Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Bath & Body Works' Dark Kiss

So I was thinking just now, what would be more fun then writing a lab report? A lot of things came to mind, including this post! I mean I am very good student and totally did 85% of my work! The remaining is the lab report and some problems to do in my study group.

I wanted to review Bath and Body Works' (BBW) newest scent, "Dark Kiss". It just sounds sexy. And I have to admit in the colder months I like a sexy, sultry scent. A little musk and vanilla? Yes, please!


And Dark Kiss is not only sexy and sultry but it has a bit of sweetness. Like "I smell so damn seductive but wait, smell that? That's my sweet innocent side". AH-MAZING.

I am horrible at describing smells so I'll let BBW describe the notes:
  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Incense, Mirabelle Plum, Black Raspberry
  • Mid Notes: Amber, Burgundy Rose, Geranium, Peony
  • Base Notes: Dark Vanilla Bean, Labdanum, Vetiver, Sensual Balsam, Musks
And if you're me, you're like ooooooookay. WAIT THEY MILKED AN AMBER?! Just take my word, its freaking sexy but still sweet. Its seductive but not too much. It has an initial POW impact but then it settles down to linger gently on your skin. Still noticeable but less so. But when someone is close to you, and I mean close, the seduction of the scent comes back.

I bought mine during the Buy 3 Get 2. And got the shower gel, bubble bath, fragrance mist, body lotion, shea butter hand cream, and the triple moisturizing shower cream.

So I'll break it down!

Shower Gel: I'm sorry LUSH lovers, but nothing beats a BBW shower gel. There. I said it. Give me a good pink loofa and a bottle of BBW shower gel. Not a bar of hippie soap. The lather is amazing, suds everywhere! Its so hydrating and amazing and the scent just from this will linger all day. Beautiful lather, love love love.

Bubble Bath: I don't do bubble baths but because my legs are freakishly long I find myself shaving them while sitting on the side of the tub. TMI? Oh well, just something tall girls do...or maybe just me. Anywhozie. I like to have bubbles to soak me feet in and this is just eeeh. Great, great scent but the bubbles were eeeh. Not that much.

Fragrance Mist: Starts very strong but slowly calms down. Take a couple seconds between sprays because you may do too much! I love to spray it in my hair. Nothing like letting my hair down and whoooosh, sexy smell!

Body Lotion: I buy so much body lotion and never use it. But I've been using this and OMG, AMAZING. My skin is getting so soft and silky and awesome. I love the reformulation, it works so well! I wasn't really into lotion but this has changed my mind!

Shea Butter Hand Cream: A thicker version of the lotion but again SKIN IS AMAZING AND SOFT! I know in the fall and winter when the temperature drops my hands will crack and bleed! But this is doing a great job for now!

Triple-Moisturizing Shower Cream: I seriously asked the SA what the heck this was! It is basically an in shower lotion. He said its great for days when my skin is extra dry. Hmm. Hydrated a little better than the shower gel but what do I love it for? Shaving cream! I've been shaving my legs with it and it was perfect.

Overall? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Perfect fall scent! Or perfect sexy/sweet scent! Highly recommend it! Have/will you try it? ;)

♥ Chelsea

(Photo from BBW's site!)


  1. Oh I smelled my friend's free sample of this and it is mmmm enticing! Also, from a fellow college student, thank you for making this post as a 3 minute distraction from studying for an anatomy test!

  2. I agree that this lathers well compared to a Lush shower gel.:D

    I like this scent too.:D Interesting scent.

    Have a great week!:D

    ***** Marie *****