Sunday, September 27, 2009

Drama Curls!

I know in my old blog I did a post about curly hair but I wanted to redo it, and tell ya how I manage my thick, course, curly, wavy, pain in the ass hair!


Healthy hair is happy hair! I know..horrible!

Unless you want to look like my golden retriever....which I do when a brush comes close to my hair! The brush will obviously destroy your curl and cause frizz and cause you're hair to poof like it never has before! For knots, I'll use a wide tooth comb while my hair has conditioner in it.

2. Feed your hair!
No, don't plant your hair in your dinner, silly. Give it moisture! The easiest way to do this is using shampoos and conditioners that are moisturizing. While you may be tempted to pick up a product that claims to smooth and de-frizz your hair, pick up something that will moisturize. Without moisture, you'll get frizz, fly-aways, dead ends and lifeless curls!
My recommendation: I'm a big fan of Garnier Fructis! Try their Moisture Works shampoo and conditioner. (I'm using the Pantene Moisutre Renewal now and HATE it! But I gotta finish it!)

3. Don't let shampoo scare you!
So many people no longer shampoo everytime they shower because many have claimed the shampoo strips hair of its natural oils. But this is how I see it. Would you put makeup on when you already makeup on? No! You'd remove it first! I think of shampoo as the same way if you use products in your hair. Water alone from the shower isn't enough to remove product from your but a nice lather of shampoo will. Just don't rinse and repeat (do bottles even say that anymore?!)! However if you don't use product then do what you feel best!

4. Leave your conditioner in!
While in the shower I leave my conditioner in for a good 3-5 minutes. This gives your hair time to drink it in. Also only condition your hair from the top of your ears and down, if you put too much on the top of your head it will weigh your hair down. One thing I do is when I'm done in the shower but before I get out I add a tiny spot of conditioner into my hair.

5. Do not towel dry!
Rubbing a towel on your wet locks will cause them to become frizzy and limp. You don't want to destroy any natural curls/waves! When I'm in the shower I'll just gently do a squeeze-scrunch or a squench do get extra water out but still leave it like sopping wet. And yes I'll then style it this way!

6. How I style!
I style my hair when it is WET. No drying medium other than my hands. I'll mix some leave in conditioner and a gel and then just scrunch my hair (upside down, for more volume!) for a minute or two and add more if I need to. Flip my hair over and then usually pin my bangs back! Really that's all! And I always get compliments on it when it took me less than 5 minutes!! I have huge, thick, course hair so I do have to use a lot of product so I tend to buy gels that are larger. One I have been using since Jr. High is LA Look's Curl. Its like under 4 bucks and will last me a month or two. Its either that or Garnier's Curl Scrunch gel but that lasts me around 3 weeks. And my leave in conditioner of choice is Garnier's Sleek & Shine leave in conditioner.


So curly haired girls, how do you deal with your hair? Any products or tips? I'd love to hear :)

♥ Chelsea


(desk lamps are so flattering haha)

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