Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December Favoritos!

Happy New Year Lovelies!!

I hope the holiday treated you well and that you're fully recovered!

I thought I'd do my December favorites, and I have a few. So I'll keep it short and sweet! And yes, this will be a very photo heavy blog post!

1. Stila Holiday 2010 Lip Glaze Set
Love, love, love this set. Pretty much the only things I've been putting on my lips. I'm on a gloss kick! Ever since the temperature dipped, I've been wearing strictly gloss! Full review and swatches can be found on this post: click me!

2. Juicy Couture Mini Spray Perfume Set
I'm not a big perfume wearer, most mornings I forget but I LOVE these scents! They come in little bottles so I don't feel guilty never finishing a bottle of perfume, they all smell amazing, and they're great for travel and throwing in my purse for when I come out of Chem smelling like acetone! Whaaat!

3. Stila's "Kitten", MAC's "Shroom", "Retrospeck", "Grain" and "Haux"
I have been loving Kitten, Shroom and Retrospeck all over the lid and Grain and Haux in the crease. Grain is a muted, not quite matte, medium brown. Adds subtle warmth. While Haux (contrary to the photo) is a bit deeper and has a plum tone to it. If MAC's "Sable" lost all its shimmer, almost! And to use these I've been loving these 2 brushes....

4. MAC 239 and 217
The 239 beautifully applies color all over and the 217 just fits perfectly in the crease to add some warmth and dimension!

5. Maybelline's "The Falsies" mascara and L'Oreal's Carbon Black Linear Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner
These 2 products together make me look wide awake and alert, even if I'm not. My pale skin and blonde lashes leave me looking tired if I don't go with a good black mascara/liner combo! This liner has been a favorite for over a year! Review on "The Falsies" is here: click here! And the review for the liner is here: click here too!

6. E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Eye Lash Curler
Best curler ever. And only ONE DOLLAR at Target. Uhm yeah, need I say more?!

7. Tarte's "Ring It In" Cheek Stain Set in "Vivid" and "Flawless"
These two cheek stains from Tarte are in a limited edition "Ring It In" set for the holidays so I'm not sure if its still readily available, but I love these 2 colors (there is a third bronzey one, but it makes me look like a penny, both bronze and cheap). I also love putting NARS' "Orgasm" on top of "Flawless" since it has the same peachy-pink flush as "Orgasm". And it seriously stayed put all day!

8. MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer
I have been running low on eyeshadow primer and for giggles I used this and OMG! Works almost better than UDPP! Just almost!

9. Nivea Creme
Again, another awesome product that was ONE DOLLAR! Amazing for dry hands!

10. Samsung Fascinate
Yup, my new cell phone. Love, love, love it! And now whenever I get an @reply, it makes a tweet-chirp noise that sounds like a real bird that confuses my dog! Ha ha. But this phone is amazeballs.

xx Chelsea ♥

Don't forget, click on photos to make them larger!!

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