Saturday, September 26, 2009

Its Like a Freaking Ruby that Was Melted and Poured into a Nailpolish Container!

Hi guys!

I'm gonna do a review today on Zoya nailpolishes in the colors, Tori and Isla.

First a little background on Zoya, if there was such a thing as "eco-friendly" nail polish then this is it! I'm not a tree hugger but what caught my eye about Zoya was that its free of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phtalate and camphor. Which is awesome do not have to worry about breathing in any of those harsh chemicals!

Onto the review!

Tori: After one coat it totally reminds me of Dorthy's slippers from the Wizard of Oz. Red with super mega sparkle! 2 coats and its true to the color in the bottle, a super pigmented mid-range red packed with a ton of sparkle!


Ignore my horrendous DIY manicure job. Focus on the color!

Isla: The title of this post is how I'd describe it. If you were to take a red almost blood red ruby and melt it, you'd get this polish color! It is beyond gorgeous and pigmented! For all ya crazy Twilight fans, this is sooo Vampirish. But honestly, the best way to describe it is a melted ruby.


Again, ignore my horrendous DIY pedicure job. This photo does no justice! Then again I was bent like a pretzel to take the photo!

The Polish: I left all my nail stuff at my house so I don't have any top coat but this still lasted a week! It dried relatively fast, but like all polishes, you still have to wait 30 or so minutes to let it dry sans a topcoat with a fast drying formula!


The Verdict: Once I have some spare money (psh, I'm in college...) I'd soo get more! The colors are so pigmented and gorgeous and reasonably priced for a Professional polish at $6 a bottle! They can be bought at salons that use Zoya and


To get a real good view of the polish color, check out their site!

♥ Chelsea

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