Thursday, October 28, 2010

Korres vs. Nivea

Hello lovelies!

Woo, look at this! Another post?! I love how nights where I am up all night doing homework, I can fall asleep right away but nights when I don't? Yeah, I'm up :)

A couple posts back I mentioned how I picked up a Korres Lip Butter in "Wildrose" mostly because I like a darker lip in the colder months and gotta stay hydrated.

But then a couple days later I saw at the pharmacy (yes, pharmacy not a CVS or other chain, my school's town lacks that!) a Nivea Kiss of Moisture lip conditioner in "Cherry" and I thought that it could dupe my recently purchased Korres.


Price and Availability: Korres: $10 and available at Sephora and some department stores, and their website. Nivea: $$ Varies but I bought mine for $2.50 which is about average and can be found almost everywhere, drugstores, Target, Walmart, supermarket....!

Packaging: Korres: A 0.21 oz pot while the Nivea is classic-twist container with 0.17 oz. This is Korres' BIGGEST problem with me, the fact I need to stick my finger in and then rub it on my lips...eek! Not convenient!

Color Payoff: Both are lip conditioners not lipsticks so of course not super pigmented but both are the same redish-purple-plumish hue. Korres is slightly more pigmented and a bit more plum while the Nivea is more pink. And the Korres has a very glossy finish, which is nice!

Flavor: I never ate a flower but Korres, this tastes like a rose. And Nivea? I'm a sucker for cherry!

Hydration: I felt that the Korres did not stay on as long as the Nivea! I felt after an hour, I had to reapply. While my lips from the Nivea felt like they were rubbed with butter, that slippery and nicely hydrated.

Winner? Nivea! Yeah, I WENT THERE AND BUILT A HOUSE THERE. I know all the beauty gurus swear by Korres but for 1/8 of the price you can get a near perfect dupe! And in my opinion it tastes better, hydrates better and is more convenient. Then again, I have yet to try other Korres flavor and I am kinda bias because the original Nivea "Kiss of Moisture" is like beyond amazing. But still for $10, you bet I'm gonna finish that baby up!


Top is Korres and bottom is Nivea

Left side is Nivea and right is Korres

So, thoughts? Tried either and/or both? And can you tell a difference?! :)

♥ Chelsea

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