Saturday, June 12, 2010

MAC Wipes are All I Ever Waaaaanteeeed

I've been obsessed with Kelly Clarkson's "All I Ever Wanted" lately. Like its been constant repeat and thus the title!

Completely dumbfounded of what to blog about I decided I'd do a little rave review of a product I've been loving for months now.

MAC's Makeup Removing Wipes.

Last year when I first heard of the whole makeup scene I thought "OHEMGEE! WHO NEEDS DESIGNER MAKEUP WIPES?!" and thought they were a rip-off. $26 for makeup remover?!

I've always been faithful to the Neutragena makeup removing wipes or the Garnier ones but they only come 25 in a pack. And when you're in college and broke, well you always seem to run out when you're out of money.

So I did the math. My Neutragena wipes were $7 for 25 and MAC is $26 for 100. I did the math and fell in love.

I've gone through 2 packs, got my mom hooked and she finished another 100 and now we are sharing them. And my mom doesn't care for splurging. But she tried mine while I was home for Christmas break and also got addicted.

So why do I love them?

  • Removes ALL my makeup. Black liner, waterproof anything. No residue.
  • Feel ridiculously clean after wiping my face with them.
  • Smell amazing.
  • A little rougher than normal wipes but that just means be gentle on the eye area but is great for removing face makeup.
  • Even removes lip product! My MA says its almost like a scrub with the rough texture and has some sugar ingredients and my lips do feel good!
  • The packaging is genius if you've ever traveled with other wipes or have had your's dry.
These have a hefty price at first but so worth it! You'll be set for a couple months!

Anyone else love 'em? Also any ideas for a blogpost?! Tell me! I'm thinking overview of lip products? Pictures and swatches galore? Like I did a couple posts ago for eyeshadows!

♥ Chelsea

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  1. <3 MAC wipes too!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!