Friday, June 18, 2010

Can ii get mah hairz cutz?!

Hello Lovelies!

Work, work, work seems to be my life this summer! But school is expensive and its nice having some money so I can't complain!

But I had to blog about quite possibly, my worst hair cut EVER!

Luckily no irreversible damage has been done.

So I went in yesterday for a minor trim, thinning and bangs! I have had bangs for years, well side bangs and since I wear my hair up at work I thought it'd be nice and I'd look a bit more put together.

First, the hairdressed cut my bangs so the side started in the center. UHM SIDE?! Not center!

AND SHE BROKE A CURLY HAIR RULE. She took a massive paddle brush and ran it through my dry curly hair. OW. I honestly wanted to be like "SERIOUSLY, DO YOU KNOW THERE IS A HEAD ATTACHED TO THAT HAIR". So that was painful enough to make my freaking scalp tender haha and give me a headache.

Then she decided to only thin out the back of my head. UHM, NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL! She refused to thin the rest of my hair! So that was stupid!

In short, I'm soooo going back to my old hairdresser next week! Since I need my hair actually done!

So ever have a bad hair cut experience?!

♥ Chelsea

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