Thursday, May 27, 2010

Work It, Guuuurl!

Hello Lovelies!

Phew, I am tired!

I've officially worked a week at my new summer job. And my feet HURT. My last job was as an intern for a newspaper, so needless to say I got to sit in a nice comfy rolling chair all day. Now? Standing behind the register for hours upon hours!

But everyone tells me it will be another week or so until I get feet of steel. Though on the plus side, the hurting after work has decreased. Instead of putting my feet up and doing nothing for hours and hours and hours its only hours and hours.

And someone explain to me why my 15 minute break seems to go by so fast but 15 minutes on the register feels like an eternity!

I don't wear a watch so I always check the time stamp on the receipt before I hand it to the costumer and always mentally scream "THAT ORDER ONLY TOOK 2 MINUTES?!".

Another thing, the first hour of work goes by so fast yet the hour before break and the hours following break are the longest ever.

I am convinced that the clocks just stall after break. The clocks take a break too. Its mind boggling to see costumer after costumer and once the rush is over, only a couple of minutes have passed.

After witnessing a complicated order, one costumer looked right at me and said "I do not envy your job".

But I'm not going to complain. College is quite expensive and I am happy to have a job this summer!

Even with that said, I am still convinced there is a "Work Zone" similar to the "Twiligh tZone" where hours and minutes lose value. What would Rod Serling say?

And no, this is not my first job. I worked in retail when I was 16 for a couple months, so its been a little while!

On a completely different note, I need your help! My skin has been breaking out HORRIBLY! Like we are talking when I was an early-teen, little villages of zits on the forehead and a volcano on my chin. I know cute picture but best description. Ever since I turned 20 my skin has been a hot oily mess. Its getting a bit ugly. Any suggestions for products? And no new products either...

♥ Chelsea

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

So I finally took the plunge and decided to depot all of my 11 shadows, they were taking up too much room! So I Youtube'd some vids on depotting and decided to depot them via the hair straighter method! It was pretty easy, maybe forty minutes to depot all 11.


Maybe if I had room I'd do some kind of eyeshadow display but I don't have too much room in my dorm! But I really like the look the palette! Its very sleek and nice and all my shadows are there! And it takes up less space.


So now onto the good stuff! An overview of my shadows! This isn't too brag, blah blah blah, its just helpful to others! And if you've ever seen MAC's swatches on their site than you know how horrible there are! So I thought I'd show you swatches of them too! No base! I'm a NW15 for reference!

I like to keep my shadows in order from lightest to darkest!

  • Phloof!: A shimmery, frosty white color, its not a starch white but nor is it really beige! Great highlight and inner corner color!
  • Vanilla: A matte off-white/beige, I use it as a highlight since all over the lid almost looks clown like on me! But its a great matte highlight color for when you have a lot of shimmer going on the lid.
  • Shroom: Another very light shimmery beige also great for highlighting and using in the inner corner. I do wear this all over the lid to over Bare Study paintpot for a super awake look.
Picnik collage
  • Retrospeck: Mine is a bit defunct as you can see but its such a nice color! Its a beached blonde! Great for all over, even more so in the summer!
  • Naked Lunch: A super pretty champagne color, can totally put this from the lashline to the eyebrow!
  • Vex: Super pretty light, pale beigey-green with pink undertones! Its very unique, it almost reminds me of Shroom but green and pink! Very interesting color and pretty
Picnik collagefsfad
  • Grain: Its a super pretty, satin and a little shimmery peachy-brown! Its not matte but its not as shimmery as most of my shadows. Really, really pretty!
  • All That Glitters: My first MAC shadow! Its a universally gorgeous color its a peachy-bronzey-beigey-light/medium brown! It has some bronze shimmer and peach shimmer! Makes my eyes look so much bluer!
  • Modelette: Its a limited edition shade from the "Warm & Cozy" collection but Soft Brown is a great dupe (and more pigmented!) its a medium matte brown, I wear it all over or in the crease!
Picnik collage64642742
  • Haux: A matte medium brown with pinkish/plummy undertones! Great for the crease to add a little subtle definition.
  • Cork: Another matte brown! Its darker matte brown which is great for really adding a bit more dramatic definition when you're fair like me!
  • Sumptous Olive: A gorgeous shimmery medium green! Its really is an olive green almost like an olive that dropped in a shimmery hot mess! I always hear redheads need green shadow!
Picnik collagegdagagda
  • Woodwinked: Shimmery medium/dark brown with gorgeous bronze shimmer! It REALLY brings out the blue in my eye! Great bronze color for summer! I wear it all over or just in the crease.
  • Sable: A couple shades darker than Woodwinked but a bit deeper and instead of having bronze tones it has a super plumy undertone! Love this for the crease!
  • Stars 'N Rockets: Gorgeous purple with pink and blue duochrome! Its very unique and gorgeous and can be applied nightly for a more delicate splash of color but you can really intensify it! Over a black base its an awesome chromey-dark navy blue!


Just a shot of a shadow in pan form! They're an inch wide and maybe 1/4 of an inch high. They seem so small but because they're so pigmented, a little goes a long way!


The back of a shadow bought in pan form! Buying shadows in pan form is only $11 while its $14 in its little container! If you do depot, you can bring back your empty old packaging! I just brought back mine yesterday for Back 2 MAC and got my free lipstick!

I hope this was helpful! Any shadows that I need for my collection? Would you be interested in similar swatch posts? :)

♥ Chelsea

Friday, May 21, 2010

Birthday & Job!

Hello Lovelies!

So this has been a busyish week!

First, my 20th birthday was on Wednesday! Woo! Didn't really do anything special, just quiet day at home.

Then the next day I started training for work! My job isn't any thing too special, just cashier at a local grocery store. Have to pay for my college tuition!

Anyways! I just thought I'd keep ya updated!!

And now onto a little birthday haul :)


New purse! I love it! Its a Marc by Marc Jacobs.


Then picked up this wallet for a good deal at! They give you $15 off for your birthday and always free shipping!


Inside of the purse, its huge!


Love this color! Its Sephora by OPI in "Shopping Frenzy", the polishes are expensive and rarely get any unless its something special!


I love that body spray from VS! Its Pink's "Fruity & Bright" and I can't describe it but I love it and doused my purse in it! The other bottle is MAC brush cleaner, I've been getting lazy with my brush cleaning! ;)


Yup, I depotted my shadows! Was running low on space! I am going to do a post with swatches of each shadow! It'll be next one!


Three new lip products. From left to right: Viva Glam V, Creme De La Femme and Hush, Hush Rose (all from MAC)

I back to MAC'd for Creme De La Femme, its such a pretty pink with a little golden touch! VG V is a great summery-bronzey color and Hush, Hush Rose is a LE lipglass but its so pretty!

♥ Chelsea

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arts & Crafts Time!

Hello Lovelies!

So this weekend I decided to be crafty. I had an empty shadow-box-thing on my wall and a bag full of empty MAC boxes. I never really hoard anything but my MAC boxes...weird!

So I thought I'd do some kind of visually-interesting design in the little box! However, the eyeshadow boxes are super dull when they don't have a shadow in them; so I decided to print out swatches from the MAC site and put them in the empty boxes to add a little color!

I just took whatever was colorful and pretty! And found out the eyeshadow boxes have a little slit type thing that the pictures fit perfectly into!

Boring box and a swatch!

See the little slit which is perfect for sliding the pictures in?

Not gonna lie, it bothers me the swatches on the inside are not the color the box says it is. Example, this box is from "Retrospeck" and that is sooo not it!

Ta-Da! All finished! The big silver box was from the holiday collection!

I think this is fun and cute and easy to add a little makeup pizazz to your room, vanity room, whatever!

♥ Chelsea

Monday, May 17, 2010

CLuBiiNq Lo0k!!!!!!1!!!!one!!!!

0MG GiiRLz && GuYz Hiii!!!!1!!! l0l!!!!

ii Th0UqT t0Daii ii`d d0 a post on mii CLuBiiNq Lo0k!! Thiiz rAnD0m dUdE @ dA cLuB aSkEd Me Wh0 DiiD mAh mAke-uP!!!! l0lz!!!!1!!! && ii WaS lyKe ME!!! && tHeN hE sAiiD "oMG giiRl y0u l00k lYkE a DrUnK fAiiRy WaS hUnGoVeR && tHrEw ^Up^ oN Y0 fAcE"!!!! l0lZ!! He WaS soO0oO0 niiCe!!

So0Oo hErE iiz H0w ii diid mAh mAkE-up!!

1!! PuT bRoNzEr EvErYwHeRe!! l0lZ! cAn`t bE pAlE!!! :p

2!! PuT sPaRkLy && qLiiTeRyy eYeShAdOw oN yOuR eYeZ! 1 bLaCk && ThE oThEr NoT!! l0lZ!!!!!1!!!

3!! AdD ii-liiner && mAsCaRa On tHe tOp && BoTToM lAsH liinEs!!

4!! PuT cOnCeAlEr on yO liipZ tHeN gLoSs!!!!

5!! CoUnToUr yO cHeEkS!!!!one!!!!1!!!

0mG!! Y tHeRe SoO0o mAnY rEd LiiNeS on ThiiS?!!! L0LZ!!!!1!!



L0L!!!!!1!! ii Th0uqT ii LoSt MaH ii-bR0w!!!!1!!! lMa0!!!!!one!!!


DaTz iiT!!!1!!!


This is just a joke! I did a Jersey makeover before and this is just another ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

To Depot or Not to Depot?!

Hello Lovelies!

First, let me say HORRIBLE timing for starting off Project Kick Ass. Right after I wrote that and looked at the calender it was that time. Haha, I will resume it! Or, eh, start it!

Secondly, I need to unpack my camera! I did a quick little look the other day and realized I have yet to unpack my camera! Its somewhere hidden among my dorm stuff!

But today's post is going to be quick!

Do you depot your MAC eyeshadows? Or leave them in their original housing?

I never thought my little collection would grow enough that I'd have to contemplate this! I currently have 10 eyeshadows but plan on picking up a few more soon (birthday is on Wednesday!) and my current storage solution isn't working out!

A MAC palette holds 15 shadows. My little drawer system was working splendidly but now my eyeshadows are growing out of it and can only be stored vertically thus I can't see them!

So I made a little pro-con list:

Pro: Eyeshadows are cheaper when only in pan, saves space, a bit more organized
Con: You drop the palette and your probably screwed, a bit harder to travel with.

But then I was thinking if I do depot I'd probably have them all magnetized so I can easily put them into the smaller palettes which hold 4 shadows....

What do you do?! Any suggestions?! If you don't depot, how do you store the shadows?

♥ Chelsea

Monday, May 10, 2010

Project Kick Ass

Hello Lovelies!

The semester is over and I'm out of the dorm.

And I have realized something, something that has been bothering me.

I freaking gained weight this semester.

I stopped really eating meals at the school cafeteria because well they're unhealthy, unsanitary and unappetizing. Salads? Don't get me started, the salad bar is bacteria's playground. Sandwiches? Well one can only have so many turkey and cheese sandwiches before becoming sick. And even more sickening is students feel like the little deli food area is a buffet and reach in and grab stuff. And then the grill. I do not need to say more, its like fast food but worst.


So instead of eating prepared food I'd grab some awesome snacks in the form of unhealthy delicious goodness. With the occasional fruit cup and chugging down juice full of 2 fruit servings.

I could just FEEL that I've gained weight, usually its just go on the scale and then go "DAYUM, FOR REAL?". But I've just felt absolutely horrible about myself.

And its a dreadful feeling.

So now that I'm home for the summer and able to eat and live more healthily, I will.

But I'm not doing this for anyone else BUT ME. (If you follow me on Twitter, you know about a certain asshole's comments).

ME. Not you. But I will share it with you.

But instead of calling this a "diet" or "lifestyle change" or anything else that Oprah would say regarding the subject, I'm calling it PROJECT KICK ASS.

Why? Because I'd like to know I am in shape to mentally kick ass as well as possibly physically, not like I would. But you know.

Because with self acceptance comes confidence. I'd like more of that, please.

Don't worry I won't be one of those people who tweets every bead of sweat the pores of my body produce and every molecule of food I've consumed.

I'll just do little updates.

SO ARE YOU READY? If you feel like joining Project Kick Ass tell me! We can like totally share stories and braid each others' hair and like...just kidding! But I am serious!

This post needs something cute, my dog is freaking cute...


Max after one of our 2 mile walks last summer! I bet I'll be like that too with him! Puppy and I gotta get in shape!

♥ Chelsea

Friday, May 7, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

FINALS ARE OVER!! OVER!! Half way through my undergraduate studies!! WOO!!

Now it is just the waiting-for-my-grades-game. I hate this game. I hate having to wait weeks for grades!

I have two grades in thus far (2 out of my 6 classes, yes I did 18 credits!) far so good! I got A's in both my Forensics and CSI courses! Woohoo!! I mean I better have, its my major!

But what have I been doing? Packing! My room is so empty now!




Yup, I'm pretty much done! Just have my makeup still out and obviously still my bedding, TV (watching the Yanks/Sox now, GO YANKEES!) and PC!

Do you guys hate packing too?! Or prefer unpacking?! I almost prefer packing because when unpacking everything needs to go somewhere particular!! Still hate packing!!

♥ Chelsea

Monday, May 3, 2010


Gosh I haven't seen that movie in a while! I need it in my collection! (Tell me in the comments if you can name that movie!)

Hello Lovelies!

I am so bored. Why? Because all my major finals that required days of studying were last week. And this week? 2 more finals but they're the you-either-know-it-or-you-don't type of finals. Like sign language and English.

And yes I could pack since I get to move out of my dorm on Saturday. But its been 80*-90* here in lovely NY and its obviously way to hot to pack. And its humid. And did I mention I only have a lousy tower fan.

I love May. Why? End of the school year and my birthday on the 19th!

I thought I'd be fun to do a little wishlist :) I've seen other bloggers do them! Lemme stress the WISH!! ;)

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Hobo
I love. Marc Jacobs knows the NY girl very well. My mom did order this bag for me in March haha because it kept going out of stock. Needless to say when I was home on Spring Break I secretly opened it! Love!

2. Juicy Wallet, I've been wanting a new wallet forever and this one is cute. AND EVEN CUTER IS THE FACT THAT I CAN GET IT ON A GOOD SALE!

3. Dr. Henry Lee's Famous Cases
I'm a forensics major and geek, no more need to explain ;) If you get it from his site, for $10 more you get it autographed!!

4. Pink All Over Spray in Fruity & Bright
Been meaning to get this since the summer before freshmen year when I got the lotion and body wash!!

Any other May babies out there?! Whats the best way to combat the heat when you're without AC?!

♥ Chelsea