Friday, June 4, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

For once I have energy to blog! Woohoo! As you probably assumed, I've been working. Last week was 7 days straight and this week has been much less hours. But that's probably because I worked both Sunday and Monday meaning the pay of 3 days (Monday being Memorial Day).

So I decided to do a little shopping. I know, job moneyz is for school but I am allowing my May paychecks to be for fun! Because there is one thing I've been wanting to get...and had saved up enough through a combo of giftcards, birthday money and labor haha. That is an iPod Touch. WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO UPGRADE?! Haha!

So I only bought 3 things from Sephora and 2 from MAC!

FINALLY SPLURGED AND GOT ORGASM! Yes! The infamous NARS blush! It is a bit pricey but when I applied it I was like "OH HEY NATURAL LOOKING FLUSH!" gorgeous. Why did I wait years to get it?! And of course mentally I'm like "OH I'M $20 SOMETHING AWAY FROM FREE SHIPPING (mind you shipping is only like five bucks) so I obviously had to get something else.

So I picked up this Philosophy 3 in 1 in "Pineapple Coconut" and PERFECT summer bath scent! First you smell the fruitiness of the pineapple and then the calming, almost warmth, of the coconut. Wonderful! Great for shaving! My legs feel great now, haha! And still had to get one more thing for free shipping. So I picked up the OPI fast dry drop things because I'm patient when I come to waiting for polish to dry!


Then today stopped by MAC and only bought one thing and back to MAC for the other. The B2M was a lipstick in "Politely Pink" I need more neutrals! My lip products are a bit bolder so I need more work appropriate colors! And then I had to get one of the To The Beach lipglasses because the packaging is too cute! So I picked up "Easy Lounger" lipglass because the other pink looked milky and hate glosses like that! But in all honesty, I only got it for the packaging since the color payoff is eeh. Its a light coral/pink and lots of sparkle! I may go get "Flurry Of Fun" since it looked fun haha.

Politely Pink on L and Easy Lounger on R

Love seahorses!

AND FINALLY! I want to know from you what are your favorite Apps for the iPod Touch or iPhone?! Since I'm a newbie, I don't know where to begin!

So far my favorites are:
  • Oven Break: Gingerbread Men escaping the oven! Say what?!
  • Fist Pump Nation: YOU JUST FISTPUMP! YES! GETS ME SO HYPER! Counts your fistpumps!
  • TWSS and TFLN: Just too much fun to read haha
And of course Twitter (I'm @LegallyChelsea) and FB ;)

♥ Chelsea

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  1. ooo what lovely products! I like your blog background by the way. Very pretty :) XX