Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Tag!

Hello Lovelies!

I thought I'd celebrate being half way done with my finals by doing a cute holiday tag going around YT! I tag YOU! Either as a blog or video response, I'd love to see! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I love hearing other people's traditions because they vary so much and its so interesting!

1. Favorite holiday destination?
HOME! I personally think its stupid to go away to some place exotic for the holidays (unless you have family there!). The holidays are about being with your family at your home!

2. Any family traditions?
Well most, almost all, of these from when I was 9 and under because after 9 years, my parents were divorced and Christmases are different every year!

* Christmas Eve:
My family and I would always go to my Aunt and Uncles for a good old Italian feast with my Uncle's famous meatballs stealing the show. THEY ARE THE BEST MEATBALLS EVEEEER. We'd open the presents "Santa" left there a bit early! And enjoy the company on my dad's side of the family!
We'd then go to "Elvis'" house. (Any of ya from New Jersey and know what I'm talking about?!) It wasn't actually Elvis' house but rather an impersonator who would go OVERBOARD with the Christmas lights on his mansion! It was freaking INSANE! Millions of lights and bumper to bumper traffic but it looked awesome!
We'd finish of the night with the late night candlelight church service, which are always my fav!

* Christmas:
No one could sleep, haha I still can't! Even though I'm a snoop and know everything I'm getting! Its still exciting! Anyways Santa would always leave our stockings our bedroom doorknobs! So when we woke up at like 4 0r 5 in the morning, we'd have our stockings to go through and occupy us until our parents woke up! (My mom still does that for me haha!)
Then we'd pretty much spend the whole morning opening presents before going to my Grandma's for my mom's side of the family. My mom is one of 5 so there'd be lots of presents Santa would leave at my Grandma's! My Grandma and mom both still sign everything from Santa! : )

3. Favorite ornament of decoration?
I love my stocking! It was hand stitched by my Mom! I def. want to do that for my kids, one day! I have too many ornaments that I love!

4. What are you doing for the holidays?
Spending it here in NY at my Grandma's since it would be silly me for travel (which is like 5 hours away) home to spend Christmas Eve and day at home and then come back to NY to visit with my fam! But my Grandma doesn't like to decorate from Christmas, boo! Not even a tiny tree!

5.Are you a late or early Christmas shopper?
Early! Gotta get those deals early!

6. Who usually cooks holiday dinners?
My family, though I once cooked a kick ass turkey for Thanksgiving!

7. Have you ever gone Christmas caroling?
I think a few times with my youth group but I HAVE been in a few Christmas pagents at my church and school. I always wanted to be Mary but was always an angel. Hahaha!

8. Do you live where it snows?
Yeah! Northeast, baby! I love white Christmases!

9. One thing that makes you happiest at Christmas?
Family! Christmas music, decorations, lights, movies, everything! Even the malls, haha!

10. What do you want most for Christmas?
Of course, world peace and for my family and friends to be happy, healthy and safe! But a new TV, some makeup and DVDs wouldn't hurt! (See a few posts back lol! I did the wishlist tag)

11. I'm adding this...Favorite Christmas movies?
ELF. The Santa Clause I (and one only!) Peaunt's Christmas, Its a Wonderful Life, Rudolph, the Bishops' Wife, the classics except Frosty. I saw it for the first time a couple years ago and it left me saying WTF!?



Childhood house! So thats a big "YES" to the snow question!


My dog's, mine and my Mom's!

Tell me in the comments if you're gonna do this!

♥ Chelsea

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  1. Happy Holidays! Thought I would share my favorite ornaments!