Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Party Nails!

Hello lovelies!

Another post! I thought I'd share my super easy party nails I did for NYE and just to try out! Classic french tip with a bling twist!

I did use fake nails. I admit it. I love fake nails. Why? My body can't grow long nails! Its one of the problems with my thyroid, a lovely side-effect, dry skin, hair and dry-brittle nails!

My favorite brand has to be the "Broadway Nails", natural, real-short length. They seriously look natural. It amazes people to find out that I have fake nails on. I don't suggest getting the pre-glued ones, they don't last nearly as long! These can easily last a week! And if one falls off, I keep the glue in my purse and its an easy fix! Or if you're home just rub a little nail polish remover to remove the glue and re-apply!

Super easy and around $5! Much better then going to the salon and paying $35 for acrylics that will last 2 weeks! Plus, these aren't as much as a commitment! But I love these!

To add a little bling, I applied a little stripe of silver-glitter polish from Milani (CVS), they have a great selection of nail art polishes, that is polishes with a fine brush to help with nail design! These are around $4- $5 but the one I used, "Art of Silver" is super impressive.

And while hopping around CVS I found this little tin of Nive Creme which is awesome for moisturizing super dry hands! And get this, $0.99, yes under a dollar!

I'll shut up now and post the pics!

Fav brand for glue-on nails!

Heads up if you're looking for this, it comes in a clear little box!




Keep your pretty party nail hands hydrated! New favorite!

Have you ever used fake nails or gotten acrylics, like 'em or hate 'em? And as always, for a larger pics, click on them! :)

♥ Chelsea

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Favorite Mascara and More!

Hello, hello lovelies!

I thought it was time for a review on my new favorite mascara, Maybelline's "The Falsies".

Maybelline claims that this will give you the look of false lashes without the actual need of false lashes. And while I may not go as far as saying that they are falsies in a tube, they come pretty close.

I've been a Covergirl Lashblast girl from the get-go, but I've never felt completely whole with it. It the huge brush was awesome for packing on the volume but never did maneuver well on my lashes.

I bought "The Falsies" on a whim at Target since it was only $5.04 (really do we need the extra four cents, can't we just round it somehow?) and to be honest I wasn't expecting much. In fact, I thought I should also but a tube of LashBlast in case this failed.

But I didn't. And I didn't have to.

This stuff is like lash crack. It does amazing job coating every lash, and all of it. No more blonde roots peaking out! The wand is what had me in awe (if one can even be in awe from a mascara).

Its a traditional bristle applicator but it has a slight spoon-like curved. And the applicator itself it very flexible but not flimsy.

I start with the curve side down, apply then switch to the curve side up and that helps me get inside all the little corners of the lashes, allowing a full, rich, flawless application.

Of course this is with the aid of a lash curler. I picked up the E.L.F one for a buck, and it works well, eye lash curlers do not have to be $25!

Overall, I'll give it an A. Just Maybelline, don't air commercials for this mascara saying no false lashes needed when the models are in fact sporting very big, fake lashes!



Without product on left, with on the right

Without product on left, with on the right

I hope you all had an amazing holiday, and were able to spend it with those who mean the most! And that Santa was good to you! ;)

He was good to me, got everything on my list but instead of a Droid 2 I helped him decide the Samsung Fascinate is even awesomer! And my new techbaby, haha! The screen on this is like unbelievable, photo does not do it justice!


♥ Chelsea

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Tag Overload!

Hello Lovelies!

FINALS ARE OVER. THAT SEMESTER IS OVER. I am now on my bed, back home for Christmas break. Max is sleeping under a blanket next to me and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

I thought I'd do a couple holiday tags and make it one giant one!

1. Favorite Holiday Movie
I have an addiction to ELF. I can watch it over 20 times during the season and not grow tired. I can and do recite it often. Also love the original Santa Clause, original Miracle on 34th Street and the Bishop's Wife! But Elf is the only one I can watch and watch and watch and not get tired. Even though I am 20, I will still YouTube Christmas specials of my favorite cartoons. Like Rugrats! And I have a bunch of shows on DVD so I'll watch those :)

And home videos!!!

2. Favorite Holiday Color
I love red and gold together. I think its gorgeous. I also love the glow of the classic colored Christmas lights (not the new LED ones that lack pink) but I don't think that is a color...oh well!

3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas?
PJS! I own too many holiday PJ bottoms. I love wearing some penguin pants!

4. If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?
My Mom, I always spend the most on her. She deserves it. And is amazing.

5. Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?
I peek and search the house and then we have to wait til Christmas Morning. Santa doesn't even come till Christmas Eve....DUH!

6.Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House?
A few but they turn out to be hot messes. And no one eats them. The pre-packaged ones taste like ginger flavored cardboard.

7. What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?
SLEEP. This year, I spent the week of finals and week before up to almost 4 am every freakin night. Also just love doing nothing and relaxing. And enjoying home!

8. Any Christmas Wishes?
World Peace! Cure for cancer! All that good stuff!!

9. Favorite Christmas Smell?
Vanilla Bean Noel. I just sprayed my room with it!

10. Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
Peanut-Butter Blossom Cookies. You know the PB cookies with the Hershey kiss! And Chocolate Oranges. OMG.

11. Any Family Traditions?
We used to have a ton for Christmas Eve. Go to my Aunt & Uncle's for dinner, go check out the Christmas lights, candle-light church service then bed to wait for Santa! And he'd always leave our stockings on our bedroom door handles so we wouldn't wake mom up at 4 am!

12. Do you live where it snows?
Northeast baby! Its snowing now!

13. Do you ever go Christmas caroling?
Nopppeee. I just carol loudly around the house when no one is home.

14. What makes you happiest about Christmas?
Being done with school and with my family. And the joy that people have this time of the year is amazing.

15. What do you want for Christmas?
Did a post on this! Got one present early since Best Buy was having a sale, got the Samsung Facinate, which is a thing of beauty! Wishlist post is here:

I TAG YOU!! Please do this tag and let me know!! I want to hear!!

♥ Chelsea

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa

I did this last year so I thought it'd be fun to do a Christmas Wish List again! For some reason I find it super fun to read other people's and this is a nice simply post for me to do since I've been completely SWAMPED with school. All-nighter last night. I've learned to really hide dark circles, dab concealer right under your lower lashes and use a Q-Tip to blend. Amazing.

Ok Christmas List Time!

1. Motorola Droid 2 from VZ!
My current phone is the LG Dare and lets just say it drunk dials itself. ALL THE TIME. And drunk texts its self too. Yeah, people don't appreciate that. And its a little awkward when it randomly calls/texts people that I haven't spoken to in ages...haha! And its time to catch up with technology and phones that can get the interwebz! Ya know, so I don't show up to class to find out it was canceled because I've been busy all day and not by a computer to see that email...only happened oh....lost count!

Mmmm look at that FULL keyboard, hate texting on a virtual keyboard!

And it's gotta look pretty....

Yes, animal print...MY MOM WAS BORN IN JERSEY, OK. So I may like animal print, sometimes!

2. Stila Color Wheel Palette
I own but one legit "color" eyeshadow and I'd like to dip my toe in the color pool and experiment and this is a super good deal and has actual wearable colored colors!

Why couldn't I study this colorwheel in High School art?!

3. Juicy Couture Pen Spray Set
3 small Juicy perfumes to switch around with! I need a new scent that isn't too sweet! And I love "Couture, Couture" so now I can try the original and the first sequel!

Remember scented pens?! This is an upgrade!

4. MAC 239 Brush
I really am wanting a 239 because I've been applying eyeshadow with an EcoTools concealer brush, may be time for an upgrade. But they're so much, but investments!, that I ask around this time of the year!

Why'd they put it on a black background? To make it look slimmer?

And now something that was many a childhood wishlists but that I never got. Because my sister had one. My elder by 9 years sister had one therefore I could not. I had to make friends who had this day I still think they are awesome...

And yes I'm mentally saying that in my best Oprah voice.

Downgraded to Dream Townhouse, Barbie gets hit by the recession too.

I loved that Barbie's houses always had an elevator. I want my real house to have a cage-like elevator like Barbie's. And she always had a pool or hot tub. SO FREAKING COOL. Luckily my best friend had like 20 so I wasn't totally deprived. And you know? She is know studying architecture, coincidence? I think not. Haha!

Let me know what you're asking Santa for! Did you ever have a Barbie dream house? How awesome was it? Did it have the elevator?!

♥ Chelsea

Ooh and here is my pimped out dorm room!

Just don't tell the RA that I have those lights up! ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Drink Your Milk!

Hello Lovelies,

So I'm kind of constrained to my bed. And what else is there to do besides blog?

Why? I seriously sprained my ankle. And had it not be for my love of milk my ankle would be broken. 10 points for super strong bones! So that was fun.

It all happened because I tripped down four stairs in my dorm. I would normally just walk it off and laugh but security ran up. I then tried to get up and show them that I'm all good but yeah, that wasn't happening.

So he told me not to move and we waited for the EMTs to come. And then an ambulance. Can we say embarrassing? Did they need the sirens? I think not. In total there was campus security, 2 EMTs, 1 police officer and a fire fighter.

Ok, REALLY embarrassing. All I did was fall down stairs. But they took off my Ugg (and I prayed they didn't have to cut off or else I would CRY) and my ankle? It looked like there was a huge golf ball inside my ankle. It was DISGUSTING.

So then they decided that I had to go the ER. And so I did. But the embarrassment didn't stop, I had to be carried down the stairs in this chair thing and then on a stretcher.

Upgrade it to mortified and my ankle was now the size of a potato. But I got to ride in an ambulance haha!

So after waiting and having people comment on the monstrous size of my ankle, I finally got a X-Ray. And of course on the way back the tech managed to slam my BAD ankle into the door frame. Kinda silent screamed.

But, no broken bones! Yay! Seriously everyone was surprised it wasn't broken. But now I'm on crutches for a few days and have a nifty air cast. And have been ordered to rest, rest, rest and elevate. And then see a specialist in a week or so.

So girls and guys, drink your milk! ;)

♥ Chelsea

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet Lip Swatches, Batman!

Hello Lovelies!

Ok, one of my favorite things about the Holiday season are the holiday exclusive sets. Awesome products in cute festive packaging and all for a great deal! Making it easy to give to others, or yourself!

So when I saw a set of 8 (yes EIGHT) Stila Lip Glazes for $25, I had to. I've been wanting to try out their lip glazes but the price had me resisting. Their full size lip glaze costs $22 for .08 oz of product. But $25 for 8 lip glazes containing .05 oz of product?! Craziness! And a great price to try!

The set has 4 of their popular permanent colors and 4 brand new limited edition colors exclusive to the set. The four permanent colors are Kitten, Guava, Grapefruit, and Apricot and the limited edition holiday colors are Seashell, Blush, Majesty, and Merry Merry.

  • Kitten: Bronzey Nude
  • Guava: Sheer Rose Color
  • Grapefruit: Frosty Pink
  • Apricot: Shimmery Nude
  • Seashell: Shell Pink
  • Blush: Sheer Baby Pink
  • Majesty: Deep Plum
  • Merry Merry: Red with Gold Shimmer
♥ ♥


Left to Right: Grapefruit, Guava, Apricot, Kitten, Majesty, Merry Merry, Seashell and Blush



Each color smells different! The fruits, their respected fragrance-taste, Merry, Merry smelled berry and the rest were a classic vanilla scent, flavor!



Overall, I am loving these! I really want to try out Stila's full size lip glazes! Its a great value and would make an awesome gift!! Love, love, love! Great color assortment for the holidays! And year round!

♥ Chelsea

PS: Wanna see a larger version of the pictures? Click on them!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Classic Cult Favorite

Why hello, hello, again!

I am way too on top of my blogging game! Probably since I don't have any dry labs for Chem. Dry labs are just another form of torture. Naming chemical equations 200 times, anyone?! Not difficult but tedious!

So I finally snagged up a cult classic. Something a few of my favorite YouTubers rock it and have had me lusting over it and unable to find it...until now!

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Cherries in the Snow".

Every CVS I went to, I looked. Every Target, looked. 2 weeks ago my Target had one but some ate it. Like seriously, munchies much? And then I saw it in CVS but had gone broke from my Target trip. So this week, it was a mission. And I completed it. Not only that but since Revlon was BOGO 50% I got its twin nail polish.

Why is it a cult classic? Its a stunning color. Its a red. Its a pink. Its bold but not too bold. Its the most pigmented lip switch I have EVER done. One swipe, ladies and gents. ONE.

And I love a darker, bolder lip in the colder weather. I thought it'd look gorgeous against pale skin and a simple eye. A thin liquid line and Shroom all over perhaps?

Its a classic because women have been buying and loving it since the 1950's. It was made to make the housewife feel a bit more flirty and dare I say, promiscuous? I'll let their ads and my photos do the rest of the talking for you.



For everyday, more toned down, I applied with my fingers because straight out of the tube....

Its the most pigmented color, I have ever dealt with!

Picnik collage
Left to right: No color, applied with fingers, applied straight out of the tube

Its a bit more red than this photo, damn flash! And without flash its a blurry mess, oh well, you can see how close they are!

So lovelies, have any of you ever bought this fabulous lip color? Heard about it?

And finally, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


♥ Chelsea

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Korres vs. Nivea

Hello lovelies!

Woo, look at this! Another post?! I love how nights where I am up all night doing homework, I can fall asleep right away but nights when I don't? Yeah, I'm up :)

A couple posts back I mentioned how I picked up a Korres Lip Butter in "Wildrose" mostly because I like a darker lip in the colder months and gotta stay hydrated.

But then a couple days later I saw at the pharmacy (yes, pharmacy not a CVS or other chain, my school's town lacks that!) a Nivea Kiss of Moisture lip conditioner in "Cherry" and I thought that it could dupe my recently purchased Korres.


Price and Availability: Korres: $10 and available at Sephora and some department stores, and their website. Nivea: $$ Varies but I bought mine for $2.50 which is about average and can be found almost everywhere, drugstores, Target, Walmart, supermarket....!

Packaging: Korres: A 0.21 oz pot while the Nivea is classic-twist container with 0.17 oz. This is Korres' BIGGEST problem with me, the fact I need to stick my finger in and then rub it on my lips...eek! Not convenient!

Color Payoff: Both are lip conditioners not lipsticks so of course not super pigmented but both are the same redish-purple-plumish hue. Korres is slightly more pigmented and a bit more plum while the Nivea is more pink. And the Korres has a very glossy finish, which is nice!

Flavor: I never ate a flower but Korres, this tastes like a rose. And Nivea? I'm a sucker for cherry!

Hydration: I felt that the Korres did not stay on as long as the Nivea! I felt after an hour, I had to reapply. While my lips from the Nivea felt like they were rubbed with butter, that slippery and nicely hydrated.

Winner? Nivea! Yeah, I WENT THERE AND BUILT A HOUSE THERE. I know all the beauty gurus swear by Korres but for 1/8 of the price you can get a near perfect dupe! And in my opinion it tastes better, hydrates better and is more convenient. Then again, I have yet to try other Korres flavor and I am kinda bias because the original Nivea "Kiss of Moisture" is like beyond amazing. But still for $10, you bet I'm gonna finish that baby up!


Top is Korres and bottom is Nivea

Left side is Nivea and right is Korres

So, thoughts? Tried either and/or both? And can you tell a difference?! :)

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You Guys Are Amazing

Before, anything else, I have to say something.

Thank you! Yes, YOU!! I hit the 50 followers mark! WOW! I love that so many people actually read what I write!! THANK YOU!! <3

It means so so much to me to know you are reading!! I can't stop telling you how much I appreciate it and you!! Thank you!! You make this blog fun!!! <3 <3

So where have I been? Oh school of course. This year has been my hardest yet. I'm doing a super heavy course load and its taking a toll on me but I'm trying to get through it. Even if I have to stay up til 5 am.

Most of it is chemistry which is the foundation of my major and also a major class that I need to do well in! And of course, the one class with 20 hours of homework each week. Funny how that works ;)

That and midterms has had me stressed and busy. But besides that, nothing new!

And when I could blog my computer did not want to, it finally crashed. So on Tuesday, I got a Sony Vaio and love it! It kicks my HP's ass all the way into last week!

This post is just gonna be an everything post. I'm gonna include some current favorites and other things!

But again, I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!! <3

The new homework-lab reporting-tweeting-facebooking-BLOGGING machine featuring my puppy hehe


The keyboard is a pink keyboard skin from Sony which helps keep dust, hair, crumbs, makeup out and looks cute! Haha!


Current Favorite Eyeshadows: Gleam and Vex! I use flat shader brush all over the lid and then use a fluffy brush to bring it up to the brow bone! Easy!


Forgot how much I loved CG's lashblast! IMO it beats most higher end mascaras! Also rediscovered my L'Oreal Felt Tip Liquid Liner Carbon Black for days when I have a quick wash of eyeshadow and a little thicker liner. And on days I want a thinner line? MAC Penultimate, but it can go both ways :)


Left to Right: Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in "Eric", Korres lip butter in Rose something?, Nivea Kiss of Flavor: Cherry (on the lips, they look identical!!), Bottom: Hue lipstick (great base for lip glosses to tone down a heavy pigmented lip), Viva Glam 6 Special Edition lipglass and lipstick (no longer available! Sad!)


And the ChemiCal app :) Must have for chem students! No really!!


Again, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys are amazing!! Any questions, or anything, let me know!!! I'm also a Tweetaholic and always on Twitter, @LegallyChelsea (no really, I don't stop tweeting)

Ps: Anyone doing anything for Halloween?!

♥ Chelsea

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ok, as you guys may know, I am forensics major. I love it. But every time I tell someone I hear "OMG JUST LIKE CSI?! SO COOL! OMGZ!" and I promise, if I had a dollar for everytime I heard that I'd be able to pay for my BS, MS and a DR.

So I decided to actually sit (well lay) and watch an episode of CSI and critique it for accuracy. Horrible lameness is just a bonus.

By no means am I a pro, I'm merely a student.

And here is my response (mind you, this is all live, as I am watching).
Oh and I tried to watch the Justin Bieber episode but it said it expired....just like his career.

  • Uhm no one notices a 15 foot shark? Wait, HOLLY MADISON, just did....
  • As an avid shark week watcher, that could not have killed her
  • OH YEAH LETS GO TO A CRIME SCENE WITH OUR HAIR DOWN. Nah, it won't naturally fall out and contaminate the scene
  • I did not see anyone take photos of the crime scene nor sketch it
  • Again, no one wears their hair up, and I don't see gloves, Missy.
  • Cop is not the same as CSI
  • FINALLY, someone wearing gloves and with hair up
  • How can anyone get work done in such a dimly lit lab? LIKE SERIOUSLY?!
  • No dead body looks that good and glowy THEN AGAIN THIS PLACE HAS FREAKING AMBIANCE LIGHTING
  • Ok, they really are not paying their electricity bill...interrogation room with crap lighting too....
  • Detectives usually do the interview
  • Yes, I was wondering why there was not so much blood
  • OHEMGEE "MAYBE THE REST OF HER JEWLERY IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL" Well idiots, if you did your job ANALYZING A CRIME SCENE, YOU WOULD HAVE SEARCHED THE SCENE AND LOOKED FOR ANY AND ALL EVIDENCE. And then make sure to store in water so it doesn't get corroded! GOSH!
  • Could this place be anymore dimly lit?!
  • Why are they JUST NOW processing the crime scene?! I mean by waiting this long, so much could happen. Evidence could be stolen, added, etc. AND COULD NOT BE ADMISSIBLE IN COURT.
  • What, no chain of custody?
Ok, I can only take 30 minutes of this crap.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigator, go to a crime scene and process. This includes a ton of steps. Taking photos, sketches of the area, lifting any prints, picking up any evidence, etc. Forensic scientists, the ones doing the actual lab work, RARELY go into the field. From what I know, they're of a higher ranking than CSI. They do the work in the lab, they stand trial (when need be) but they do not go investigating people in the field that is the detective's job.

All CSI do is process Crime Scenes. Again, this is just from everything I have learned. This show depicts them as cops. Cops are much different. Cops do not usually analyze the crime scene. Again, thats what CSI is for. Cops are the ones who do the investigations, arrests, etc. CSI do not carry weapons. They cannot arrest people.

Are we starting to see the difference?!
AND BTW, DNA tests take at least 10 weeks.

Do you watch CSI? If you do, do you promise me to accept that this stuff is super, super inaccurate?!

This was such a rant. But I'm tired of people comparing what I want to do to CSI.

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tweeze Me, Baby!

Hello Lovelies!

I AM ON A ROLL! Its because I'm sick and my nose is like a faucet that just won't shut off. And I kind of have a hang on my school work. Note the "kind of". There is a reason they say over half the people in my chem class will fail and/or change their major.

But I have to blog about my new favorite product!



A couple weeks ago I got my last paycheck and I am kinda broke and can't keep getting my brows waxed. And though I love hearing "Oh your eyebrow color so pretty" and "You do great job with makeup on eye!" it can add up. About $10 bucks a visit (including tip).

So I figured it was time to invest in a good pair of tweezers. I've been using a pair from Revlon and I must say, I have never been a fan. They are so wide and grab like a thousand hairs at once. And I can't sneak into the forest of eyebrow hair to just pluck out THAT ONE hair that is sticking out and uber long.

But then I got my "big girl" Tweezers. Tweezerman Tweezers. I have always wanted a pair but the price! $20 for tweezers?! But when I saw that the fabulous Betsey Johnson was gracing Tweezerman, that was it. Granted these were $25 but that extra 5 bucks is worth it for the cuteness.

These babies are perfect! They get right in! They get THE WHOLE hair. My crap ones wouldn't get the whole hair, it'd like pinch off the top half. These get the damn root.

I geek out when I'm like "DAMN LOOK AT THE ROOT ON THAT ONE" (I'm a Forensics major, hair is interesting).

And think about it, a pair of Tweezers that will last forever (and they even sharpen them for free!) for $25. That's 2.5 waxing! Yeah, 0.5 meaning only one brow. Amazing! And painless!

Love, love, love these!

Have your ever tried Tweezerman tweezers? Will Betsey Johnson's design draw you in to finally splurging!

PS: I got the Rose one (my camera is dead! Photo is from Sephora)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Digs

Hello Lovelies!

Oh, how I want to do a beauty post! But alas I am sick! With some kind of virus that makes me miserable and want to sleep all day. And coughing extremely hard and painful coughs. And losing my voice. It has not been fun.

And between nose blows, I'm doing homework! It is insane how much homework I have! I suppose that is the life of a science major? Just alone for chemistry I have about 6 hours of work! It has been a lot! I am juggling chem, bio and pre-calc now. I need to stay on top of things since I changed my major so late!

Anyways, what do you think of the site revamp? Took me FOREVER to center the damn thing. And I'm pissed that no matter what, the background will not anchor. Not a fan. Oh well, I now have a template but this place needed a new light!

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Bath & Body Works' Dark Kiss

So I was thinking just now, what would be more fun then writing a lab report? A lot of things came to mind, including this post! I mean I am very good student and totally did 85% of my work! The remaining is the lab report and some problems to do in my study group.

I wanted to review Bath and Body Works' (BBW) newest scent, "Dark Kiss". It just sounds sexy. And I have to admit in the colder months I like a sexy, sultry scent. A little musk and vanilla? Yes, please!


And Dark Kiss is not only sexy and sultry but it has a bit of sweetness. Like "I smell so damn seductive but wait, smell that? That's my sweet innocent side". AH-MAZING.

I am horrible at describing smells so I'll let BBW describe the notes:
  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Incense, Mirabelle Plum, Black Raspberry
  • Mid Notes: Amber, Burgundy Rose, Geranium, Peony
  • Base Notes: Dark Vanilla Bean, Labdanum, Vetiver, Sensual Balsam, Musks
And if you're me, you're like ooooooookay. WAIT THEY MILKED AN AMBER?! Just take my word, its freaking sexy but still sweet. Its seductive but not too much. It has an initial POW impact but then it settles down to linger gently on your skin. Still noticeable but less so. But when someone is close to you, and I mean close, the seduction of the scent comes back.

I bought mine during the Buy 3 Get 2. And got the shower gel, bubble bath, fragrance mist, body lotion, shea butter hand cream, and the triple moisturizing shower cream.

So I'll break it down!

Shower Gel: I'm sorry LUSH lovers, but nothing beats a BBW shower gel. There. I said it. Give me a good pink loofa and a bottle of BBW shower gel. Not a bar of hippie soap. The lather is amazing, suds everywhere! Its so hydrating and amazing and the scent just from this will linger all day. Beautiful lather, love love love.

Bubble Bath: I don't do bubble baths but because my legs are freakishly long I find myself shaving them while sitting on the side of the tub. TMI? Oh well, just something tall girls do...or maybe just me. Anywhozie. I like to have bubbles to soak me feet in and this is just eeeh. Great, great scent but the bubbles were eeeh. Not that much.

Fragrance Mist: Starts very strong but slowly calms down. Take a couple seconds between sprays because you may do too much! I love to spray it in my hair. Nothing like letting my hair down and whoooosh, sexy smell!

Body Lotion: I buy so much body lotion and never use it. But I've been using this and OMG, AMAZING. My skin is getting so soft and silky and awesome. I love the reformulation, it works so well! I wasn't really into lotion but this has changed my mind!

Shea Butter Hand Cream: A thicker version of the lotion but again SKIN IS AMAZING AND SOFT! I know in the fall and winter when the temperature drops my hands will crack and bleed! But this is doing a great job for now!

Triple-Moisturizing Shower Cream: I seriously asked the SA what the heck this was! It is basically an in shower lotion. He said its great for days when my skin is extra dry. Hmm. Hydrated a little better than the shower gel but what do I love it for? Shaving cream! I've been shaving my legs with it and it was perfect.

Overall? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Perfect fall scent! Or perfect sexy/sweet scent! Highly recommend it! Have/will you try it? ;)

♥ Chelsea

(Photo from BBW's site!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

School and the City

Hello Lovelies!

I finally went to the city (NYC) by myself today! AH! My school's city campus is Downtown (I live in my school's Metro NYC campus) so I figured I'd explore. Yeah, I think I was in my school for ooooh 2 minutes. I just went through it to get a juice and to get to the subway on the other side. Hahaha!

So my original plan was to explore the area around my school but instead I decided to go uptown to 5th Ave. And 5th is HUGE!! Totally day dreamed when I passed every boutique! Especially Louis Vuitton, oh how one day I'd live their Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene!!

But enough with that!! I went to a few places that I kind of could afford! First was Juicy Couture where I had an awesome "Friends & Family 30% off" coupon! Yippie!! (BTW my POS phone decided not to send my pics to my photo account so these are all from or something like that)

World's Largest Juicy!

2 floors of awesomeness, and beautifully decorated! Chandeliers and twisting cast-iron stairs! I ended up getting a gorgeous scarf for about half off! It was 20% off plus my additional 30%!! So many pretty things there!


And that pic is crap so here is the pic from Zappos of it!


Next I went to MAC. I only go to MAC Counters, never been to a store! The one I went to was on 56th I believe (Juicy was on 52nd? Or 53rd?) But it was a store attached to a Henry


I got some basics, barely have any "All That Glitters" left (like I'm seriously scraping the sides!!!) and almost out of my HG liner "Penultimate Rapidblack" and needed a new great all over color and the MA recommended "Gleam".

Finally I had to hit the bank and what was next to my Chase?! WELL SEPHORA, OF COURSE! Only got a Korres Lip butter, heard so many good things!!! Korres was there today so they had free gifts with purchases!





Gleam is like a pink triplet of "All That Glitters" and "Naked Lunch", loove! And love the subtle dark tint the lip butter gives me! I'll try to get some reviews up! I've been so swamped with homework already!! Bio, Chem and Pre-Calc are insane!! Why am I doing them all at once?! Oh yeah, I wanna graduate on time!!

BTW I so mastered the subways! Kinda...need more practice!

♥ Chelsea

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dorm: Junior Year!

I've noticed that every year I blog about my dorm room! And I think this year is my favorite! I opted for the smaller part of the room (but I get a full closet) and I love how small and cozy it is!! Same room as last year.

Pretty much every thing is from Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond! Except my awesome pink lamp on the fridge which is from JCP :)




And my view...


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♥ Chelsea