Sunday, January 30, 2011

Erase Your Zits! (Well Cover Them Super Well!)

Hello Lovelies!

I'm always looking for a good concealer, I've had acne since I was 12 and since have always been on the lookout. And I've got to say, I found something that had done the best job yet!


Benefit Erase Paste Concealer in Fair

According to Benefit: "This concentrated, creamy concealer brightens and camouflages in one easy step! Targets dark circles, discoloration and imperfections."

It is a super creamy, heavy concealer that comes in three shades, "Fair", "Medium" and "Deep" and they all have pink undertones to help brighten.



This concealer is THICK. And very, very concentrated! The littlest goes the loooooongest way!

However, part of the allure of this concealer is for brightening the under-eye area. But in all honesty? I'd avoid putting it there! Thicker concealers tend to settle into lines under the eyes, making you look more tired! But for acne, blemishes, scars? This is beautiful!

A lot of concealers emphasize the dryness of any zits I have but this one actually did not!

Now, this concealer comes with a little spatula for dispensing product but DO NOT USE IT! You'll get way too much product! Honestly, all I do is dab my finger in and pat it all over my face. Like barely any product! Love!

I'm a NW15 in MAC and was afraid that "Fair" would be too dark for me but its actually quite perfect! Because of the pink "brightening" undertones, it looks more natural on my pink complexion. Score!


Try to find the swatch!


Like all super creamy concealers, this comes in a pot form. And like I mentioned, avoid that little spatula like the plague! Trust me! You're gonna get way too much product then you'll need for the whole week! Maybe it will be useful when the pot is empty and you're scraping from the bottom..hmm.

Benefit always has the cutest packaging and this is no exception! I mean, seriously, a pink little pot and purple lid!? Adorable.



Benefit's Erase Paste is available at Sephora and wherever Benefit is sold! As well as their respected websites! And it retails for $26 but you're getting a ton of product!


I would definitely recommend this concealer if you're looking for a concealer that is super thick and need a little extra coverage that you can't find in other concealers.

I will be honest, you need to swatch this and try it on your own skintone first! Because there is only 3 shades! I wish they had more variety, but I'm a NW15 and this has been working!


Let me know what your favorite concealer is and if you've tried this one out!

♥ Chelsea


  1. I use M·A·C Studio Finish.:D

    Thanks for the review and pictures.:D

    ***** Marie *****

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