Friday, May 7, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

FINALS ARE OVER!! OVER!! Half way through my undergraduate studies!! WOO!!

Now it is just the waiting-for-my-grades-game. I hate this game. I hate having to wait weeks for grades!

I have two grades in thus far (2 out of my 6 classes, yes I did 18 credits!) far so good! I got A's in both my Forensics and CSI courses! Woohoo!! I mean I better have, its my major!

But what have I been doing? Packing! My room is so empty now!




Yup, I'm pretty much done! Just have my makeup still out and obviously still my bedding, TV (watching the Yanks/Sox now, GO YANKEES!) and PC!

Do you guys hate packing too?! Or prefer unpacking?! I almost prefer packing because when unpacking everything needs to go somewhere particular!! Still hate packing!!

♥ Chelsea

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