Monday, November 15, 2010

Drink Your Milk!

Hello Lovelies,

So I'm kind of constrained to my bed. And what else is there to do besides blog?

Why? I seriously sprained my ankle. And had it not be for my love of milk my ankle would be broken. 10 points for super strong bones! So that was fun.

It all happened because I tripped down four stairs in my dorm. I would normally just walk it off and laugh but security ran up. I then tried to get up and show them that I'm all good but yeah, that wasn't happening.

So he told me not to move and we waited for the EMTs to come. And then an ambulance. Can we say embarrassing? Did they need the sirens? I think not. In total there was campus security, 2 EMTs, 1 police officer and a fire fighter.

Ok, REALLY embarrassing. All I did was fall down stairs. But they took off my Ugg (and I prayed they didn't have to cut off or else I would CRY) and my ankle? It looked like there was a huge golf ball inside my ankle. It was DISGUSTING.

So then they decided that I had to go the ER. And so I did. But the embarrassment didn't stop, I had to be carried down the stairs in this chair thing and then on a stretcher.

Upgrade it to mortified and my ankle was now the size of a potato. But I got to ride in an ambulance haha!

So after waiting and having people comment on the monstrous size of my ankle, I finally got a X-Ray. And of course on the way back the tech managed to slam my BAD ankle into the door frame. Kinda silent screamed.

But, no broken bones! Yay! Seriously everyone was surprised it wasn't broken. But now I'm on crutches for a few days and have a nifty air cast. And have been ordered to rest, rest, rest and elevate. And then see a specialist in a week or so.

So girls and guys, drink your milk! ;)

♥ Chelsea

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