Monday, January 24, 2011

Major Major Change

Hello Lovelies!

I thought I needed to blog this all out. My college life and all my major changes because if you follow me on Twitter, you know how much its been stressing me out!

But to know all my major major changes I've made we need to go back to high school graduation in 2008.

All throughout high school I wanted to be a sports journalist. There was no talking me out of it. I lived and breathed sports. I was sports editor of the school paper, I won awards for my articles, I was published on the YES Network's website, I was published in our local papers. I was doing everything right for my major.

I choose the best school that I could accelerate in and land an internship with. I was bound for it. In my yearbook are signatures accompanied by "can't wait to see you on ESPN!". I was that in to it.

But then something hit me. I needed to help people. So I decided to take some criminal justice classes. I was interested in law. Not any law, but becoming an adoption attorney.

I looked into it and began to realize the good and very bad of it. I decided to continue with law and to become a judge.

Not any judge, but the next Judge Judy. But once I realized that wasn't happening I switched to pure criminal justice, I wanted to work with the FBI but no, not do field work as glorified in movies and TV. I even hit the gym everyday and ready to get my ass in ass-kicking gear, just in case. But then I realized that wasn't really me. At this time it is the first semester of my second year.

And then it dawned upon, forensics. I would be doing the crime fighting in the lab, and since last year I have been taking my science courses. But recently I had a change of heart. As fun as it may be to solve crime, I want to interact with people. Not be in a lab for all hours of the night, by myself and running machines and tests.

What is one thing that has always interested me, but I never expressed? Nursing. Maternity, labor and delivery nursing. I always thought about it in the back of my mind but never thought I could do it. Never thought I could handle it. But in reality, the gore of forensics made me realize I could handle the possibility of nursing. And now I am.

But now, I'm a 3rd year student, in my 2nd semester. All of my friends are graduating next year.

And my family is convinced I'm crying "wolf" again but this time is different. But with the way my school is setup, I'm gonna have the hardest time changing majors again.

Right now things are up in the air but I'm happy with the path I'm on now. I feel like these past few years have been a puzzle and now all the pieces are in the right place.

Its ok to change your mind, its your life. You are the one who needs to be happy. Even if it takes a little extra work. Its okay. The road is gonna be a little bumpy but thats life.

♥ Chelsea

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  1. Oh I know that feeling too well! I grew up always wanting to be a lawyer...never changed my mind throughout high school or college. So taking a logical step, I applied to law school, and here I my second semester as a 1L. Problem is, now I realize that I have a passion for other things, and what I really wish is that I would have taken a year off after college to work, travel, and learn more about myself apart from school. My advice, is follow your heart and don't always let the "logical step" get the best of you! If you need time to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life, then take a little time. It'll pay off in the end! :)