Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Tag Overload!

Hello Lovelies!

FINALS ARE OVER. THAT SEMESTER IS OVER. I am now on my bed, back home for Christmas break. Max is sleeping under a blanket next to me and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

I thought I'd do a couple holiday tags and make it one giant one!

1. Favorite Holiday Movie
I have an addiction to ELF. I can watch it over 20 times during the season and not grow tired. I can and do recite it often. Also love the original Santa Clause, original Miracle on 34th Street and the Bishop's Wife! But Elf is the only one I can watch and watch and watch and not get tired. Even though I am 20, I will still YouTube Christmas specials of my favorite cartoons. Like Rugrats! And I have a bunch of shows on DVD so I'll watch those :)

And home videos!!!

2. Favorite Holiday Color
I love red and gold together. I think its gorgeous. I also love the glow of the classic colored Christmas lights (not the new LED ones that lack pink) but I don't think that is a color...oh well!

3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas?
PJS! I own too many holiday PJ bottoms. I love wearing some penguin pants!

4. If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?
My Mom, I always spend the most on her. She deserves it. And is amazing.

5. Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?
I peek and search the house and then we have to wait til Christmas Morning. Santa doesn't even come till Christmas Eve....DUH!

6.Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House?
A few but they turn out to be hot messes. And no one eats them. The pre-packaged ones taste like ginger flavored cardboard.

7. What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?
SLEEP. This year, I spent the week of finals and week before up to almost 4 am every freakin night. Also just love doing nothing and relaxing. And enjoying home!

8. Any Christmas Wishes?
World Peace! Cure for cancer! All that good stuff!!

9. Favorite Christmas Smell?
Vanilla Bean Noel. I just sprayed my room with it!

10. Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
Peanut-Butter Blossom Cookies. You know the PB cookies with the Hershey kiss! And Chocolate Oranges. OMG.

11. Any Family Traditions?
We used to have a ton for Christmas Eve. Go to my Aunt & Uncle's for dinner, go check out the Christmas lights, candle-light church service then bed to wait for Santa! And he'd always leave our stockings on our bedroom door handles so we wouldn't wake mom up at 4 am!

12. Do you live where it snows?
Northeast baby! Its snowing now!

13. Do you ever go Christmas caroling?
Nopppeee. I just carol loudly around the house when no one is home.

14. What makes you happiest about Christmas?
Being done with school and with my family. And the joy that people have this time of the year is amazing.

15. What do you want for Christmas?
Did a post on this! Got one present early since Best Buy was having a sale, got the Samsung Facinate, which is a thing of beauty! Wishlist post is here:

I TAG YOU!! Please do this tag and let me know!! I want to hear!!

♥ Chelsea

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