Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

So I finally took the plunge and decided to depot all of my 11 shadows, they were taking up too much room! So I Youtube'd some vids on depotting and decided to depot them via the hair straighter method! It was pretty easy, maybe forty minutes to depot all 11.


Maybe if I had room I'd do some kind of eyeshadow display but I don't have too much room in my dorm! But I really like the look the palette! Its very sleek and nice and all my shadows are there! And it takes up less space.


So now onto the good stuff! An overview of my shadows! This isn't too brag, blah blah blah, its just helpful to others! And if you've ever seen MAC's swatches on their site than you know how horrible there are! So I thought I'd show you swatches of them too! No base! I'm a NW15 for reference!

I like to keep my shadows in order from lightest to darkest!

  • Phloof!: A shimmery, frosty white color, its not a starch white but nor is it really beige! Great highlight and inner corner color!
  • Vanilla: A matte off-white/beige, I use it as a highlight since all over the lid almost looks clown like on me! But its a great matte highlight color for when you have a lot of shimmer going on the lid.
  • Shroom: Another very light shimmery beige also great for highlighting and using in the inner corner. I do wear this all over the lid to over Bare Study paintpot for a super awake look.
Picnik collage
  • Retrospeck: Mine is a bit defunct as you can see but its such a nice color! Its a beached blonde! Great for all over, even more so in the summer!
  • Naked Lunch: A super pretty champagne color, can totally put this from the lashline to the eyebrow!
  • Vex: Super pretty light, pale beigey-green with pink undertones! Its very unique, it almost reminds me of Shroom but green and pink! Very interesting color and pretty
Picnik collagefsfad
  • Grain: Its a super pretty, satin and a little shimmery peachy-brown! Its not matte but its not as shimmery as most of my shadows. Really, really pretty!
  • All That Glitters: My first MAC shadow! Its a universally gorgeous color its a peachy-bronzey-beigey-light/medium brown! It has some bronze shimmer and peach shimmer! Makes my eyes look so much bluer!
  • Modelette: Its a limited edition shade from the "Warm & Cozy" collection but Soft Brown is a great dupe (and more pigmented!) its a medium matte brown, I wear it all over or in the crease!
Picnik collage64642742
  • Haux: A matte medium brown with pinkish/plummy undertones! Great for the crease to add a little subtle definition.
  • Cork: Another matte brown! Its darker matte brown which is great for really adding a bit more dramatic definition when you're fair like me!
  • Sumptous Olive: A gorgeous shimmery medium green! Its really is an olive green almost like an olive that dropped in a shimmery hot mess! I always hear redheads need green shadow!
Picnik collagegdagagda
  • Woodwinked: Shimmery medium/dark brown with gorgeous bronze shimmer! It REALLY brings out the blue in my eye! Great bronze color for summer! I wear it all over or just in the crease.
  • Sable: A couple shades darker than Woodwinked but a bit deeper and instead of having bronze tones it has a super plumy undertone! Love this for the crease!
  • Stars 'N Rockets: Gorgeous purple with pink and blue duochrome! Its very unique and gorgeous and can be applied nightly for a more delicate splash of color but you can really intensify it! Over a black base its an awesome chromey-dark navy blue!


Just a shot of a shadow in pan form! They're an inch wide and maybe 1/4 of an inch high. They seem so small but because they're so pigmented, a little goes a long way!


The back of a shadow bought in pan form! Buying shadows in pan form is only $11 while its $14 in its little container! If you do depot, you can bring back your empty old packaging! I just brought back mine yesterday for Back 2 MAC and got my free lipstick!

I hope this was helpful! Any shadows that I need for my collection? Would you be interested in similar swatch posts? :)

♥ Chelsea


  1. I love your eyeshadows! I also have Naked Lunch, Vex, Grain, All That Glitters, Sumptuous Olive, Woodwinked, and Sable. I've been contemplating Vanilla as well. Great post!

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Chelsea! I just added my follow button :).