Friday, September 17, 2010

School and the City

Hello Lovelies!

I finally went to the city (NYC) by myself today! AH! My school's city campus is Downtown (I live in my school's Metro NYC campus) so I figured I'd explore. Yeah, I think I was in my school for ooooh 2 minutes. I just went through it to get a juice and to get to the subway on the other side. Hahaha!

So my original plan was to explore the area around my school but instead I decided to go uptown to 5th Ave. And 5th is HUGE!! Totally day dreamed when I passed every boutique! Especially Louis Vuitton, oh how one day I'd live their Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene!!

But enough with that!! I went to a few places that I kind of could afford! First was Juicy Couture where I had an awesome "Friends & Family 30% off" coupon! Yippie!! (BTW my POS phone decided not to send my pics to my photo account so these are all from or something like that)

World's Largest Juicy!

2 floors of awesomeness, and beautifully decorated! Chandeliers and twisting cast-iron stairs! I ended up getting a gorgeous scarf for about half off! It was 20% off plus my additional 30%!! So many pretty things there!


And that pic is crap so here is the pic from Zappos of it!


Next I went to MAC. I only go to MAC Counters, never been to a store! The one I went to was on 56th I believe (Juicy was on 52nd? Or 53rd?) But it was a store attached to a Henry


I got some basics, barely have any "All That Glitters" left (like I'm seriously scraping the sides!!!) and almost out of my HG liner "Penultimate Rapidblack" and needed a new great all over color and the MA recommended "Gleam".

Finally I had to hit the bank and what was next to my Chase?! WELL SEPHORA, OF COURSE! Only got a Korres Lip butter, heard so many good things!!! Korres was there today so they had free gifts with purchases!





Gleam is like a pink triplet of "All That Glitters" and "Naked Lunch", loove! And love the subtle dark tint the lip butter gives me! I'll try to get some reviews up! I've been so swamped with homework already!! Bio, Chem and Pre-Calc are insane!! Why am I doing them all at once?! Oh yeah, I wanna graduate on time!!

BTW I so mastered the subways! Kinda...need more practice!

♥ Chelsea

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  1. Yay for going to NYC alone!:D

    Lovely haul and good luck with all your homework!:D

    ***** Marie *****