Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its like rubbing coffee all over your eyes minus the burning but plus the "AWAKE!"

Do you ever go on a bathroom break, mid-day, and realize your makeup no longer looks fresh? Your once flawless look is now "eeeh"?

Here is how I freshen up my face in less than a couple of minutes!

1. Using a Q-Tip dab at any smudges! Dab, dab, dab, dab, daaaab!

2. Re-apply concealer (if needed!) To avoid having too much product on, I blend the concealer in with a damp finger.

3. Using the Covergirl Eye Enhancers Single Shadow in "Champagne" I do the following.
  • Use the large end of the provided sponge tip and apply color under the brow bone
  • Use the small end of said applicator and apply the color in the inner corner of your eye (ya know the little inlet by your nose) This will really open your eyes!
  • Use the edge of either side of the applicator and lightly apply the color under your lash line.
  • Finally, using your finger, gently swipe a little bit of product and blend it above your cheek-bone, a highlight color.
I love this shadow because its a great multitasker! It also looks good all over the lid! It really brightens up your eyes with is shimmery finish! If you are really tired, use a white eyeliner on your waterline!

♥ Chelsea


  1. hey girl its kate =]
    i'm giving this blog site another go!

  2. ^ ignore that! THIS is my new blog!

    But i totally do the tips above ^ i love how when i use a lighter toned eye shadow under my brows and especially in the corner of my eyes it does make me look more awake! GREAT TIP <3