Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eyeliner Junkies Rejoice!

I have tried so many black eyeliners. Drugstore and high end. Because a good black eyeliner needs to do all of the following:

1. Be the blackest black ever
2. Stay put
3. Not fade
4. Be able to be removed easily
5. Apply without irritating your eye

Ladies, and maybe guys, I have found it!

L'oreal's Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner.

Phew. That's a mouth full. But a liquid liner that is beyond perfect for the upper lash-line. Yes, it is a liquid but it is a liquid for the liquid-challenged. Its long felt tip and even longer, almost ergonomically shaped, handle makes for easy precise application.

And once it is on, it stays on! I have been using this almost all summer and through the sweat, heat and humidity it didn't budge. It stay put and didn't fade until I removed it. And I'm talking like 10-12ish hours. Probably more.

Before I used the L.C.B.L.F.T.E (why don't I just recite the alphabet?) I'd been using the Revlon Colorstay pencil but my biggest problem was that midday, my eyeliner would transfer into my crease...uhm ew?! But since switching I haven't had that problem!

So, buy it or leave it? BUY IT! If you're a black eyeliner lover, you really should check it out!!


It is also in gold packaging for the colors other than "Carbon Black"


The thinner end of the wand is perfect for getting into the inner corner of your eye.


Swatch. I have been using the same one for a couple months and its still going strong!

The liner retails around $7-$9 depending on location, retailer and any deals. At can be found for $8.50. Link HERE

Anyone else tried it? Loved it?

♥ Chelsea

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