Friday, December 4, 2009


Hello lovelies!

I thought I'd do a quick little review for ya, being that I have a second to come out from behind the books and can take photos and do a review!

Todaaay's review is on Sephora by OPI's Holiday 2009 nailpolish, "Worth my Weight". I have never tried a Sephora by OPI but I had a gift card and its all I could afford so why not! Don't get me wrong I love my holiday reds but ever since I bought them back in September, I've been wearing them all the time! Thought it was time for a festive gold!

This color is a super chunky sparkly gold with silver chunky sparkles that are multi reflective. Phew! And its like the bling fairy (or Flava Flaaav) blinged out my nails. Its that blinged!

I only got this today so I don't know about the chipping however I tried to see how easy it is to remove with a nail polish remover. I think you need paint thinner to this off! It applies thickly and kinda weird but I'm enjoying it! You don't see too many gold nails!


Be happy I'm not one of those bloggers who shows you the sticker on the bottom, hahaha. I think you all believe me that is called "Worth my Weight"


This is with flash. I know my paint job is horrible. By the way, this is WITHOUT a top clear coat. I'm all out, another reason why I wanted a sparkly chunky polish!

** OMFG! I interupt this blog post because "White Christmas" by Hanson just came on. THEY HAD A CHRISTMAS ALBUM?! **


This is sans flash. And self explanatory haha.

I'm gonna start rating products. This would be a nice 7/10. The product is kinda gloopy and I think OPI is overpriced. This can be bought at Sephora stores or for $9 (FOR A DOLLA MORE I COULD GET SOMEONE TO PAINT IT ON, just sayin!)

♥ Chelsea

Have you ever tried Sephora by OPI polishes?

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