, eyeshadows that look like those. Shroom, Naked Lunch, Retrospeck and All That Glitters. Amazing. Any more in that fam that I should get?


MAC 217 because its like "HI CREASE, PREPARE TO HAVE COLOR ADDED AND BLENDED FLAWLESSLY AND EFFORTLESSLY. SHAZAM" and the crease brush from CVS' Essence Of Beauty for applying highlight in the inner corner of my eye. Amazings.


How have I gone years without buying these?! My skin has been a shiny biotch lately.


Garnier Fructis, I am so sorry I dumped them. I missed them. Makes my hair healthy and curly and awesome!

So what were your favorite products for the month?

And Happy Easter Lovelies!!

♥ Chelsea