Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner

I'm one of those girl's whose must-have makeup item is a good black eye liner! It does wonders to my eyes! I have fair skin, red hair and blonde lashes. I can sleep for 10 hours and still look tired. But with a little black eyeliner, my eyes are brighter and leaving me looking wide awake! So, its a makeup necessity!


According to Revlon's website they claim their ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner does the following:
"Elegant, sexy and sophisticated, Revlon® Colorstay™ Liquid Liner allows you to emphasize your eyes with precision. Dries quickly and lasts all day."

Like everything else in their Colorsray line, this product's goal is to stay put all day and not fade! It has a small felt tip applicator.



Like all liquid liners, the product is a bit wet however after 3 seconds it dries to the touch.

Another great thing about this liner's formula is that it does in fact last all day. The photos that you'll see are of my liner after about 12 hours of wear! Never smudged, budged or faded. I find that many drugstore liquid liners fade from a deep black to a dark gray. However, this liner retained the same color, all day.

I've been using this for a few months and it still works well as the day I got it!



The Colorstay liquid liner is a traditional liquid liner in the sense that it has a small, precise liquid liner tip. It is a felt tip but it is much more stiff than other felt tip liners, like L'Oreals Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner. I actually prefer this tip because of the precession and found it much easier!

And amazingly, this little want holds a good amount of product so you don't need to keep dipping in the well for me!



Application is everything for liquid liners! So here are my tips to get a great liquid line!
* Shake the product before using
* Start at the middle of the lid, because you brush has the most product now. I start in the middle and go out then back to the center and then finally to the inner corner.
*If you want a thinner line, aim the tip of the wand directly at your eye, for a thicker line hold the wand at an angle
*Wanna wing it out? I start my wings at the outer part of my lid, retracing that outer line and then flicking the tip out!



I bought my liner at Target for around $5! Which in my opinion, is unheard of for a liquid liner! But I have seen go up to $9 at the drugstore! Shop around but Target had it the cheapest! However I have found that CVS has a wider array of colors, instead of just the blackest black, which is what I have, but they also have regular black, black-brown, etc.


Love, love, love! I don't know why it has taken me so long to review this! But its so inexpensive and does a great job. Even better than higher end liners that I have tried!

If you're not used to liquid liner, remember to practice! And if you're ever in a rush, don't bother doing a thin line because 9 out of 10 times, it'll end up thicker! So go with it and plan accordingly!

xx Chelsea ♥

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  1. awww really great review,
    im not really a fan of eyeliner on myself but it makes me jealous when people can use it :( haha.
    nice one

    Eliza xxx