Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The College Student's Prayer

Lord, help me.
Help me get through the next few weeks of finals, final projects and papers.
Help me ignore the gorgeous weather when I'm confined to the library.
Help my tired eyes not be so tired.
Help me make reading chapters upon chapters painless.

Let my highlighters and pens not dry up,
And my pencils not break.
Protect my printer from paper-jams and let the ink cartridges be full.
Because now is not the time to print papers in blue ink.

Protect my clothes from the outside elements because I only have time to Febreeze,
And they probably won't be washed until the semester is over.

May the grocery store have sales on the basics.
Soda, coffee, protein bars and spaghettios.

Save my acne prone face from breaking out from the stress.
And make my shampoo, conditioner and soap last.

Help me get the classes I'd like and find a suitable dorm.
And help me not regret changing my major and possibly doubling up.

And keep reminding me that I'm half way through of Undergrad.


Hahaha, like my little prayer? Seriously, if you're a college student, GOD BLESS! We need it now! Oh, the stress is getting to me!!

♥ Chelsea