Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa

I did this last year so I thought it'd be fun to do a Christmas Wish List again! For some reason I find it super fun to read other people's and this is a nice simply post for me to do since I've been completely SWAMPED with school. All-nighter last night. I've learned to really hide dark circles, dab concealer right under your lower lashes and use a Q-Tip to blend. Amazing.

Ok Christmas List Time!

1. Motorola Droid 2 from VZ!
My current phone is the LG Dare and lets just say it drunk dials itself. ALL THE TIME. And drunk texts its self too. Yeah, people don't appreciate that. And its a little awkward when it randomly calls/texts people that I haven't spoken to in ages...haha! And its time to catch up with technology and phones that can get the interwebz! Ya know, so I don't show up to class to find out it was canceled because I've been busy all day and not by a computer to see that email...only happened oh....lost count!

Mmmm look at that FULL keyboard, hate texting on a virtual keyboard!

And it's gotta look pretty....

Yes, animal print...MY MOM WAS BORN IN JERSEY, OK. So I may like animal print, sometimes!

2. Stila Color Wheel Palette
I own but one legit "color" eyeshadow and I'd like to dip my toe in the color pool and experiment and this is a super good deal and has actual wearable colored colors!

Why couldn't I study this colorwheel in High School art?!

3. Juicy Couture Pen Spray Set
3 small Juicy perfumes to switch around with! I need a new scent that isn't too sweet! And I love "Couture, Couture" so now I can try the original and the first sequel!

Remember scented pens?! This is an upgrade!

4. MAC 239 Brush
I really am wanting a 239 because I've been applying eyeshadow with an EcoTools concealer brush, may be time for an upgrade. But they're so much, but investments!, that I ask around this time of the year!

Why'd they put it on a black background? To make it look slimmer?

And now something that was many a childhood wishlists but that I never got. Because my sister had one. My elder by 9 years sister had one therefore I could not. I had to make friends who had this day I still think they are awesome...

And yes I'm mentally saying that in my best Oprah voice.

Downgraded to Dream Townhouse, Barbie gets hit by the recession too.

I loved that Barbie's houses always had an elevator. I want my real house to have a cage-like elevator like Barbie's. And she always had a pool or hot tub. SO FREAKING COOL. Luckily my best friend had like 20 so I wasn't totally deprived. And you know? She is know studying architecture, coincidence? I think not. Haha!

Let me know what you're asking Santa for! Did you ever have a Barbie dream house? How awesome was it? Did it have the elevator?!

♥ Chelsea

Ooh and here is my pimped out dorm room!

Just don't tell the RA that I have those lights up! ;)

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  1. THIS was my Barbie "dream" house. It was more like a Brady Bunch hacienda. And mine was free and previously abused/chewed. :(