Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Party Nails!

Hello lovelies!

Another post! I thought I'd share my super easy party nails I did for NYE and just to try out! Classic french tip with a bling twist!

I did use fake nails. I admit it. I love fake nails. Why? My body can't grow long nails! Its one of the problems with my thyroid, a lovely side-effect, dry skin, hair and dry-brittle nails!

My favorite brand has to be the "Broadway Nails", natural, real-short length. They seriously look natural. It amazes people to find out that I have fake nails on. I don't suggest getting the pre-glued ones, they don't last nearly as long! These can easily last a week! And if one falls off, I keep the glue in my purse and its an easy fix! Or if you're home just rub a little nail polish remover to remove the glue and re-apply!

Super easy and around $5! Much better then going to the salon and paying $35 for acrylics that will last 2 weeks! Plus, these aren't as much as a commitment! But I love these!

To add a little bling, I applied a little stripe of silver-glitter polish from Milani (CVS), they have a great selection of nail art polishes, that is polishes with a fine brush to help with nail design! These are around $4- $5 but the one I used, "Art of Silver" is super impressive.

And while hopping around CVS I found this little tin of Nive Creme which is awesome for moisturizing super dry hands! And get this, $0.99, yes under a dollar!

I'll shut up now and post the pics!

Fav brand for glue-on nails!

Heads up if you're looking for this, it comes in a clear little box!




Keep your pretty party nail hands hydrated! New favorite!

Have you ever used fake nails or gotten acrylics, like 'em or hate 'em? And as always, for a larger pics, click on them! :)

♥ Chelsea

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