Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Island Michael Kors: Very Bali

Hello Lovelies!

When you think island, what comes to mind? A gorgeous sunset, swaying palm trees, clear blue water? I'd like to think of my favorite island, Manhattan. Which only has two of the aforementioned island stereotypes, a beautiful sunset. However, I don't think there is that large of a market to create perfumes that smell like the City.

But Michael Kors knows there is an ever growing market for light, sexy Summer scents that make you think you're on an exotic island. And I LOVE it!

Michael Kors has released a new scent for the season, Island Michael Kors Very Bali. Very Bali is a light fragrance that is sexy and beachy. Since I am horrible at scent descriptions, I'll share what MK says about the fragrance:

"Introducing Island Michael Kors Very Bali .A new destination in fragrance. Escape to the ultimate glamorous destination and lose yourself in rose petals, jasmine and hints of earthy pample wood. Radiant. Soft. Sexy."

Yes, yes and yes! While I don't know what pample wood is, or what it smells like, I will agree it does have a subtle warm woodsy note.

And I've noticed I'm not the only one who enjoys this scent! I've had quite a few people ask me what I was wearing! Which is always nice to know that you smell good.

Right now this perfume comes in one size, which 1.7 oz and retails for $65. It also appears to be the only item in the line, hopefully it will come in more sizes and variations (rollerball, shower gel and lotion would be a nice set!).

I would definitely recommend getting a little spritz of this scent, next time you're at the perfume counter!



What's your favorite summer scent?

♥ Chelsea

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