Monday, July 20, 2009

This is gonna be the weirdest review....EVER.

Deodorant. Don't deny it, we all use it. But I have found my new favorite. That has had fantastical results.

Degree's Fine Fragrance Collection.

NEVER have I applied a deodorant in the morning and at night still smell the fragrance and stay dry. I have always been a Secret gal but I wanted something new.

This stuff is amazing. I also learned a new trick to get the most of your deodorant. Apply it right before bed. The antiperspirant will block the pores, and thus causing no unsightly sweat.

I know its embarrassing to talk about but hey, its summer! And as my friend would always say "I need some deo for my b.o.".

They come in a bunch of fragrances with matching body sprays and can be found in drugstores and other places you would, uhm, buy deodrant!

Sorry this post was kinda silly and stupid but maybe someone will unadmitingly get something out of this!

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