Monday, May 17, 2010

CLuBiiNq Lo0k!!!!!!1!!!!one!!!!

0MG GiiRLz && GuYz Hiii!!!!1!!! l0l!!!!

ii Th0UqT t0Daii ii`d d0 a post on mii CLuBiiNq Lo0k!! Thiiz rAnD0m dUdE @ dA cLuB aSkEd Me Wh0 DiiD mAh mAke-uP!!!! l0lz!!!!1!!! && ii WaS lyKe ME!!! && tHeN hE sAiiD "oMG giiRl y0u l00k lYkE a DrUnK fAiiRy WaS hUnGoVeR && tHrEw ^Up^ oN Y0 fAcE"!!!! l0lZ!! He WaS soO0oO0 niiCe!!

So0Oo hErE iiz H0w ii diid mAh mAkE-up!!

1!! PuT bRoNzEr EvErYwHeRe!! l0lZ! cAn`t bE pAlE!!! :p

2!! PuT sPaRkLy && qLiiTeRyy eYeShAdOw oN yOuR eYeZ! 1 bLaCk && ThE oThEr NoT!! l0lZ!!!!!1!!!

3!! AdD ii-liiner && mAsCaRa On tHe tOp && BoTToM lAsH liinEs!!

4!! PuT cOnCeAlEr on yO liipZ tHeN gLoSs!!!!

5!! CoUnToUr yO cHeEkS!!!!one!!!!1!!!

0mG!! Y tHeRe SoO0o mAnY rEd LiiNeS on ThiiS?!!! L0LZ!!!!1!!



L0L!!!!!1!! ii Th0uqT ii LoSt MaH ii-bR0w!!!!1!!! lMa0!!!!!one!!!


DaTz iiT!!!1!!!


This is just a joke! I did a Jersey makeover before and this is just another ;)

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