Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Favorites!

June Favorites time! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! And I thought for kicks I'd throw in a small Juicy Couture haul.

Favorites Time!!!


Neutragena's Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer: Has SPF 30 and leaves my skin with a healthy dewy glow.

NARS' Orgasm Blush: I took the plunge, and this stuff is amazing. The perfect flush. To a great glow I wear it above the aforementioned Neutragena! So nice, fresh, flushy, healthy looking for Summer!

MAC' Penultimate Liner: I know, I know, I'm a black track junkie but this thing is amazing. So much faster and a bit easier and stays put all day. Looooooveeee.

MAC' Lipglasses in "Pink Lemonade", "Nymphette", "Easy Lounger" and "Hush, Hush Rose": "Pink Lemonade" is such a pretty corally-pink color; "Nymphette" is a gorgeous medium pink laced with gold; "Easy Lounger" is your classic barely there pink gloss with sparkle and "Hush, Hush Rose is a great almost magentay pink with a bit of gold (this color is LE, came out with Spring Color Forecast but my MAC still has them!)

MAC' Listpicks in "Politely Pink", "Creme de la Femme" and "Viva Glam V": "Politely Pink" is just one of those simple, almost nothing pinks for when you are going for a super natural pink lip with a tint of frost to it; "Creme de la Femme" is just plain gorgeous, medium pink with gold undertones and "Viva Glam V" is a pretty neutral bronze color!

(L-R: Orgasm, Penultimate, Pink Lemonade, Hush Hush Rose, Easy Lounger, Nymphette, Politely Pink, Creme de la Femme and Viva Glam V)

iPod Touch and iHome! Best money spent. Love the iPod Touch, its amazing and I love the iHome I got it. Its gonna be perfect for the dorm. It changes colors and has great sound and an awesome app which is amazing. Its cute and little and fun!


Juicy Couture Haul!

Now, before anyone gets all up in my grill, I've been working my ass off. So there. I've been wanting these earrings for a while, and don't own a pair of earrings so I splurged. They're adorable. The studs I believe are the Princess CZ and the X O ones are just called that, but they're LE!

Studs are a little bit on the bigger side but it doesn't matter! Cute and simple!


And then I had to get a new little ID holder which I use all the time for work and school so I got this one from Juicy to match my wallet/black purse and its perfect. Holds the basics: lipgloss and a Swiss Army Knife and a little flash light! And the clutch version was also on sale so I figured why not? There are times I don't want to bring my purse with me!


Got all of the Juicy stuff from Zappos because they are amazing and have the best customer service and I'm a VIP and get free overnight shipping! Woot! :)

Any June favs?! Do share!!

♥ Chelsea

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Lovelies!

I feel like every blogger is obligated to write a post like this. A "oh em gee, I'm sorry I've been gone!" post.

Well, my turn!

So where the frig have I been?! Working. Work, work, work, work. I've gone a WEEK without a day off and won't get a day off until Saturday. That and having horrible sleeping habits and waking up throughout the night has had me exhausted. When I get home the first thing I do is change outta my uniform and my feet up!

As far as makeup, I haven't been on a big buying spree. Money either goes to school or now a Best Buy bill since I got a new iPod and an AC (have one paid off) so haven't been buying much.

I do check my blog everyday and I'm twitter ALL THE TIME (@LegallyChelsea) so you can find me there!

I'm hoping to get in the swing of things soon, because I miss blogging!!

So look out Blogspot, I'm coming back!

And for you lovelies, I leave with a piece of advice from work: 12 or Less MEANS 12 OR LESS.

♥ Chelsea

I'm serious about the twitter thing, on there all the time!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Can ii get mah hairz cutz?!

Hello Lovelies!

Work, work, work seems to be my life this summer! But school is expensive and its nice having some money so I can't complain!

But I had to blog about quite possibly, my worst hair cut EVER!

Luckily no irreversible damage has been done.

So I went in yesterday for a minor trim, thinning and bangs! I have had bangs for years, well side bangs and since I wear my hair up at work I thought it'd be nice and I'd look a bit more put together.

First, the hairdressed cut my bangs so the side started in the center. UHM SIDE?! Not center!

AND SHE BROKE A CURLY HAIR RULE. She took a massive paddle brush and ran it through my dry curly hair. OW. I honestly wanted to be like "SERIOUSLY, DO YOU KNOW THERE IS A HEAD ATTACHED TO THAT HAIR". So that was painful enough to make my freaking scalp tender haha and give me a headache.

Then she decided to only thin out the back of my head. UHM, NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL! She refused to thin the rest of my hair! So that was stupid!

In short, I'm soooo going back to my old hairdresser next week! Since I need my hair actually done!

So ever have a bad hair cut experience?!

♥ Chelsea

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MAC Wipes are All I Ever Waaaaanteeeed

I've been obsessed with Kelly Clarkson's "All I Ever Wanted" lately. Like its been constant repeat and thus the title!

Completely dumbfounded of what to blog about I decided I'd do a little rave review of a product I've been loving for months now.

MAC's Makeup Removing Wipes.

Last year when I first heard of the whole makeup scene I thought "OHEMGEE! WHO NEEDS DESIGNER MAKEUP WIPES?!" and thought they were a rip-off. $26 for makeup remover?!

I've always been faithful to the Neutragena makeup removing wipes or the Garnier ones but they only come 25 in a pack. And when you're in college and broke, well you always seem to run out when you're out of money.

So I did the math. My Neutragena wipes were $7 for 25 and MAC is $26 for 100. I did the math and fell in love.

I've gone through 2 packs, got my mom hooked and she finished another 100 and now we are sharing them. And my mom doesn't care for splurging. But she tried mine while I was home for Christmas break and also got addicted.

So why do I love them?

  • Removes ALL my makeup. Black liner, waterproof anything. No residue.
  • Feel ridiculously clean after wiping my face with them.
  • Smell amazing.
  • A little rougher than normal wipes but that just means be gentle on the eye area but is great for removing face makeup.
  • Even removes lip product! My MA says its almost like a scrub with the rough texture and has some sugar ingredients and my lips do feel good!
  • The packaging is genius if you've ever traveled with other wipes or have had your's dry.
These have a hefty price at first but so worth it! You'll be set for a couple months!

Anyone else love 'em? Also any ideas for a blogpost?! Tell me! I'm thinking overview of lip products? Pictures and swatches galore? Like I did a couple posts ago for eyeshadows!

♥ Chelsea

Friday, June 4, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

For once I have energy to blog! Woohoo! As you probably assumed, I've been working. Last week was 7 days straight and this week has been much less hours. But that's probably because I worked both Sunday and Monday meaning the pay of 3 days (Monday being Memorial Day).

So I decided to do a little shopping. I know, job moneyz is for school but I am allowing my May paychecks to be for fun! Because there is one thing I've been wanting to get...and had saved up enough through a combo of giftcards, birthday money and labor haha. That is an iPod Touch. WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO UPGRADE?! Haha!

So I only bought 3 things from Sephora and 2 from MAC!

FINALLY SPLURGED AND GOT ORGASM! Yes! The infamous NARS blush! It is a bit pricey but when I applied it I was like "OH HEY NATURAL LOOKING FLUSH!" gorgeous. Why did I wait years to get it?! And of course mentally I'm like "OH I'M $20 SOMETHING AWAY FROM FREE SHIPPING (mind you shipping is only like five bucks) so I obviously had to get something else.

So I picked up this Philosophy 3 in 1 in "Pineapple Coconut" and PERFECT summer bath scent! First you smell the fruitiness of the pineapple and then the calming, almost warmth, of the coconut. Wonderful! Great for shaving! My legs feel great now, haha! And still had to get one more thing for free shipping. So I picked up the OPI fast dry drop things because I'm patient when I come to waiting for polish to dry!


Then today stopped by MAC and only bought one thing and back to MAC for the other. The B2M was a lipstick in "Politely Pink" I need more neutrals! My lip products are a bit bolder so I need more work appropriate colors! And then I had to get one of the To The Beach lipglasses because the packaging is too cute! So I picked up "Easy Lounger" lipglass because the other pink looked milky and hate glosses like that! But in all honesty, I only got it for the packaging since the color payoff is eeh. Its a light coral/pink and lots of sparkle! I may go get "Flurry Of Fun" since it looked fun haha.

Politely Pink on L and Easy Lounger on R

Love seahorses!

AND FINALLY! I want to know from you what are your favorite Apps for the iPod Touch or iPhone?! Since I'm a newbie, I don't know where to begin!

So far my favorites are:
  • Oven Break: Gingerbread Men escaping the oven! Say what?!
  • Fist Pump Nation: YOU JUST FISTPUMP! YES! GETS ME SO HYPER! Counts your fistpumps!
  • TWSS and TFLN: Just too much fun to read haha
And of course Twitter (I'm @LegallyChelsea) and FB ;)

♥ Chelsea