Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Santa,

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I've been enjoying my little break but DREADING getting back to school! Because December means one thing to college students: END OF THE SEMESTER! Professors start to really cram in everything into the few classes that are left. Like really cram. If they say the syllabus covers the material up to chapter 16 and its taken you since September to read the first 8, well then the remaining 8 chapters will be crammed into the remaining 2 or 3 classes. Then of course FINALS. And projects and papers!

So before that madness starts, I thought I'd do a fun tag that I saw was done last year on Youtube. A "Whats on Your Wishlist" tag. And for fun, and since I'm home, I thought I'd include some old photos!

So what is on my wishlist this year? (Ahem, my realistic wishlist!)

1. A 19 inch Flat Screen HDTV! I have a relic in my dorm room now that is not only smaller than my 17 in laptop screen (I think the TV is like 11 in) but takes up sooooo much space with its tube ass! Not to mention its about 10 years old and showing its age!

2. Makeup! Shocker! But I feel less guilty when it comes as a gift haha ;)
  • MAC E/S: Cork, Vanilla (A basic crease and highlight) and more all over lid colors! Any suggestions? I'm fair with cool undertones and red hair, so basically any suggestions for Gingahs?
  • MAC Dazzleglasses: Underage. Right now my lip collection consists of one balm and 1 Revlon Colorstay lip gloss. Not even kidding. Also, any suggestions?!
  • MAC Lipsticks: Angel. Don't own a freaking lipstick. I had Rimmel's "Airy Fairy" or whatever the hell and guess what? I was allergic to it! My freaking throat felt like it was closing up!
  • Pink Sugar Perfume: I've been wanting this for a while.
  • NARS' Orgasam Blush: Wanting for YEARS! I think I will finally splurge, the $25 price tag is what has held me back! But its a staple!
  • Nail Polishes
(Yes I'm now loving MAC, the old me would be like "Giiiiirl, you could buy 3 CoverGirl eyeshadows for the price of one MAC shadow! But come on, the quality and colors and pigmentation is amazing!!)

3. Maybe Law & Order: SVU Season 1? I'm getting hooked and want to start from the beginning but they're pricey! Maybe if I can get a good coupon or else I'll have to take advantage of my mom's DVR!

Thats it! And of course for all my family, friends and loved ones to be healthy and happy! What is on your wishlist?


Proof my hair is au naturale! I must be like 5 0r 6!


I think age 6?! I got everything on my list :)


WTF is a magic stroller baby?! I must google...a baby that turns into a stroller?! (Update: Googled and OMG! I remember! And I'm glad I clarified on #3 that I wanted to drive it! Must have been 7ish? Got nothing on that list haha!

Anywhos! I tag you to share whats your holiday wishlist!

♥ Chelsea

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