Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow

Hello Lovelies!

Ok first, anyone else watching Kourtney & Kim Take New York? I've gotta admit, I've never been a big Kardashian fan but I wanted to see how all their current events unfolded on mindless shows are the best. With that said, I'm watching that in the background!

So today's review is on a Sephora brand product, its their new limited edition Prisma Chrome eyeshadows.

Here is Sephora's rundown on the product:
"The new wave in eye shadow, Prisma Chrome brings together the best features of baked, powder, and cream shadows. Its revolutionary effect captures light perfectly, delivering a prismatic effect with an unbelievably smooth and true color finish."

So what is it?! I honestly had to order to figure it out. Was it a cream? Powder? Tell me more!

Its a super pigmented eye shadow that can be worked with and applied both wet and dry. I've gotta admit, I've found some Sephora brand shadows to be a bit chalky but these are a far cry from those!

The shadow applied super velvety, with no fall out and didn't crease (I did use a primer!). I only have one color which is Moon Beam 05. Its a beautiful pink/beige with an amazing opalescent sheen!

On to the photos!

Simple, black packaging with the Sephora name.

The shadow itself looks almost like a sand-dune with the waves and a raised texture. Yes, it came with that dip! All part of the presentation!

Side profile, I just thought the product was so cool to photograph :)

Left is the shadow swatched dry and the right swatch is wet! It comes off a bit more pink off camera.

These shadows run $15 and are sold at Sephora and They're limited edition, so I'd suggest snatching some up before they go away!

Let me know if you have tried these! Any luck with any Sephora products? Maybe some hidden gems?! Do tell!

Back to the Kardashians! I wonder what lashes they use...

♥ Chelsea

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Makeup Organization/Collection!

Hello Lovelies!

I just finally decided to re-organize my makeup collection and thought I'd show you how its organized and what I used! I've got to say, I'm really happy with the turn out! I would love to have an actual vanity but for now I'm good with my desk!

Here is an overview of the whole makeup land!

I keep all of my brushes in the little Sigma brush holders. All of my mascaras, eye liners, and other misc. eye stuff are in a little bathroom cup thing from Target. I find storing them vertically is much better for liner and easier to find!

I also like to keep glosses stored vertically, and keep them in a pencil holder. I actually just cleaned out all of my glosses that were a year or older.

Most of my makeup is kept in this box from Muji, I'll link it below! I love the simple look and that you can see everything in it. My only beef is that you can't fit some products in it like MAC Paint Pots, Gel Liners and many foundations. I keep those in a little 3 Drawer system from Target (its the pink box in the first pic!).

The drawers can come completely out!

All of my eye shadows that can't be depotted, pencils, primers and mini shadow palettes are in the first drawer.

Second drawer is some highlighters, foundations and concealers. And little primers!

In the third drawer is a couple more highlighters (highlighters are huge!) and some blushes (Benefit's blushes take up half the drawer!).

Yet again, more cheek products in the 4th drawer! They take up too much space!

In the bottom drawer is lipsticks and lip butters.

Lastly I keep most of my shadows in a Z-Palette and then I also have the 2 Naked palettes! I have those and then the UD 15th Anniversary one which is on top of my clear box!

Phew! Sorry for all the photos! But there it is! I hope it gives you some good ideas in case you want to get organized!

Muji 5 Drawer can be found here: I think the next one I'll get is the large one to fit my bigger beauty products!

See anything you want a review on? Let me know!

♥ Chelsea

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