Thursday, May 27, 2010

Work It, Guuuurl!

Hello Lovelies!

Phew, I am tired!

I've officially worked a week at my new summer job. And my feet HURT. My last job was as an intern for a newspaper, so needless to say I got to sit in a nice comfy rolling chair all day. Now? Standing behind the register for hours upon hours!

But everyone tells me it will be another week or so until I get feet of steel. Though on the plus side, the hurting after work has decreased. Instead of putting my feet up and doing nothing for hours and hours and hours its only hours and hours.

And someone explain to me why my 15 minute break seems to go by so fast but 15 minutes on the register feels like an eternity!

I don't wear a watch so I always check the time stamp on the receipt before I hand it to the costumer and always mentally scream "THAT ORDER ONLY TOOK 2 MINUTES?!".

Another thing, the first hour of work goes by so fast yet the hour before break and the hours following break are the longest ever.

I am convinced that the clocks just stall after break. The clocks take a break too. Its mind boggling to see costumer after costumer and once the rush is over, only a couple of minutes have passed.

After witnessing a complicated order, one costumer looked right at me and said "I do not envy your job".

But I'm not going to complain. College is quite expensive and I am happy to have a job this summer!

Even with that said, I am still convinced there is a "Work Zone" similar to the "Twiligh tZone" where hours and minutes lose value. What would Rod Serling say?

And no, this is not my first job. I worked in retail when I was 16 for a couple months, so its been a little while!

On a completely different note, I need your help! My skin has been breaking out HORRIBLY! Like we are talking when I was an early-teen, little villages of zits on the forehead and a volcano on my chin. I know cute picture but best description. Ever since I turned 20 my skin has been a hot oily mess. Its getting a bit ugly. Any suggestions for products? And no new products either...

♥ Chelsea

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  1. I worked retail for a year and a half, and yes, standing up for hours is awful! I definitely got used to it, but nothing beats that feeling of your spine hitting the back of a chair after a long shift... ahhhh :). Yes, I have gotten yelled at, shouted at, had things thrown at me... that's retail! I have even had people say directly to me, "I am so glad that I do not work in retail!" Working in retail taught me some really important lessons, and I'm glad that I had the experience!

    What type of skin do you have? I have combo-dry skin and a combination of exfoliating (St. Ives Apricot Scrub), Mario Badescu's drying lotion (as a spot treatment), and the famous mint julep mask (all over the face sometimes, or just as a spot treatment) have been working really well for me. I am too just getting over a volcano on my chin... but those three products made it go away in a few days.