Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

I was writing up a whole legit post on the comparison of these two eyeliner brushes but then I realized that pictures would be much easier to show the comparison!

My post was getting too wordy too!

I've been using 209 for a long time but as of late I've been wanting a thinner line! So here we go a pictorial comparison of the 208 and 209.

209 above the 208. The 208 def. feels lighter!

208 is the angled brush and 209 is like thin-tapered pencil brush

I'd say the 208 is about one-third the size of the 209

The thicker line came from the 209 and thats about how thick it usually is thus why I got a 208! And I know the payoff isn't good, my blacktrack is pretty much out and kinda dry! AH!

Verdict? Need a good brush for your fluidlines or gel liners? Get the 208, its a great precise angled brush that will give you a nice thinner line. The 209 produces a much thicker line and is a bit harder to control.

Tip! (Because I'm a Blacktrack Junkie): Wipe your brush with the same makeup remover wipe you use for your face (YOU BETTER BE WASHING YOUR MAKEUP OFF EACH NIGHT!!). Excess product on the brush is going to really mess with the results and give you a thicker line and is so unsanitary! Trust me!

♥ Chelsea

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