Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love At First Swipe

Hello lovelies!

Uhm, two blog posts in a row?! And 2 reviews?! What, whaaaat?!

Ok, we have all probably heard of the CoverGirl Lashblast, you know the mascara that looks like a traffic cone! Well after that sold off the shelves after its debut, CG decided to try their luck with Lashblast Luxe, which was similar to Lashblast but with shimmer, and then Lashblast Lengthening, which was supposed to blast your lashes with length.

And now they have yet another spin-off, CG Lashblast Fusion (actually on the tube its one word which is extremely fun to say "Lashblastfusion")

Sequals are never as good as the original. Thirds? Jaws 3, need I say more? Think of any movie that ventured into the 3rd installment. But a 4th? Halloween ventured in the 4th installment. Why do horror movies feel the need to keep messing with the original?

Anyway! That was my initial thought to Lash Blast Fusion. It would be like a crappy 4th installment to a once great movie.

Oh, was I wrong.

What it claims to do: "The fiberstretch formula and oversized brush make every little lash bigger, fuller, longer -looking and more dramatic", from the Covergirl website.

What it actually does: Makes every little lash bigger, fuller, longer-looking and more dramatic AND curl and volumize way more than the original LashBlast!!

Reaction: OMG. AMAZAZING! Thicker, longer, curled (without an eye lash curler!) and almost fan like and completely fun and flirty! The brush appears to be a bit thinner than the original LashBlast and longer to really help lengthen but still make my lashes look full! No more 2 coats of lengthening mascara then 2 of volumizing!

Conclusion: Try it! I swear, this may be my HG! I adored the regular LashBlast and bought tubes and tubes and tubes of it since it was launched but this?! This is amazing. Go try out this purple traffic cone looking mascara!

Purple torpedo!

The more narrow wand, it appears more tapered towards the top.

2 Coats! Amaaazzingg!

Yes I know I have blonde roots!

So will your try it out?! And why do horror movies constantly do remakes?!

♥ Chelsea

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  1. It does work on you!:D I will try this soon, I just have to finish using my other mascaras.:D

    Amazing review and as for the horror movies, we are asking the same question!:D

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    ... and everything girly under the sun!:D