Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tweeze Me, Baby!

Hello Lovelies!

I AM ON A ROLL! Its because I'm sick and my nose is like a faucet that just won't shut off. And I kind of have a hang on my school work. Note the "kind of". There is a reason they say over half the people in my chem class will fail and/or change their major.

But I have to blog about my new favorite product!



A couple weeks ago I got my last paycheck and I am kinda broke and can't keep getting my brows waxed. And though I love hearing "Oh your eyebrow color so pretty" and "You do great job with makeup on eye!" it can add up. About $10 bucks a visit (including tip).

So I figured it was time to invest in a good pair of tweezers. I've been using a pair from Revlon and I must say, I have never been a fan. They are so wide and grab like a thousand hairs at once. And I can't sneak into the forest of eyebrow hair to just pluck out THAT ONE hair that is sticking out and uber long.

But then I got my "big girl" Tweezers. Tweezerman Tweezers. I have always wanted a pair but the price! $20 for tweezers?! But when I saw that the fabulous Betsey Johnson was gracing Tweezerman, that was it. Granted these were $25 but that extra 5 bucks is worth it for the cuteness.

These babies are perfect! They get right in! They get THE WHOLE hair. My crap ones wouldn't get the whole hair, it'd like pinch off the top half. These get the damn root.

I geek out when I'm like "DAMN LOOK AT THE ROOT ON THAT ONE" (I'm a Forensics major, hair is interesting).

And think about it, a pair of Tweezers that will last forever (and they even sharpen them for free!) for $25. That's 2.5 waxing! Yeah, 0.5 meaning only one brow. Amazing! And painless!

Love, love, love these!

Have your ever tried Tweezerman tweezers? Will Betsey Johnson's design draw you in to finally splurging!

PS: I got the Rose one (my camera is dead! Photo is from Sephora)

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