Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Lovelies!

I feel like every blogger is obligated to write a post like this. A "oh em gee, I'm sorry I've been gone!" post.

Well, my turn!

So where the frig have I been?! Working. Work, work, work, work. I've gone a WEEK without a day off and won't get a day off until Saturday. That and having horrible sleeping habits and waking up throughout the night has had me exhausted. When I get home the first thing I do is change outta my uniform and my feet up!

As far as makeup, I haven't been on a big buying spree. Money either goes to school or now a Best Buy bill since I got a new iPod and an AC (have one paid off) so haven't been buying much.

I do check my blog everyday and I'm twitter ALL THE TIME (@LegallyChelsea) so you can find me there!

I'm hoping to get in the swing of things soon, because I miss blogging!!

So look out Blogspot, I'm coming back!

And for you lovelies, I leave with a piece of advice from work: 12 or Less MEANS 12 OR LESS.

♥ Chelsea

I'm serious about the twitter thing, on there all the time!!

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  1. Chelsea!:D Looking forward to your future posts!:D

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