Saturday, May 15, 2010

To Depot or Not to Depot?!

Hello Lovelies!

First, let me say HORRIBLE timing for starting off Project Kick Ass. Right after I wrote that and looked at the calender it was that time. Haha, I will resume it! Or, eh, start it!

Secondly, I need to unpack my camera! I did a quick little look the other day and realized I have yet to unpack my camera! Its somewhere hidden among my dorm stuff!

But today's post is going to be quick!

Do you depot your MAC eyeshadows? Or leave them in their original housing?

I never thought my little collection would grow enough that I'd have to contemplate this! I currently have 10 eyeshadows but plan on picking up a few more soon (birthday is on Wednesday!) and my current storage solution isn't working out!

A MAC palette holds 15 shadows. My little drawer system was working splendidly but now my eyeshadows are growing out of it and can only be stored vertically thus I can't see them!

So I made a little pro-con list:

Pro: Eyeshadows are cheaper when only in pan, saves space, a bit more organized
Con: You drop the palette and your probably screwed, a bit harder to travel with.

But then I was thinking if I do depot I'd probably have them all magnetized so I can easily put them into the smaller palettes which hold 4 shadows....

What do you do?! Any suggestions?! If you don't depot, how do you store the shadows?

♥ Chelsea

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  1. I recently depotted my eyeshadows, and at first I thought that the process of depotting would be tedious and complicated, but it's not at all. It's very easy and it's so addicting! I've been researching for other eyeshadows that I can depot that will fit into the mac palettes! It also makes my eyeshadow drawer so much nicer to look at. Instead of a jumble of pots, I just have two sleek black cases.

    The only thing is that my clumsiness while depotting has resulted in a few small dents in some of my eyeshadows. It's nothing major, after a few uses the dents should go away.

    I also love seeing how my different eyeshadow shades look next to each other. Really pretty!

    Here is a picture of my palettes: